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  1. Ohhh yeaaa !! Not going to be fun for everyone

  2. I don’t get it. Somewhat of a contradiction, no? You’re an anarchist and you care about gun laws? No wonder they’re so confused.

    • Publius 2017

      It is depressing beyond words to know that 51% of my fellow citizens are that stupid and ignorant. Wow.

      I’m not talking about just the gun article.

      Read their manifesto.

  3. Wish ’em luck.
    They’re about 40 years behind.

    But I’m glad to see that those 13 John Brown Gun Clubbers think they can take Phoenix.

    That should work out for them just about as well as it did the last time John Brown tried it.
    (Assuming nobody just infiltrates them, passes out addresses, and they all get whacked asleep in their footie pajamas. My money’d be on “B”.)

    If they start open-carrying to their “protests” as a rule, I expect they’re going to get an education on Big Boys Rules that’ll leave a mark.

    • Sure, overconfidence. Sounds like a genius tack. Bet you didn’t learn that nursing.

      • As noted elsewhere, they have a cat’s breakfast of craptastic toys in their photo, and if they look fitter than anyone folks’ve seen on the other side, you’re hanging out with or looking at the wrong people.

        No commonality of weapons, ammo, or ability to share with each other. Nothing they’ll likely be able to hit anyone with beyond archery ranges.
        No support gear.
        And, frankly, zero opsec, or there wouldn’t be a handy ‘Tard Training Day graduation photo, and group-common commie red bandana.

        That isn’t overconfidence; it’s sizing up so many sacks of shit for exactly what they’re capable of. They look almost capable of fucking up a crowbar in a sandpile. And this is their armed cadre?
        Even mall cops and Ash Carter’s Amazon Brigade can rest easy going up against this lot.
        But their fitness and youth will come in handy when they need to run.

        Now I remember where I’ve seen this before: those @$$clowns are the other side of the Malheur coin, minus the snow.

        And probably just as infiltrated already, and they don’t even know it.

        It’s F troop, of the Cannon Fodder chapter of the Useful Idiot Gun Club.
        Sleep tight, Red Amerika. F troop has your back.

  4. Bad news: It will be a two-way range (but you knew that already)

    Good news: They are using violence to achieve political goals which makes them terrorists.

    How do we deal with terrorists?

    Unlike the terrorism of the 70s, the left currently presents itself as a monolith. There is no fringe because it’s all fringe.

  5. Well ain’t that a conundrum.

  6. They look to be in better physical shape than some of the patriot militias I’ve seen over the last 25 years.

    BTW, hippies with guns aren’t new, especially for AZ. Now that doesn’t make all hippies complete commies, but this continues to make my point that not all gun owners for any given age group are Christian conservative hetero males. I think the demographics for gun owners under 30 are a different animal altogether.

    • Seems like there’s always a Negan-wannabe somewhere…

    • Shinmen Takezo

      What are we lookin’ at in the above photo…

      A retard with a baseball bat.
      A retard with a Mossin Nagant.
      A semi-retard with a bolt action Mauser.
      Some old lesbian bag with a semi-auto.
      One degenerate with possibly an AK (no magazine).
      Another degenerate with an AR (single point sling).
      Two fuck-nuts with semi-auto 22 LR copy cat black rifles.
      A a sex-stain behind the banner with a 10/22 Ruger.

      Looks like they scrounged out Grandpa’s and Daddy’s closets.

      I think they’re all headed to Max Velocity course this weekend.

      • “Some old lesbian bag with a semi-auto.
        One degenerate…”

        Sorry I don’t have gaydar, but let’s go with your point and I’ll make mine to hopefully educate you.

        A little more than 20 years ago one woman of a lesbian couple asked if I could train her in firearms. She was concerned about crime and rape in her neighborhood. To make a long story short the training by me didn’t happen back at that time because her partner talked her out of it to the effect of “guns aren’t our way.”

        Fast forward to the last couple years and I’ve met some homosexuals/bisexuals under age 30 who are/were in the military and police. This included one couple, both cops, and one of them was a firearm instructor.

        Now add this to a shit ton of vets under 40 who could really care less about someone’s political, sexual or religious orientation who are willing to bring in new shooters. Yes, this includes combat arms vets. So there’s another myth on WRSA that needs to be busted.

