WeaponsMan: On Raids


Short and sweet CME.

More, please.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. The Bren Gunner is shown with his right-hand shoulder patch sewn onto his left sleeve. Huh? Yeah, the Thompson SMG in the center of the patch was worn with its muzzle pointing FORWARD, not to the rear. Other than that, cool painting.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Ordered a MTP parka last yr, it came with that patch on the sleeve, under the Union Jack. And yes, the muzzle was facing fwd.
      But at least I got a Marine parka.

      Worked with the Royal Marines in Sardinia and Turkey in ’75, we did a lot of trading back and forth, got my first WoolyPully and a commando dagger from them, cost me a new Zippo and Ka-Bar.

  3. ahhhhh this is what ive been saying !!Tiocfaidh AR la !!!!

  4. You can always tell a Norwegian, or a Swede, you just can’t tell ’em much. Uff Da! I’ve been to a some family reunions of these people, and fallen asleep waiting for some one to say something. Their reaction was, “So, you musta not slept good last night, ja?” An argument among them is like watching some one open a fresh case of Ensure. I’m not saying they’re tight, but I’ve heard the buffalo on a nickel scream as it got in between the thumb and index finger of one of them. For an exciting weekend, they go to another city in Minnesota, and exchange recipes.

  5. What self respecting team would conduct a raid under a full moon?