Baugh: Observations


The Paleo-Shitlord opines and recalls.

Big smile.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Tom’s right. When to shoot the colonels of the unipolar horde. Hearts and minds. Winning. Shitlord Patriarchy. Los Pepe as Legion. Because Fuck You Thats Why.

  3. Shitlord, no. Ex-Sgt., yes. I like my wife too, but she ain’t on no pedestal. Women are the same stuff as we,only more so, depending on breeding, education, and temperament. I’ve found that my faults and failures are the same as my wife’s, except that women have one that makes it hard to admit faults and failures. Pride. Until and unless this country stops giving women extra rights, privileges, and consideration, over that of men, they’re always going to have a pride problem. I have my humility, and it’s a finer guide and rest than any pride I used to have. Women have gotten the mistaken idea that their shit doesn’t stink, even when it does. Once we clear the air, so to speak, and the extra privileges, rights, and considerations go away, we’ll be back to an equal footing, and an understanding that one of us isn’t special, because of anything. Different, but equal. Yeah, I can live with that. Ladies, ever wondered why men bristle like they do, when you lay an idea on them? Try looking them right in the eye, instead of looking down your nose at them.

  4. there is no “America” to be “made great again”. The population is now 40% non-White/anti-White, and c. 1/3 of the Whites have accepted civilizational and genetic liquidation in return for a cut of the (((debt pie))). The majority of the population 18-years-and-under is already non-White, and w/in 10 years the absolute majority will be an anti-White amalgam of Mestizos, Blacks, Asians and Muslims wirepulled by lethally-hostile Jews. Absent Ponzicollapse and an exterminative Race War, Whites in North America and their civilization will go extinct c. 2070-2090.

    this is, incidentally, the 21st day in the Reign of the Alt-Right’s “God-Emperor”. During this span c. 150,000 legal/illegal non-White hostile ethnics have crossed the disappeared borders. The White die-off has meanwhile continued.

  5. vulgarism that does not advance the cause.
    Why would anyone want to wear this?