        You people are fooling yourselves if you think the only hands capable of using firearms are attached to Christian conservative hetero old white males. Bullets will still leave barrels and not require a Bible in the pocket of the shooter to score hits.

        BTW, do you think it’s beneath the commies or other radical groups to use sex for recruitment/retention? We always hear about the cults where the leader kept it all for himself, but let’s not forget everything else from the SLA to ISIS. By comparison The Celibate Knights of Christendom Militia will probably have little chance of recruiting from the under 30 hookup culture.

      • Being shot by this…

        has the same effect as being shot by this.

      • Statistically, at least a couple of them are cops.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “A retard with a Mossin Nagant.
        A semi-retard with a bolt action Mauser.
        Some old lesbian bag with a semi-auto.
        One degenerate with possibly an AK (no magazine).
        Another degenerate with an AR (single point sling).
        Two fuck-nuts with semi-auto 22 LR copy cat black rifles.
        A a sex-stain behind the banner with a 10/22 Ruger.”

        I’ll give you that they’re somewhat less than Easy Company at Brecourt Manor, and in a stand-up fight they’d be in serious trouble. However, that’s still more than enough to make your average person very dead, especially if they attack them on the way to work, etc.

      • That Mosin Nagant was sure a handicap for Simo Hayha…

        • Shinmen Takezo

          FYI–there are “NO” Simo Hayha’s in that group above.

          In fact they’d be hard pressed to tell you who Simo Hayha was, and just what and where Finland and the Kirelian Istmas is located.

          In fact I highly doubt there is more than a few dozen rounds of ammo amongst these people–or if they know which is the correct caliber their rifle shoots…. or if they can shoot away from a bench rest at a target range.

          What is shown in the photo above are a bunch of political photo posers.
          It is all for show.
          Their idea of training is obtaining a carbon free taco with their weapons stowed in the trunk of their Prius.

          They may be good at sneak attacks, but in a stand-up fight they are all in fact Chimpanzees with firearms.

          They will end up like the leftists did in Madrid at the end of the Spanish Civil War with Franco’s forces surrounding the city–read up on it.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Vasily Zaitsev and Lyudmila Pavlichenko couldn’t hit shit with ’em, either.

          Pretty sure the Mauser never racked up much in the way of numbers, either.

        • Gunderson,

          But, it’s not full auto !

      • hang on a minute. none of these children have been anywhere near my property, let alone near my gun closet. or scrounging anything around here.
        easy there, Shinmen. not around here, here there be monsters.

    • So, have these characters been identified and location fixed already? No? It’s a good point to not be so smug about having all the guns.

  7. “Political power comes from the barrel of a gun. And the gun must never leave the hand of the Communist Party.” explains what we are seeing. As the left loses control of the arms in the hands of the government, substitutes must be found.

  8. Shinmen Takezo

    We should be over joyed at the prospect of them owning firearms.

    The more the merrier I say… it’s just more cold dead fingers to pry an AR out of in my view of the world.

    Start to worry when they begin showing up at Max V courses.

  9. heh heh heh


    It’s what’s for dinner.

    • Nice collection of Enfields. Those yours?

      • Shinmen Takezo

        I would love to lay my hands on a Ishipor Enfield in .308.
        Been looking for one.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Was thinking the same thing.
        I’ve collected and restored many Enfields, including many customers rifles, but I don’t have that many. Hey tfa-t, I’m looking for a 1954 Longbranch, got one?

  10. I always believe anyone I encounter to be armed/have access to arms no matter what their political persuasion ect.,makes for safer thinking and assessing situations calmly.

    • Getting arms in the USA is easy. Having enough self-control to save the money to buy them (working, living below means, pretending to be as broke as the idiots around you, concealing wealth) is what’s very hard for a present-focused agitator. They are looking for a weapon at no-cost, which will only be available when they are needed as a puppet.

