Request For Help


A reader sends:

This is one of my daughters.

She was on her way to work last Thurs. am and guy went left of center and hit her head on.

As you can see from pics- she’s lucky to be alive.

We were told at first that guy had insurance- have since found out he didn’t.

Just found out from police yesterday that guy had weed, meth, heroin, xanax in his car.

My wife and I have the two older kids-5 and almost 9- with us on days son in law works and take them to school and pick them up from school since their school is in another city.

She may get some $$ from guys “estate” but that will take at least 6 months according to lawyer.

We got bills, and groceries and stuff for baby covered for them for Feb. but no way we can keep covering.

One of the other kids set up the go fund me.

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    • Cops having/using/dealing drugs has nothing whatsoever to do with what the guy who almost killed my daughter had in his possession.

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    • Tfat………..that would be wonderful had a Po-Po hit her. We get that you hate cops….and just about everything and everyone else. Quit being a jerk for 10 minutes and go pony up a little for one of ours.

    • Congratulations! You turned someone’s personal tragedy into a platform for your own personal agenda faster than Chuck Schumer turns a school shooting into an opportunity to call for gun control. Well done! You obviously learned from the best 🙂

  1. I got slammed by a mutt while sitting at a stop light. I was in a semi. No valid registration,license or insurance.Left the car and took off running. No damage to me.An attempt was made by the tow company to get me to pay $200.00. I very politely and professionally went to their office and told them to go fuck themselves.I have not heard back from them.Good luck with compensation. Victim assistance?

    • Yeah, victims assistance may pay her something. Her insurance will replace car and cover some of medical bills. We do not know at this point in time how much we’re going to have to pay for her medical care.
      3 months in a rehabilitation facility ain’t gonna be cheap and insurance ain’t gonna pay 100%.
      Everything the wife and I have saved will be used to help our daughter out.

      • Health Share Concept:
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  2. Done and done. $25 isn’t going to kill anyone. Wish those damned sites would find a way to let you go right back to where you were, though. That sticky fingered shit will lose donations in the end. And it’s not any encouragement to go do it again.

  3. I am not trying to put down any of the people involved but it still amazes me just how much those in the “III” and “preparedness” community dont care or dont know about financial preparedness. Shit happens to people everyday that is the end of the world as they know it for them. That is much more likely to happen on any given day than it is that martial law will be declared and we all “need to step off the porch”. Sure I admit managing your money and creating a budget and saving money isnt as glamorous as buying a 17th AR because its only $600 on sale and they will throw in a .55¢ made in china “sniper scope” that all the SEALs use if you buy it today but for heavens sake even if everybody just had $1000 in cash sitting in a drawer for times when life kicks you in the face you would be much better off. My wife and I are both educated and in a very stable positions in the medical field (before you think that we are some super rich doctor couple or something let me tell you we are not we make below $100k combined) and we feel we would be able to work no matter what right up until the end but we still have 6 months of expenses sitting in an account waiting for the day that one or both of us cant work. We are debt free. We own a modest home that is below our means. We own our vehicles. We dont have student loans. We dont use credit cards. We pay cash for everything. We sacrificed for years to get here but guess what? Now we have enough food to see us through some difficulty times and a garden that can provide food for us nearly year round. I own plenty of guns and ammo and know how to use them. I may not have enough ARs to singlehandedly outfit my whole town but I have enough. And guess what else? If I really wanted or needed to I could walk down to my local gun shop and pay in cash for a few more well equipped ARs. Sorry for the rant but it still amazes me that most of the so called freedom loving patriots out there are and forever will be slaves to debt and the big banks. Thats how they are going to get you. Control the money. Control the food. Control the people. Its not that hard to see is it?

    • A lot more people than you think are living the same lifestyle, myself included. That said, I Don’t think anyone in history ever came out of a true shit-hit-the-fan situation and proclaimed that all their debts were either paid off or forgiven, or just vanished into thin air.

    • Andre, you are in the minority. It sounds like you made smart decisions early and stuck with it.

