PHS: Your Anonymous Browsing Can Still ID You


Online hygiene.

Important to know.

Important to share.

8 responses to “PHS: Your Anonymous Browsing Can Still ID You

  1. Kit does some good stuff.
    I’m glad she’s on our side.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Plug in you’re traceable.
    Encrypt using a commercial package and you may raise your profile to that of a ‘person of interest’.
    Voice comms and ‘they’ can listen in.
    Email and ‘they’ll’ read it.
    Use open access systems (an Internet cafe) and you’re probably on CCTV.

    Government surveillance is complete.
    Get used to it, now work around it.
    Old school. Spycraft 101.

  4. useful information, if you are doing important stuff online. I’m just passing the time, and – other than using a few avatars – care not who knows what.

    • lastmanstanding

      The way I look at it, there are a lot of rock solid people of all mind sets posting their little hearts out everyday on a multitude of social media venues…who haven’t even given this a seconds thought.

      Say what you have to say. Being considerate without being politically correct is how I was raised…I am seldom politically correct although I do have certain reasons for being pc…like when gathering necessary intel.

      There will probably end up being a test.

  5. Anonymity (or privacy) is a lifestyle, not an app. You can do everything right regarding use of a VPN or TOR, but if you log into your Facebook account during that session you just created a correlation to your real-word identity. Basic rule is thus – have a digital identity that is kept completely separate from your actual one and avoid cross contamination of said identities. This is tradecraft 101 folks…

    • lastmanstanding

      Hey K! Everyone/anyone who watches tv, holyweird, etc…knows the tradecraft of every alphabet agency by heart already!

      Tommy boy Cruise learned to drive a race car by watching espn…

  6. Great info as always from Kit, thank you. Words to the wise. Unless, of course, you’re tfAt, who lives online here, but has no internet footprint. (ignore the ones the size of an apatosaur)