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stalin and children


Especially the final sentence.

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  1. This is the only social media I use. If anyone can’t see where the Leftists are going with their squelching and censorship drives, I can’t help you. Some thing to consider, but not debate, please. Censorship is against many, many laws. If Congress, the SC, and the President, Governors, etc, are forbidden, why can FB and all get away with it? Answer: The Left ONLY wants the rule of law, if it favors them. Everyone else can go suck an egg. Until the AG or some one brings these assholes up short on it, it will continue. Like sanctuary cities, Google, FB, etc. censorship is a violation of existing law.

    • Agreed. Voting with our pocketbooks is not enough.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Censorship is against many, many laws.”

      Yes, it is. But to quote Dr. Kritzinger from the movie “Conspiracy”: “To them, laws are like ice cream: easily melted.”

    • no it isn’t. These corporate-bolshie sites are private property. They have the right to choose/exclude content. Much as, say, CA has (apparently) liquidated Al Liquori and his bible-based anti-Jew disquisitions. Oddly, though, the same absolute right does not (for the time being) apply to a bakery owner who does not wish to serve a faggot fake-married “couple”.

      • Haxo/Et al,

        “….Al Liquori….”

        Just one of your sociopathic, douchebag, Dailystormer alter egos. You’ve many more to go. And should your pal CA decide to “liquidate” your moslem ass, you’ll still have Mr. Integrity, Kevin @ Weaponsman to share your enlightenments with.

        Quit whining.

  2. What is delicious about God-Emperor Trump is that not only does he not retreat, he doubles down when the Left launches one of their fauxrage assaults.

    Never stop reminding people the collectivists represent 21% of the population; they are a minority. The only reason they have gotten away with it for so long is because of their use of the corporate media to amplify their message and make the majority feel they are the outliers.

    You are not the outlier. They are. Contain, quarantine and sanitize the contagion for the health of the rest of the body politic.

  3. The Usual Suspect

    The Great Awakening,
    War It Shall Be,

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Centurion_Cornelius

    Felix Dzerzhinsky, one of Stalin’s “Brothers”, was head of their Cheka. He had one of many mistresses. She “mis-spoke.” Her arrest, indictment, arraignment, trial and appeal are as follows:

    The Left prefers slaughter, genocide, and mass murder. War comes in a close second.


      “The left prefers slaughter, genocide, and mass murder. War comes in a close second.” Very true. I have been around these Godless Rat Bastards ever since college in the 1960’s. The end justifies the means. Identify who is who in your A/O.
      They will be the ones egging on the shrieking harpies and clueless manginas at school board meetings and candlelight rallies. They are always in the backround but have all the answers. They have memorized Saul Alinsky’s playbook. They exploit every anxiety and imagined bogeyman these clueless cosmic whites and college campus remoras have thought about. They are Antifa. They were the SDS. Do not underestimate them. Watch for them. Identify them. Deal with them when the time comes.

      • Mr. Weasel,

        “….the left….”

        What about the “right”. Seems on can’t tell the scum apart any longer.

        Thoughts ?

  6. Some Guy in WA

    Interested in a counter-example? Well, perhaps it’s just a side angle.

    I worked for a large, very well-known employer on a contract basis via an agency. One of my female contract co-workers was being blatantly sexually harassed by her manager, an employee of the infamous software company. The way it went down is that he behaved extremely inappropriately with her when she was assigned to report to him, and he offered to leave his wife and children to be with her. I actually overheared this conversation as I was in the office next to his at the time.

    Another employee proper reported him to HR after being consulted about it by the harassee – who had reported to her previously. The HR department convened with the harasser, harassee, and a representative of the employment agency, wherein the HR rep skewered the employee as well as the female contractor because she “obviously led him on or behaved inappropriately” and was told to shut up or she’d be fired, because the agency’s contract with the employer was too lucrative to endanger.

    i.e. HR = resolution will be based on the bottom line, fuck reality.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      So, basically, “life isn’t fair”

    • Some Guy,

      Complaining to one’s Personnel Department and thinking they’ll support YOU, is akin to contacting your “elected” rep and thinking they’ll help YOU.

      Justice, private or public, will only come from the barrel of a gun. Until that time presents itself, we are no less than untermenschen to TPTB.

  7. masthead?
    “Fuck You! War!” — Andrew Breitbart

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The problem is that “war” requires hurting people and breaking stuff. Only one side has shown any inclination to do that.

  8. Haxo, my good man, the corporate-bolshie sites being private property matters not one whit. Your reference to the bakers and the homo cake caper, is a clue as to why the FB , et al are in for a very rough ride. The Left has been erecting their own gallows for 60+ years. All the intricate controls with outfits like the EPA, FBI, CIA, the AG, and a colossal array of other bureaucracies, with their mega ton regulation, committee, panels, budgets, and entrenched career swine, are what’s going to be their undoing. They are now under the control of Trump and Co., and as I have pointed out before, this monstrosity of a bureaucracy is now pointed at its’ MAKERS. That’s why the Left is in such a panic. And of course, whenever it strategically or tactically suits him, Trump can whip out the Patriot Act, NDAA, and a few EOs’ referencing same, and viola’! The Left thought Cankles was a shoe-in (although, probably not her size, couldn’t resist that) and NO. The Leviathan that was bred, trained, nurtured and groomed to finish off White America, is to the Lefts’ horror, IN THE WRONG HANDS. Ooops. The corporate-bolshie sites are now in mortal terror of what’s coming, if they got a lick of sense. But, being Leftists, reality doesn’t hang around enough to make an impression.