…When politicians don black robes and seize powers they do not have, they should be called out for what they are – usurpers and petty tyrants. And if there is a cause upon which the populist right should unite, it is that elected representatives and executives make the laws and rule the nation. Not judges, and not justices…


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  1. I pray every night, before every meal.

    Please God nuke that shithole called murka.

    it would solve most of the worlds problems.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Fuck the judges. Common sense eludes them, and being mostly a bunch of sniveling Leftists, they make up shit as they go along, trying to seize power from the people by being consummate bullshit artists. They’re moving towards an inevitable reckoning with the people they’re provoking.

    • Sean,

      “Fuck the judges.” Sure. If you’re putting a hangman’s noose around their neck(s). Until then they issue orders that TPTB implement and in turn, fuck US !

      The rhetoric is nice Sean. I agree with your sentiments. But, until such sentiments are followed with the trap door of the gallows swinging below their dangling feet, “fuck the judges” isn’t stopping the bastards from fucking US !

  4. These rulings by these judges may the worst rulings in the history of the country. This is up there with the Dread Scott ruling. They have effectively said we have no borders. We are not a country anymore. By taking the power from the President to control our borders, and not assigning the power to anyone else, they have effectively, dissolved the union. The latest polls both here and in Europe has shown overwhelming support for controlling the borders. With the dems supporting this ruling in mass, they are collectively committing electoral suicide. This appears to be nothing short of a legal coup d’etat. The dems haven’t learned that age old lesson: that if you’re gonna shoot the king, you’d better kill him.

  5. A judiciary that flouts the law fundamentally undermines it, and invites anarchy.

    And as judges south of San Diego have found out, those robes aren’t bulletproof.

  6. It takes millions to buy a lawr these days, wheathrr its a. brack ribe or a CONgressional pedo writing it. Representation for real Americans has been MIA since before McStain and Hanoi Jane.

  7. From above:

    “We value free expression here. We loathe and mock gutter behavior. Your thoughts on the post above?”

    Evidence: 90% of tfA-t screeds.

    Yet he still pollutes this site?

    Now I wait patiently for him to call me anything but a child of God.

    Keep your powder dry,
    Atlas Shrug

    • Atlas,

      Good point. The continuing attacks against what few Patriots exist in fUSA by this tfA-t soundrel (along with the Haxo Jew-hater) has become almost intolerable. “Free Speech” isn’t unlimited. But never forget, this happens to be the blog author’s private arena.

      What say you CA ?

      • Dan:

        I get the disruptive effect.

        Lots of it is juvenile in form.

        The intent of all of it is to jar out of normalcy bias and spur to meaningful action.

        That is the plan.

        His style is not my style.

        I am moderating as I see fit.


        Gentlemen, we are faced with a LOT bigger issues than someone in cyberspace who says hurtful things.

        I am somewhat aghast at how much focus is paid to such things.

        This place is not intended to be the Friday afternoon ladies sewing circle.

        This place is a place where pretty much anything goes, towards an end state of greater enlightenment for all.

        Hope that makes sense to all.

        • CA,

          You ALWAYS make sense. But, at what point in time does one slap a two year old’s hand when reaching up to a hot stove, after said toddler has been told a dozen times “don’t do that” ?

          It is as I mentioned to Sean….it IS your arena. But as commenter “terribletroy” accurately remarked “This behavior (tfA-t) is undermining the site’s credibility.”

          I myself am not without sin regarding childish behavior at WRSA. I acknowledge that. But, this constant “cyberspace” behavior of this….errr….tfA-t, has become preposterous to the many of us he wishes ill will and death upon, cyberspace or otherwise.

          Pete, quite simply you enable, and now reinforce, tfA-t’s incendiary behavior with your refusal to punish or at least address, his outrageous commentary.

          At what point do you slap the two year old’s hand for reaching up to the hot stove ? Then again, you have to care enough to warn the child first.

          It is your arena.

        • terribletroy

          Spare me the “its here to mind fuck you to open your mind and spur you to action” routine. I don’t need the assistance in that area.

          I come here for the content (which, I know where to get elsewhere) and the comments. I dont come here to read snide bullshit about how someone wishes we would all die. I dont come here to read sea stories about six on one fights, pussy, or how effing rich a individual claims to be (how does any of that illuminate my thinking?) And I damn sure dont come here for the stormfront BULLSHIT.

