Consider Your Entertainment Choices

Speaks for itself.

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  1. I never owned and slaves, and you never picked any cotton.

  2. I daresay that “colored” woman in the thumbnail may have a cracker in her woodpile…..

  3. Stealth Spaniel

    I have until May to fulfill my DirecTV contract. I am thinking that $100 a month buys a lot of DVD’s -with content that I like. This crap from Netflix should be designated hate speech.

  4. everlastingphelps

    The thumbs up and down are encouraging.

  5. Dear Black People: I had enough of your shit, a long time ago, and all you’ve ever done is get worse. Eat shit, suck mud, fuck off, and die. Anything you want can be achieved by blowing it out of your ass, sideways. You want reparations? I got your reparations, right here.

    • Totally agree, Sean. Wish they were all back in their mud huts in Africa right now. A whole continent of people who never invented a wheel in 250,000 years. And now they want to get in my face. As Scarface said, “Say hello to my little friend.” Suffering from serious negro fatigue these days. Don’t think it will improve.

  6. It actually makes Black People look like thugs more so than White People look racist

    So what was NetFlix point?

  7. A much better idea for a winning movie would be about a tribe of albino half-human half-elk creatures called “White Deer People.”

  8. So wait, are the Skypes who made this series including themselves as White People this time, or are they not? I’m gonna guess (((not))).

    • Oy vey, Black people, I know your pain. Those evil White Christians gassed my grandparents 6 times! Two of my great uncles were made into lampshades! We cannot ever trust these wicked people!

      To my fellows Whites, let me remind you that our Judeo-Christian beliefs demand that we listen to these oppressed people. They would be colonising mars if it wasn’t for our constant oppression of them and their genius. So watch my movie goyim…I mean, guys. You’re not racist, are you?

    • they’re “White” when BS’ing some beaten-down audience of Urban White cosmics about “White Privilege”. They’re Jews when dealing with co-ethnics. When dealing with Blacks, (((they)))’re oppressed (muh holocaust/muh slavery) co-victims of the White Man.

  9. The Usual Suspect

    Black People; I am all out of give a fucks !

  10. Anyone notice that over the last year the number of blacks in commercials has gone up? They seem to make up about 80% of the actors. Cable is getting cancelled this month. The outdoor plinking range opens in about a month. The TV is doomed.

    • Yes, I noticed this in England.

      Didn’t watch any TV for about 12 months, then I watched a film a couple of weeks’ back. Lots of ads on that TV station. Very noticeable increase in participation of coloured people and especially of “mixed-race families”.

      (“Out of the Furnace”, with Bale and Harrelson … I didn’t grok the final scene, though.)

  11. We will eventually have to BE the exterminatory racists they think we are.

    If Western expansion and the enlightenment and the Crusades etc. had’ve simply been exterminatory, the world would be a much better place right now.

    This is the war that’s being set up, whether we like it or not, and eventually we’re going to be forced into fighting it. This time around…fuck acceptance and tolerance of the savages.

    • Pretty much.

      Tried tolerance, live and let live, got cursed and shit on.

      Maybe somebody will try grenades and molotovs instead next time, and see how that works out.

    • William Munny

      We will eventually have to be BE the exterminatory racists they think we are


  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. “My body, my choice.” … right?

    If I want to paint my body black, what business of yours is it?

  14. Haven’t watched TV since 1990. Haven’t missed a thing.

  15. When will they be protesting the color and characteristics of snow?

  16. robroysimmons

    I don’t care

  17. Writer claims the show isn’t racist. Then tweets this:

  18. Fuck ((((netflix)))))

  19. She should get a gun and kill her white side.

  20. You can’t make a racehorse out of a jackass. No amount of hand ups, handouts, affirmative action or reverse discrimination will make a difference.

  21. Have you ever noticed that since the cosby show, most every sitcom where the lead is black, goes straight to the dustbin in reruns; now that the thug/gang culture that grew out of inner city blacks.
    if blacks want to go back to being civilized and upwardly mobile like the cosbys and jeffersons, I suspect white America will start watching again; but they’ve seen enough you owe me because I’m black tv.

  22. Bluegrass Guerrilla

    White is the new Black. Prepare accordingly.

  23. lon a follower

    All the. ‘bait’ is being openly presented in a desirable manner. Falling for the trap is your choice.

  24. First, Netflix subs ought to be cancelled due to such crappy ‘entertainment’.

    This shit (violence and other issues in the black community) wasn’t very evident between the end of the War between the States, and the rise of the welfare/warfare state.

    Black families were intact and thriving, advancing economically, despite the Jim Crow era.

    Add the War on *some* Drugs into the mix along with lackluster economies and the result is the violence we see today.

    Corrupt governments (is there any other kind?) under scrutiny by pissed-off citizens usually trot out the divide-and-conquer card, as history proves the value of directing the rabble’s anger towards each other regarding ethnic differences rather than focus on the common enemy-totalitarian government.

    Government stokes the fear-factor between domestic ethnic groups in order to maintain control.

    If that is not sufficient then bogey-men from abroad (perpetual war on terror; the Russians! and such) serve to redirect the focus away from the tyrants that rule over us.

    Most never realize they have been orchestrated into hating the ‘other’ in order to assist corrupt tyrannical goals…until it’s far too late.

  25. lon a follower

    As with everything pray and use discernment.
    Divide and conquer. a very old game.

  26. Average White Guy

    I thought the new Planet of the Apes movie had a different title?