    • Thank you.
      We-( the family)-are covering expenses for now,and taking care of kids so son in law can work at least part time.
      The other kids and aunts, along with son in laws family are helping out as well.
      A year is a long time for a family of 6 to go on 50% of what was their combined income.

      • That sucks man, I hope you didn’t take my previous comment to be directed at you and yours. It might help them to get someone from the insurance co. on the phone and explain the policy so there are no fun surprises (they are subrogated by the co. so they aren’t the plaintiff) and understand if the insurance recovers any monies if its paid out pro rata, who has right of first recovery (her or insurance) and such. Some states are first to file IIRC, so you may want to find out if yours is and get the ball rolling if that’s the case and there was a high deductible. Otherwise the insurance company can and will file first to reclaim their losses and if there’s not enough to cover losses+deductible (doesn’t sound like there is), then the estate and garnishments will wind up going to the insurer if they filed first. She probably is ok filing a suit for her deductible since he was uninsured, but I’d check the policy. The rest is the insurers problem but if it’s more than a $500 deductible then it’s likely worth doing. The whole deal is going to suck and it’ll take several months to a year or more before garnishment actually happens (at least in the wonderful Commonwealth it does). Again, varies state to state and depends on the policy as well. Some insurance companies will pay the deductible with the first payment to them. If your daughter or anyone else on here is eligible for USAA, I cannot recommend them highly enough for car insurance. Worth every penny over the cut rate insurance companies promising low premiums. It’s a shame there’s no better recourse available, but it’s pretty much the usual story of the justice system disicentivizing responsible behavior and failing to provide a just method of compensation after harm. Here’s hoping he has a lot of land, a house or other large assets.

    • That 6 months of expenses some of us have isn’t always possible when raising kids.
      Nor will having 6 months of expenses saved cover a year’s worth of expenses.

    • The fact we spend untold billions in our ‘educational’ system talking about bananas and condoms, but not this, tells you a lot. 63% of people are living paycheck to paycheck.

      • 63% of people drink alcohol, smoke cigerettes, play lotto, have cable tv, go out to eat, blah blah blah….

        no wonder they’re fucking broke.

  4. A cautionary tale for uninsured/underinsured coverage?

    • She has full coverage insurance. Had to as car was a 2015 Chevy Traverse that she was making payments on. Bank required that she had full coverage insurance.

  5. IF a state requires that everyone have insurance and this happens, the state should foot the bill.

    • what kind of hillbilly state doesn’t require you to have auto insurance?

      what moron would drive without having themselves covered?

      are people really that dumb?

      • >>> what kind of hillbilly state doesn’t require you to have auto insurance?

        The kind that doesn’t believe it should stick its nose into how everyone runs their life. Not too many of those left.

        >>>what moron would drive without having themselves covered?

        My kind of moron, if I lived in one of those states. What’s that, #19? Insurance just spreads risk, an admirable goal in many situations. But when it’s mandated, it becomes just another source of loot, and big loot at that. Some of your old neighbors are paying two grand for 25K of coverage…you think that’s to have a great community?

        There’s a reason some insurance pays insane commissions. It’s highly profitable duh, except in those hillbilly states where homey don’t play that game. Nothing wrong with profit of course, but it’s a little different when the industry is both mandated and protected from competition. Ask some mobsters how it works.

        >>>are people really that dumb?

        How much did you pay over your entire lifetime in mandated auto insurance premiums? How much have you submitted in claims? Do the math, multiply by millions and then figure out who’s dumb. Duped, more precisely.

        GgII, that “full coverage” the bank requires usually refers to comprehensive and collision, not the uninsured/underinsured coverage that itor mentioned. Good agents will inevitably suggest it since it’s not very expensive. Lousy agents may not since it’s not very expensive.

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      • Just because the state requires insurance doesn’t mean everyone follows the law.
        People show proof of insurance to get registration and license plates then don’t pay their insurance premiums.
        The state of Ohio does require anyone who owns a car and has it registered with Ohio license plates to have insurance.