          Every comment I write gets me the “awaiting moderation” message. I assume its the same for all commenters. So I tell you what, I see another comment about how it wishes we we are dead, Im going to view it as a indication that you agree because you released the comment.

          I dont play word games, I dont need Machiavellian bullshit manipulation to achieve enlightenment. Run your site as you wish, just dont be surprised when your numbers tank. (Which is the whole purpose of the site right? To spread enlightenment? Hard to do without readers eh?)

  8. Some cooler heads here have pointed out, repeatedly, that feeding a troll just makes them come back for more. So, let’s just ignore him, and see what happens. I’m in. How’s about y’all?

    • Sean,

      I have been thinking of posting the same “don’t feed the troll” challenge as you just did.

      I am in. It’s the only alternative to having a confrontational face-to-face with the coward.




    • Being raised in a true newspaperman/journalist household makes for massive amounts of information being collected,processed and disseminated. My Dad was an editor,publisher,advertising sales manager.linotype operator and delivery guy. He worked full-time for “New Englands Finest” weekly,plus him.and my Mom owned and operated their own local newspaper.On a daily basis we were required to peruse the Boston Globe,Boston Herald,Woonsocket Call,Providence Journal. and the Sun Chronicle. On a weekly basis ,the Foxboro Reporter and The Regional Recorder.Required reading included Look,Life,Time’The Saturday Evening Post,National Geographic,Boys Life,and The Readers Digest. plus many trade and technical journals.Opinions were not to be expressed,especially on politics,without a minimum of two credible sources.The power of the press has always been in truth.The truth is important and wields righteous power.. The small amount of truth presented by tfa is negated by the delivery system.However disturbing,disgusting,disrespectful and boring the subject matter: it provokes thought and tempered response.The world ain’t pretty and neither is tfa.This ‘newspaper” of CA’s requires balance of extremes. You are exposed to the seedy,ugly underbelly and the genuine concern and caring for Gamegetters family.Extremes is what we are being subjected to on a daily basis in our lives.I consider WRSA to be mental judo.Thank you Pete for the use of your dojo.

  9. terribletroy

    Its interesting that the attention seeking emotionally stunted juvenile doesnt attempt to spew its shit on other sites that I’m sure many visit. Its because it gets its nonsense smacked down quick, fast, and in a hurry.

    When its not trying to instigate with inflammatory statements, it tries to derail a thread by going offtopic introducing link after link to its agenda. Nothing but a agent provocateur. Ignore it, it needs the attention its mommy and daddy obviously didn’t provide.

    And a note for CA, You may want to rethink your rules for moderation of comments. This behavior is undermining the sites credibility.

  10. 173d Viet Vet

    Folks – – the quote below Andy Jackson’s portrait is not from our Seventh President, although it certainly sounds like it could have been said by him.

    It is from columnist Patrick J. Buchanan written on 10 February 2017 in Townhall in an article titled, “Trump Must Break Judicial Power”.

    Link to article: http://townhall.com/columnists/patbuchanan/2017/02/10/trump-must-break-judicial-power-n2283830

    Buchanan’s article is well worth the time to look it up and read it…..

  11. This 9th Circus ruling is just the latest in the Demoncrazy of the Feral Courts. The Constitution was gutted by these DemoncRat Injustices in Roe v Wade with the “Penumbra” sealing the deal. (Look it up, absolute tyranny.)
    The most recent abuse shows that progreSSive judges only need to agree politically and shazaam it is now the Law. (while overturning clearly written law to the contrary).
    There is No Rule of Law, unless you are an “unredeemable Deplorable” then the “Law” will hit you in the head like a hammer.
    Even an elected President Trump is denied the ROL; so what can we “peasants” expect?

  12. MichiganderJim

    ‘I am somewhat aghast at how much focus is paid to such things”

    Trust me, it’s even worse when you understand why.

    • “Harden your hearts, sharpen your minds, and toughen your bodies.”

      Looks like more than several people here are having a hard time with those things.

      Not only are they not mentally strong -they’re skeered. 🙂

      These are murkas warriors? lol

      as 0321 out it, 1 guy and a keyboard has everyone having a heart attack..

      Hard to think they’ll do any better when they go up against real flesh n blood ain’t it?