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24 responses to “The Latest From The Culper Shop

  1. No, we are not looking at a leftist insurgency.

    I know it makes for great sales and clicks, but no.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  3. Since Trump! is now in orifice, I see no reason to rush out and purchase any such items….

  4. Centurion_Cornelius

    roger..not YET. as Frank Sinatra said: “Timing is everything!”

    funny, ain’t it? Emperor BHO would always “address” college crowds in the past 8 years of his Magical Mystery Speaking Tour. I could not understand it at the time. But, am I the only one who sees a pattern here now?

    Viz: BHO and operatives repeatedly speaks to, BUT THEN covertly meets with all these local campus “activists,” aka: Leftists/Marxists/Anarchists, assuring them of a continuing pipeline of cash and support. Weaves the web of contacts–sees and confirms who are the “true believers.” Who will split heads, who won’t. Gives them advice to “lay low, until needed,” but continues commo and “oxygen lines” while they remain submerged.

    College kids today: the archetypal “useful idiots” with plenty of energy, drive, enthusiasm and no common sense. Let’s protest global warming, whales, polar bear….Hey, wait! Here’s the devil himself–Donald J. Trump. Raise continuing hell about him. And the fuse gets lit.

    Question becomes: How far will the lit fuse spread?

    So, when BHO is out of office, he and Soros & Co. have many, many bands of merry men to pull the trigger on phony “campus unrest.” I’ve often wondered why BHO pandered to the college crowd–now I know. He was building up his nationwide army of useful idiots. Wait until these paid troublemakers meet M2 .30 cal ball ammo, a la Kent State. (ok, ok, prolly 12 ga buck or 5.56mm) Then, the fat is really in the fire. Stay tuned. To them, what’s a few dead alleged “students,” so long as the country is in melt down. 1970s all over again. Bring the same old kettle back up to a boiling cauldron again, and again.

    Typical Bolshie playbook stuff. Lenin’s second fav group–riled up college kids (after the first fav group–disgruntled Mil.) Yeah, yeah–this Berkeley stuff is choreographed and staged from the get go–BUT, how does it play to John/Jane Doe glued to the idiot box? Goebbels and Lenin–eat your hearts out. We’re on to you!

  5. I wish we were, it’s the only thing that might get the Right up off the couch.

  6. Level three does not defeat 55 grain 2 to 3 inside 40 yards. Check YouTube. Turns out your cheapest range ammo is also your most effective.

  7. POd American

    There are videos of M193 ball ammo penetrating AR500 Level 3 1/4″ steel on the internet. They were shot from rifles having 16 and 20 barrels and were chronographed to prove velocities. Real pretty holes in the plates. 7.62×51 Nato rounds however did not penetrate the same plate at the same distances…..the delta in this case is velocity.

  8. LoL Hows that cop bodycount goin, clown?…..

  9. You have self adhesive linoleum “tiles”?

    Is shabby chic making a comeback inside the Fabulously Wealthy Warlords set? Otherwise: gauche.

    Or…. that’s just some pic of ar500 plates you found on the net. Similar to the rest of your fantasy on blog persona and life.

    If you weren’t such a deserving asshole I would be moved to pity your miserable fucking existence.

  10. it’s not ar500.

    “These plates are manufactured right here in-house, using Mil-Spec DOD Certified A46100 Ballistic Armor Plate.”

  11. Mil-Spec DOD Certified A46100 Ballistic Armor Plate.

  12. there. are. no. cops. here.

    so none.

  13. Thanks for this.

    Have you tested or did you rely on the vendor statements ?

    Not ballbreaking.

  14. bought 2 sets

    1st without rhino coat- tested with 7.62 and 5.56—passed at 50 yards

    2nd, with anti-spall is in a custom full wrap around carrier with pockets for level 3A/anti-stab level 2 soft vest inside.

    I had made from

    soft vest from

    they have a sweet T-shirt also.

    Buy 1 for each member of your family for discreet in=town shopping trips.

  15. Randall Flagg

    Or just go .308. Body armor inside 100? Good luck.

  16. Good stuff, as are most of Sam’s podcasts.

    I’m hoping he posts direct links to Antifa’s training pubs/manuals, because he mentioned 4-5, and I’ve only located a couple with quick ‘n dirty GoogleFu, so hopefully links will be forthcoming.

    But I still see Antifa, now and for the forseeable future, having a loooong way to go before they’re a problem outside the 100% safe liberal septic tanks.

    So that means I can’t visit West Hollywood, Berkeley, Detroit, or D.C.? I’m crying crocodile tears.

    My $0.02 also says the more violent they become, the better they get at it, while simultaneously becoming more universal pariahs, and hunted down by mutual consent nearly everywhere.

  17. POd American

    Thanks for clarifying that. Not all armor plate steel is equal.

  18. tfA-t,

    So where is here, boy ? You don’t have the ‘nads to tell all us fellow WRSA’ers where “here” is ?


  19. you POS lowlife scumbag.

    Piss off fuck head.
    go find something else to do shitstain. I’ve had enough of your stupid bullshit.

    loser ass fuck stick

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