Why The Left Wing Needs A Gun Culture


Read it, not to agree with the thesis, but to observe the level of delusion regarding recent events.

There is no reconciliation possible with the deranged.



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  3. In reaction to that screed, there are two comments… two pingbacks, and

    “Comments are closed.”

    Heh! Typical.

    Bring it.

    Fight The Asylum!


    There was a slogan that these Commie mooks used back in the 60’s: “WHAT IF THEY GAVE A WAR AND NOBODY CAME?” What if these harpies and their manginas did show up at Wally World and buy a Mossberg and/or S&W M&P AR along with a few thousand rounds. They are honestly so delusional, they really believe their opposition would be coming to their doorstep on a “Midnight Ride” as in MISSISSIPPI BURNING or BIRTH OF A NATION.
    Now, let’s kick it up a notch. They have firepower. Someone has taught them which end of the gun the bullet goes out of. They start cranking off rounds at a Trump property or try to emulate Malvo&Mohammed out of the trunk of a Chevy. Can anyone say blowback?
    To be sure, innocent people will be killed and injured. It happened with the DC sniper killings. The most visible targets will be the police. But, the reaction against these single-minded Marxist true believers and their useful idiots will be very unpleasant.
    The MSM had been egging this situation on for a long, long time. The result is these loons are seriously drinking their own bath water. You will not see Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, and Anderson Cooper on the front lines dressed in black. They will just be reporting the body count. Use your time wisely, my friends.

    • The individuals mentioned in your post, should get special attention, even before the full blown event. By any means.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      They have been giving a war for a couple of generations now, and no one has showed up to seriously oppose them.

  5. Interesting article. A point that is not addressed is that leftoids by and large have no interest in training. When is the last time you saw a Hillary sticker at a range? It may take a generation to reverse the internal groupthink of gun=bad for them. The article also does not address the violent criminality of the overwhelmingly left leaning population of urban redistribution specialists. That, and how many leftists can fill out the NICS paperwork honestly and still get cleared? Bottom line, I don’t see them turning it around.

  6. Steady Steve

    Is this snowflake f…king serious? Violence on the rise against minorities? Did he check to see if the cases cited were murdered by other blacks as is usually the case?

  7. “If they bring a knife, then we bring a gun!” / Obama

    • Fido,

      Could you please refrain from mentioning that moslem cocksucker in the future ? I/we have had to endure that fucking usurper for 8+ years. I really don’t care to hear/read/see that POS mentioned anywhere except in his own obituary.

      Your cooperation is appreciated.

      • For aguy who “mentioned” the illigitimate soetorohusseinfaggot just about every comment there for awhile, I can understand your Chimpbama fatigue… 😉

  8. Tic-toc, time’s just about here. Monsters? How about armed students, at a well known Lefty “University”, taking it over, declaring a “Peoples Soviet” or something a little more updated, and casually including the surrounding town, just to make things neat and tidy. The Red Flag goes up, the proclamations done, and all and sundry bureaucrats have no idea what to do. The governor dithers, the cops look at each other, the populace starts heading for the exits as the Peoples Justice and Equality Committee drag their first victims to the front of the tribunal. How long do you think it will take to choose up sides? How long before we see the bodies hanging from the lamp posts? How long before Natl. Guard units get into fights with themselves over whose side to take? Watch the colleges. That’s where this is going to start.

  9. The moment they go full retard, they seal their doom.
    And it will be enforced from all quarters, including their own.

    • you are vastly underestimating the the pervasive, now-completed Long March Through the Institutions by the Reds…and the sympathy for same among scores of millions of ‘Murkans. Specifically, the urban police will do exactly what the urban politicians tell them to do: side with the Reds. Just like they’re doing now. Do I need to remind you that a bunch of White cops recently got shot dead by a nigger while escorting an anti-White demo by a gang of niggers? And they’ll do so again, and again…so long as they get an order and a paycheck.

