The Crapshoot


From the best political cartoonist of the era.

Make sure those around you and those around you have read this recent WRSA post/comments on the complete infeasibility of any meaningful “vetting” of the Bacon Deniers, let alone the “extreme” flavor.

Related story here; h/t Kenny.

It. Can’t. Be. Done.

5 responses to “The Crapshoot

  1. This just in from Bonnie:

    BAY RIDGE, BROOKLYN used to be a lovely community of Norwegian, Italian, and Jewish immigrant families…now it’s teeming with Muslims and no longer is lovely

    Let this burn into one’s skulls..when one sees the below happening, ‘team mo’ is openly declaring supremacy via sharia over the host kaffir population!

    Unless stopped, coming to a location near you!

    Yours In Daily Armed Liberty – Furthermore islam and it’s enablers/supporters MUST be destroyed!

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. No vetting or any sort, extreme or not will solve the problem. Muzzies can NOT be allowed to continue to enter the country. A complete ban is necessary. It won’t happen without a fight and I’m not referring to a verbal argument. Further those remaining in the country will need to be deported. I know it’s a hard line but it’s the only way to be sure of stopping the eventual take over of the country by internal enemies.

    Grey Ghost

  4. nonsense. The alt-Right’s “God-Emperor” has stated that the Musloids will not merely be “vetted”. They will be “intensely vetted”.

  5. Talk to American women. They are in total denial. And they vote. But, but, but, she said. Only the radical Muslims commit terror and there are so few of them. I asked if she watched what was going on in Europe. She still denied there was a problem. You can’t get through the estrogen wall. Trump should use estrogen to build the wall on the border.