      “America was never great; let’s make America not exist again, and replace it instead with a human community that is truly free—free of white supremacy, free of capitalist exploitation, and free of patriarchal violence.”
      Rlly? These morons have obviously never been to anyplace that has “enjoyed” a civil war, communist insurgency, strict observance of Sharia (or some other spirit-crushing slave/conquest doctrine). The nominally-caucasian guilt-ridden of them should renounce their US citizenship (get the form at the US Consolate near you!) and take me up on the 1-way trip to South Africa as an immigrant. President-for-life Zuma needs some skilled people to keep the lights on (or keep the website looking good). No education requirement or restrictions for your criminal background. Let’s make it happen!

    • Thumbs up.

  11. The Dunning-Kruger effect is strong here, and I mean with us. Simply because it took YOU decades to get on the ball, doesn’t mean it is a law of nature. Most don’t have those pesky things like jobs, families and the concomitant time leeches that they are. Someone dedicated and with someone else’s coin to spend on ammo, I say closer to ten weeks than ten years. Also, can you get in better shape than them before they can achieve tactical parity? There’s no reason to be chicken little, but on the flip side we underestimate the enemy at our peril.

    • “The Dunning-Kruger effect is strong here, and I mean with us.”

      And for the highly skilled among us there’s that pesky old thing called hubris that can get in the way of an unbiased assessment.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      ‘zackly my point, Mr. James!

      Whilst the vast majority of us are busting hump daily to put bread on the table, taking care ‘o Momma and the kids, fixing the vehicles, maintaining the roof over our heads….ad infinitum…

      these POS CAN (and that’s the big word) be out at the gun range daily practicing. PJ boy ain’t got the time constraints we do. plus, who is their Sugar Tit to buy guns and ammo?

      never underestimate the Visiting Team.

    • Jesse, I respect you and have admired many of your essays, but these:

      “Someone dedicated and with someone else’s coin to spend on ammo, I say closer to ten weeks than ten years.”

      “Also, can you get in better shape than them before they can achieve tactical parity?”

      are two of the lesser comments you have ever written.

      First, ten weeks from being complete gun nancies to skilled operators is laughable nonsense, especially compared to many here and across the land who’ve been there and done that for decades. Tactical parity? Not even.

      And “better shape?”

      Second, age isn’t necessarily correlated to “shape.” Did you look at that pic? Those kids, and most of their generations, ‘grew up’ (not) playing video games, eating junk food, while receiving (if any) Participation Trophies. They might beat me at thumb wrestling but they couldn’t survive three cold nights without food and shelter and wouldn’t know how to do so. And they are typical of their generation. The very fact that they have drunk deeply of their teachers’ brand of kool aid does not auger well for their ten week conversion to tactical adversaries on par.

      This is not even to mention the psychological preparation to actually kill someone. Their particular brand of wishful uncritical thinking ill prepares them for anything but inchoate rage, but not for the cold calculation, organization and love for ones compatriots that breeds success on the battlefield. The first time one of them falls in a messy heap, the rest will
      will run away dragging their pant load of shit behind them.

      These are not feral Irishmen with hundreds of years of very real oppression to motivate and steel them. In short, they are not really oppressed and have a great deal to lose, which will dawn on many of them when it’s far too late.

      • …ten weeks from being complete gun nancies to skilled operators is laughable nonsense, especially compared to many here and across the land who’ve been there and done that for decades.

        What is the military spec from 25 years ago on taking boot camp intakes to rifle competence, both USA and USMC?

  12. Offense-the action of attacking. Defense-resistance against attack.My actions and preparation for many years was based on a defensive mind-set. I won’t fuck you up if you leave me alone.That mind set was altered by the aggressive actions of some individuals towards myself and my family years ago. Offensive,kick the shit out of the dirty bastards, has been my mantra for many years.If you have a defensive mindset you better get your mind right. Think about eliminating and removing threats to you and your family.That is what they have planned for you.The commie rat bastards can’t help themselves.Their very existence is predicated upon fucking with you.

  13. Jesse James, a LITTLE confidence is probably a good thing too, ja? There’s a very good reason Dunning-Kruger is out there in the stream. The Leftists have had things mostly their way, for nigh on 50-60 years. Some kind of reaction, human, was going to pop up, and we probably ought to be glad it wasn’t resurgent National Socialism. Keep in mind, too, that a man or woman has to talk themselves into stepping into a deadly situation, and they don’t like going it alone. The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to. We could easily second guess our way into second place. All this will strip it’s sleeve when the thing commences in earnest anyway. The shirker, the coward, the just talkers, the poseurs, they’ll melt away, leaving the serious and smart ones. Seen it before.

