Situational Assessment 2017: Trump Edition


H/t to TSM for this overview.

The Other Side is not going to quit.

Don’t you quit either.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. As penetrating, stimulating and challenging, even insightful, as this essay is, the longer I read, the more magical mystery tour it became.

    This is what happens when a brilliant mind tries to form a “unified field theory” of socio/politcal evolution/flux… there are simply too many variables with no quantum mechanics and little but invented/contorted vocabulary to describe them to those who haven’t dropped that particular acid.

    Still, it’s is all that I said it is and well worth the time to read and think. It’s that last section which, to his credit, he points to as “out there” that begs a little WTF?

    Money quote:

    “As a consequence, the result of this conflict will almost certainly be fatal for the Blue Church. We are already witnessing it, in the form of both an increasingly desperate “doubling down” on obviously impotent attacks and a creeping demoralization within the fabric of the Church. I expect to see this accelerate and as the Insurgency wins on other fronts, the set of alliances that hold the Church together will begin to unravel and the Church will collapse.”

    “The sooner that happens, the better it will be for everyone.”

    That is one thing upon which we can all agree.

  3. all it will take is the power to go out.

    polygonal battle space.

  4. Man makes a helluv case, and sobering as well as chills-ville. Thing is, I get what Trump is doing, how he’s doing it, and MAYBE I see his end game. But what if his end game is dictator for life? What if it’s an honest to G*d, dead Republic, plain for anyone to see, and now it’s Empire and Emperor? Relax, I know the Republic is already dead, I’m talking about most people not being aware of it yet. Hell, if you polled Californians, they couldn’t even tell you the U.S. WAS a republic. ( heh, POLLING Californians, snicker. Fugedaboutit. They spend all their time polling themselves)

    • In doing so, he instantly makes enemies of the majority of his supporters.

      People are supporting him largely because he MIGHT not be a member of the political ruling class. Because he seems to see government as having a responsibility to defend its citizens, which imo is one of the only two or three legitimate purposes of government. If the lunitics with all that ‘proto-fascist/Hitler’ shit are right (as if the federal gov hasnt been on the march towards fascisism for decades), seems to me he would lose the half of the country that (more or less) supports him, no?

      Great, intelligent essay.

  5. The lucidity of that piece by Mr Greenhall allows me a renewed faith in my “outright rejection” of the “Blue Church.” Long live the insurgency!

  6. Article three,section two of the Constitution of the United States must be firmly rammed up the ass of the judiciary by the congress of the United States. If not, it may soon be time to man your battle stations.The black robed petty tyrants/dictators must be bitch slapped.
    Making your list and checking it twice. we are going to find out whose naughty and nice.

  7. Hmm, ya the idea that somehow DT has usurped the Deep State via a popular conservative revolution is a logical fail. The last guy to go off script got topped in an open limo with no protection.

    Swamp still looks pretty deep from here. Have they arrested the pedo’s yet? Is the FED still raping everyone financially? Have we reigned in the banks? How many esse’s have been deported eh homey?

    This is the Trump card, once it’s played everything changes. Here are some tips for playing.

    If playing with a suit as trumps.

    **Lead trumps first to run your opposition out of them.
    **Count the number of trumps as they are played.
    **Never lead trumps when only you and your partner hold trump cards.
    **If you know one of your opponents has one or more trumps left, and they are higher value cards than you hold, do not lead trumps. Let your opponents use them as trumps and keep yours in reserve.
    **If your partner is out of trumps and you suspect your opponents both have one or more, you are better to lead a losing trump, as you may get two opposing trumps to fall, at the cost of only one of yours.

    Your opponent lead Trumps. Your play. Stay frosty.

  8. “For most people, if you are under 40, your entire development has taken place within the context of the Blue Church. Many of your deepest assumptions and unconscious values are going to have to be examined with brutal honesty and courage.”

    Interesting post overall and the above quote is very true. The under 40s are very self centered on comfort in the here now. I suspect many will go along with whoever promises to provide the most comfortable cage (WiFi).

    Christian conservative hetero white males over 40 need to understand they are a tiny minority. They are also self centered in the sense that they believe all the other chows over 40 think just like they do and will rise to the occasion. If a man really hasn’t risked standing for something over the last 20-40 years, what makes you think he will do so now? They are getting oh so close to retirement or are already there so why risk jumping in a young man’s game so late in life.

    Also be clear that Trump is not an insurgent in this system. He is already wealthy and an actor. All this bluster about judges and immigration has been part of the act for consumption by the masses. Trump has business interests at a global level already and stands to do even better after his 4 years as CONUS CEO. BTW how many pro 2nd amendment EOs has he signed since he’s been in office? How many pro 2nd amendment bills have been rushed over for his signature? Track that and you’ll see where his loyalties are.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “BTW how many pro 2nd amendment EOs has he signed since he’s been in office? How many pro 2nd amendment bills have been rushed over for his signature? Track that and you’ll see where his loyalties are.”

      Yeah, he’s been in office three whole weeks now. Shouldn’t bowling scores be way up, and mini-golf scores way down? Shouldn’t we have meaningful communication with at least two advanced alien species?

  9. Simply amazing to me how DT is controlling the message and that everyone, everywhere is talking about it. The old media have killed themselves off…only the left is paying any attention to what they’re peddling these days. New media, blogs and certain social media ARE the media now and it appears the President is in complete control.

  10. lastmanstanding

    While having always been ‘non-linear’ I found this a great read. It is difficult for me to ‘follow’ anything of length anymore, but this was worth it…in fact, I’m going to pass it along to others as food for thought.

    CA, your blog has been on fucking fire lately…both articles and comments.

    Well done sir.

  11. Excellent article, thank you. My thoughts on this “money quote”:
    “Right now, our collective sensemaking systems are in complete disarray. We don’t know who or what to trust. We barely even know how.”
    In solving that problem, I suggest one go to the source material and, yes, make the effort to actually read it in full, rather than trust in a pre-digested form, however well–intentioned.

    Here’s the text of the EO in question:

    And here’s the reference for the applicable US Code:

    And the broader Chapter 12 on immigration and nationality:

  12. Yes, brilliant outside-the-box analysis. “Collective intelligence” is the name of the game.

    The changes making centralized systems unstable are just beginning, the Internet was the first. Now comes artificial intelligence, robotics and biology.

    The Generalissimo and his colleague Scherrhy are telling me about that future :

    Jordan Greenhall is social system analysis, The Generalissimo is total system analysis and design. I especially liked his latest “System Designer Porn” :