  10. Third reminder and I do find it revealing that you persist smugly in error. You need to fix your “kill communists” poster. As it is misspelled now, it means nothing. Wrong tone markers and letters. Correct: Sát cộng

  11. Uh, wow.

    There’s a lot happening in there. I wish I could take off work today and try to comment on some of the gems I saw. It would take some time to address them.

    Well, I’ll try to stop by later and see what I can do. CA, you should mark this as a must-read RTWT.

    Before I go, I have to say that I love Lois’s carry method. Unless I’m mistaken ( I will be looking for a copy of that movie) she’s got that revolver stuffed into her bra. Obviously not an A cup. You go, girl! 🙂

  12. ALCON,

    One cannot reason with the unreasonable.


      DAN III: This is off topic a little. When I responded to Centurion Cornelius’ post of the Reilly Ace of Spies clip, you asked about my thoughts about the threat from the right as well as the left. Well, you are spot on. When I look at “right” scum like Karl Rove, Bill Kristol, Glen Beck, et. al. The danger is just as real.
      Back in the early 90’s when Larry Arnn was running Claremont Men’s College in SoCal, he sponsored a “pro-immigration forum” with such “distinguished” Dead Elephants as Jack Kemp, Bruce Herschenson, and the usual empty suit talking heads. Well, the local anti-wetback grass-roots folks headed up by former Congressman William Dannemyer went nuts. Arnn was forced to back down and cancel, after the mob of fed-up working whites were ready to storm the forum with torches, pitchforks, tar, and feathers.
      My point is that the “right” or the Dead Elephants, or Neo-cons. or whatever we choose to call these condescending wolves in sheeps’ clothing are every bit as dangerous as the Chuck Schumers and Elizabeth Warrens. Arnn is now president of Hillsdale College, which is another baloney-and-American cheese-on-Wonder Bread-with mayonnaise “republican” bastion full of rich condescending whites, a few token house Negroes, and frigid-looking women.
      They still send me IMPRIMIS, which promptly gets thrown in the recycle barrel. These neo-cons are the flip side of the coin. Every time I encounter them I am reminded about Cicero’s oration about the traitors within. I really do not have time for any of these treasonous, self-serving mooks. It is starting to thaw up here and I need to get in some rifle practice and more PT. Bleib ubrig.

  13. The enemy always has been Communism, flavored by Lennin and Stalin, with a little bit of Mao thrown in….and you’re correct in your statement regarding reconciliation. It’s not going to happen.

  14. The last four words in the article explain where Lorenzo Raymond (New York City) is coming from- “by any means necessary”.
    Thank you. He is now on my radar. Kind of like Yvette Falarca is now.

  15. Shakin’ muh head.

    Delusion, indeed. The rot runs deep. Far too deep to ever be cured.

    Hot CW II breaks out somewhere, probably in the big border and nigger infested cities.

  16. Boss, giet ngu’o’i cong san. Kill communists. Don’t have the soft ware or keys to put the little marks over certain letters to make it grammatically correct, but that’s the basics. Finally read the whole article this morning. A more idiotic and delusional collection of lies and stupidity (saying the 2A is a privilege at one point) would be hard to find. From their point of view, it’s all been a landslide of right wing whack jobs, for 60 years, and thousands of minorities are being butchered in streets right now, every day, because the white supremacists are now unleashed by Trumps SS and SA. Talk about cognitive dissonance. But like you said boss, every day is opposite day. Waiting for the film of the Brooks Brothers bum rush.

  17. There is much talk, rightly I might add, of the fantasy world that right-wing folks live in. That a shotgun and revolver is all they need to stave off tyranny. That they will take to the woods like a Vietnam LRRP team and kill blue helmets until Washington and Jefferson rise from their graves to lead us into the glorious future.
    All kidding aside there is an element of truth to the idea that to many folks on our side think along those lines. It helps to understand the terrain we are working with.
    With that in mind its helpful to understand that similar ideological myths exist on the left.
    The left believes that they are continuing the struggle against “evil”. They truly believe that they are liberating and freeing the average man and woman from rich exploiting monarchs. They revel in the idea of the 1960’s and the class struggle. They want to be seen as the saviors and grassroots power that in their minds won the civil rights movement. At the same time they continue to act like they never won the civil rights movement.

