Herschel: Revisiting The NFA


FUBAR from the git.

Courtesy of Frank the Cripple.


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  1. European American

    Totally off subject, but I just have to say. When ever I come to this site and see the confederate soldier aiming his rifle at the top of this page, I think to myself, “A young Richard Burton?”

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Matthew Wilbanks

    Pretty much the best summary of the NFA ever was done by John Ross as part of his book Unintended Consequences. He released that chapter for free so people could share the information…


  4. Despite their bad intent and outcomes you obey these laws, so I have to score the government as winning and freedom as losing.

    • Some people do. Some don’t.

      When you’re looking at the possibilities of spending 10 years of your life in the Graybar (and as Uncle puts it) and/or a 1/4 million dollar fine, the tendency is, for those who don’t, not to go around like a blinking neon sign announcing to the world that you’re a nail seeking the Batboyz wielding a hammer.

      But since you’re posting anonymousely (you think), you already knew that.

    • I’ve seen enough “solvent traps” for sale, enough unregistered short rifles and shotguns, and heard enough full auto fire in the country, the hills and the hood on July 4th and NYE to know that not everyone’s obeying it.

  5. And don’t forget that the 68 GCA was co-written and fully condoned by your buddies at the NRA. I would not doubt the NRA had a part in the NFA as well.

    Without gun control the NRA would not exist – Send MOAR FRN’s Quickly.

    And both are completely UN Constitutional and need to be Ignored if not repealed.

    • Ding ding ding, and we have a winner here, mikrat correctly identifies the NRA as the culprits. As the old man used to say when we were kids, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

    • SemperFi, 0321

      NRA has not once said “Not No, but Fuck No!”.
      They play negotiater, and act like they did their best to stop it, but in reality, every single piece of legislation was passed with their help. And the gun masses worship at their feet.

      The 1986 Hughes Amendment was the most blatant abuse ever witnessed live on C-Span, and they did nothing to stop it, or investigate it. And still they claim to stand up for our gun rights, as they constantly beg for more money. Just another money grubbing special interest group.

      • lastmanstanding

        Right on 0321!

        Meanwhile, those fuck wads at the top, Wayne La pue, Chris Cocks, etc. take the finest hunting trips, drink the finest libations, eat chef prepared meals and hang at the finest lodging that the membership can afford…without any fucking remorse for as long as I can remember.

        Fuck the NRA. I haven’t been a member for 20 years…when they asked why, I told them basically what SemperFi said and what I added above.

        • lastman,

          You forgot their 6-figure salaries.

          Oh, FWIW, I understand Cocks and LaPuke are both homosexuals. So, doesn’t surprise me their limp-wristed management styles.

          • lastmanstanding

            Hey Dan, I didn’t even think of that. lol! For me to have a gig like that, I wouldn’t even have needed a salary.

            Frankly, I just love being outdoors…work there and play there. We are also fortunate enough to be able to look at it from the inside as well.

            Living in Big Sky country I am lucky enough to have what these pricks rob the membership of for the price of gas and a whole lotta boot leather!

            Gay, no way. Nothing surprises me these days but that did.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “They play negotiater, and act like they did their best to stop it, but in reality, every single piece of legislation was passed with their help.”

        We got you the best possible deal!

  6. Isn’t it amazing how the masses still wave that shit stained murkin flag?

    • Randall Flagg

      Isn’t it amazing how you have what appears to be an unlimited amount of time to post the same uninteresting crap over, and over. And over. And over. And over. Ad infinitum.

      I mean, how many times does one have to watch that clip?

      Yeah, yeah, I know. Just like every schoolyard bully, you’ll have to get in the last word, using the same lame, old, sophomoric crap you told the kids 40 years ago in the school yard when you were bullying them.

      While some things change, others always remain the same.

      P.S.: You do know that Carlin is talking about you, dontcha? Check his list… he’s got tFag written on it.

        • Please do us a favor, just come out and tell us what you’re trying to accomplish.
          CA tells us you’ve got “a plan”.
          So, quit dicking around and get to the point.