  18. He who shoots the fastest, straightest, farthest, wins.
    Got scope?

  19. All this talk is just hubris on our side. Just keyboard commando stuff.
    I’m bringing coffee and doughnuts ’cause any other response or trash talk is just wrong. 🙂

  20. This is a teaching opportunity.

    Once upon a time in the waning years of the Bush Jr. presidency, a 30-something lifelong socialist of distinguished leftist pedigree — born and raised in Canada by U.S. expatriates from U.C. Berkeley — was reflecting on his fanciful theories about Bush Jr’s plans to declare martial law before the 2008 election. He decided it was time to become a serious liberal gun owner, sat down, and started reading whatever he could find to educate himself ASAP.

    Some of the first educational material he encountered was in the form of westernrifleshooters.blogspot.com, and sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot.com. There were also some books by some right wing crank named Bracken.

    “BATFE intentionally staging mass murders to promote gun control? Oh please!” said he, but still he read. The material was all clearly coming from a bunch of right-wing crazies but, he figured, they clearly knew their guns, and more.

    So he kept clicking links and kept reading. He started hanging out with some gun owners at work and was shocked not only at how many there were hiding right there in the heart of Liberaltopia, but also at how knowledgeable, friendly, and obsessed with safety they were.

    2008 passed uneventfully — no martial law, no nullified elections, no President For Life Bush. He was able to cast his vote for Obama with only a flicker of guilty doubt. The danger past, he nonetheless kept reading obsessively, bought several more guns, and spent more and more Saturdays and Sundays at the range or out in the desert.

    He also started noticing that the politicians for whom he had voted all his life were now demonizing him. He might have fooled himself into believing they weren’t really talking about him, but he also noticed that his liberal friends of many years weren’t talking to him or inviting him over so much anymore. Comments from left-wing blog, forums, anti-gun PACs… the mounting evidence was impossible to deny — his fervent lifelong loyalty to the Great Cause had been instantly nullified by this single sin. His world was slowly turning upside down, but now he found couldn’t stop reading, and not just about guns anymore, but the many overlapping topics: tactics, politics, history, the Constitution, crime statistics, Democide… the more he read, the longer his reading list got.

    Now 9 years later here I am. …and I brought others with me.

    Take them out shooting. Seek them out at the range. Give advice. Be patient and generous. A little help with the daunting task of figuring out their first gun will go a long way. Let them try out whatever you’ve got. Keep it mellow. Crack jokes about the holy wars over Glock vs 1911, AR vs AK, 9mm vs .40 vs .45, Ford vs Chevy.

    Try to remember when you were young, dumb, and full of… enthusiasm. Gently smash their stereotypes of you as the ignorant, angry and unreasonable right wing kook who reminds them of that grumpy uncle at Thanksgiving dinner. Who knows, maybe you can get them talking to their uncle as well.

    Don’t go straight into politics, but focus on building bridges (see what I did there!). Get a phone number, plan to go out shooting again some time, or simply mention that you’ll be there next weekend as well with the naughtiest gun in your safe and more ammunition than you could ever use all on your lonesome. I am of the theory that blasting a few bowling pins with an AR10 or Saiga12 irreversibly changes a person’s brain chemistry.

    Don’t expect visible results instantly or even in a year or two. Small seeds may sprout into remarkable things but not today or tomorrow.

    I’m not saying it will work out in all cases. Maybe even not in most, but it can be done, and success is two wins: one less for them, one more for us. Hope and struggle are not always rewarded in kind, but hopelessness and apathy are.

    Happy trails,