          • life is cold ,hard, and cruel.

            if you think it’s going to get any easier, you are sadly mistaken.

            the good times are over. it’s time you patriotards start to face reality.

            more to come…

            • “life is cold, hard, and cruel.
              if you think it’s going to get any easier, you are sadly mistaken.”

              Seriously, that’s news? My granddad had that figured out 90 years ago in the hardscrabble Ozark hills south of Gainesville MO.

              “Face reality”

              That’s a plan?

              What I read is platitudes. Try harder to convince me that’s not your real plan.

          • I’ve begun to think, seriously, that tfAt is CA’s alter ego, giving him voice to say what he really thinks, as opposed to the intelligent,quietly eloquent, fair, free speech moderator, reluctant to get truculent and allowing all sides.

            You “know him” CA?

            Zat the “plan?” Thinly veiled fear and loathing made manifest?

            Yeah, I know, probably thin ice but I’m about beyond caring.

            The cognitive disconnect between the stated goals of this blog/it’s faithful contributors and readers, and the vile rantings of Mr Hyde are becoming a major distraction… as I and many another participant has made plain.

          • SemperFi, 0321

            Well grasshopper, you just flunked the patience part of the test, and blew opsec. You’re outta here!

          • Monks Of Gethsemani Chant Psalm 18

            “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

      • While some things change, others always remain the same.

        Kind of reminds me of: Remember where we were? Here we are. Imagine where we will be?

        But nothing has remained the same. Other than the human nature to fuck themselves. And the human nature to very rarely, if at all, unfuck themselves

      • “I’ve begun to think, seriously, that tfAt is CA’s alter ego, giving him voice to say what he really thinks”

        Lol, it fits! This is why we go with the correspondence theory of truth and not the coherence theory…the rational among us, I mean. “Fitting” isn’t good enough; it’s got to match reality. RF asks above…

        “…how many times does one have to watch that clip?”

        I can’t read the guy’s mind, but my guess would be, “Until you get it.” Just take a look. Look what everyone talks about…what those guys are doing, what that guy oughta do, what we all need to do. The other, all of us, our culture, the public. It goes on forever; it never stops. That’s because it’s a philosophy.

        Dan takes it full hog and just makes up stuff about people he hasn’t the least evidence about. It “fits” you see, fits with what’s going on in his mind. So does what everyone’s yapping about. It’d be nice for folk to at least get the yapping correspondent–like semperfi0321 inevitably does and did here–but that really isn’t the point.

        The point is about WHOSE life your life is about and as the guy just noted recently, “You’re all skeered.” True, which is why you go so far out of your way to show how unafraid you are of the physical battle. It’s a distraction for yourself, by yourself. “All action is first BY the self, UPON the self.”

        It is the fear of believing that your life alone–your values, your benefits, your loves, your joy–is all the good could ever be. Of course it can include others and of course biological reproduction is a big part of it. BUT SOCIALLY, IT’S *ONLY* ABOUT WHO DECIDES YOUR VALUES FOR YOUR LIFE AND ACHIEVES THEM. Period, end of story. What those values are for yourself is everything; what they are for someone else is nothing. This isn’t some great ethical principle; it’s a simple identification of how it is. You can MAKE something else your highest value…that sorta proves the point, yes?

        It is the fear of being responsible for earning your own values, and the willingness to defend them. It’s fear everywhere, all around. We’ve all been conditioned to be driven by fear, far beyond instinctual levels.. And what is fear, almost exclusively? “Fear is a liar.”

        It’s the lying that’s killing us, the falsehoods. You ARE volitional and so is everyone else. It’s not rocket science to figure out what follows from that.

        • Fear?

          That kind of personal responsibility and the certainty of physical death are the most liberating eureka moments I can think of. Who is afraid of real living??

  7. “American Betrayal”, by Diane West.

  8. Petition on Whitehouse dot gov to repeal NFA needs less than 15,000 signatures to garner official action. Please sign and spread the word!