    • I wasn’t referencing a paralyzing fear, but rather a realistic understanding of our own mortality. SF guys still get smoked by a lucky teenager with an AK, wrong place, wrong time ect. and Newtonian physics stop for no man. Confidence is important when it’s based on a something you have done. You can be confident in your running ability IF you went out and ran several 6 min miles in a row this week. I’m convinced a lot of my academic and professional success has come from being paranoid as hell about being underprepared. When it’s time to do what you have to do, let it all hang out. Until then, it’s never a bad idea to assume the other guy is better prepared, better looking, stronger, faster, smarter and has more friends than you. We should not be intimidated, but we certainly should be taking this seriously.

  14. if things are going to get active this map may come in useful:

    dot map of the entire US and you can zoom in to town level

    • This is useful. Dot-density says plenty. How much food grows in that ZIP code? Got fully-controlled local water system? Where does the electricity come from? City-gas for heating? Have people with your complexion been identified as to blame for stuff not working?

      Some places where it’s fun & you can make lots of money now are death-traps in the making.

  15. The Usual Suspect

    Enfields, Enfields, Enfields are those 22 trainers ?

  16. Interesting.

    There’s nothing but a blank white screen over my area.

  17. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Do you know what you get when you give a liberal a gun?……….A communist!

  18. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Known to but a handful of military experts, President Trump has the power to invoke at any time he so chooses the Militia Act of 1903—and that upon his doing so, every able-bodied man of at least 17 and under 45 years of age in America will become part of what is known as the Unorganized Militia under his direct, and sole, command—and that will include the estimated 55 million of these people who are already heavily armed with 265 million guns—includes 16 million hunters who will covert to guerrilla fighters, along with 21.8 million veterans of the US armed forces who overwhelmingly support Trump.

    Unorganized militia – composing the Reserve Militia: every able-bodied man of at least 17 and under 45 years of age, not a member of the National Guard or Naval Militia.[10]

  19. From the article:
    “In this white supremacist, capitalist, hetero-patriarchy, people who don’t fit the typical profile of “legal gun owner” (basically anyone who doesn’t outwardly present as a middle-class white male) will likely encounter particular suspicion, scrutiny, or hostility for exercising their gun rights.”

    And yet, the group in the the photo appears to be ALL white and only 2 women (?), that I can see. What am I missing here?

    • “What am I missing here?

      Apparently, the realization that several generations of American and European kids have been brainwashed with the artificial construct of “white guilt,” feminazi-ism and a hoist of pc nonsense, to the point that they are cooperating in their own destruction.

  20. Alfred E. Neuman

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  21. The most feared and murderous faction in the ‘Troubles’ were the Irish National Liberation Army, the armed wing of the Irish Republican Socialist Party. Even the PIRA were wary of them. To my knowledge one of their members was a cross dressing gay male, who was criticised by them for wearing lipstick and eye make up on operations.

    One should not underestimate these people.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “To my knowledge one of their members was a cross dressing gay male, who was criticised by them for wearing lipstick and eye make up on operations. ”

      If you’re going to fight, clash!

  22. that’s an excellent hardLeft website. Subscribed to the newsletter. I lived in Scottsdale many years ago, and am giving serious thought to moving from Mexifornia to AZ in a couple years. And, if w/in striking distance, will certainly join the Greater Phoenix John Brown Rod and Gun Club.

  23. I think it’s great that Leftists are staring to arm and prep. In fact, I think we should provide them with convenient shopping lists of things to stock up on. Then if/when TSHTF, we know where to go to get easy supplies.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yep, we only have to kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will come crashing down.

  24. Neat!
    From THEIR dead hands.
    Thanks for the ammo, too!

  25. I would encourage the Left to be more diverse.

    Nothing inspires a planned ambush than bright red bandanas or legions of Soro’s pets. Sadly this group, except for adopting a filthy murderer as their figurehead, look like a nice white group of preppers. It is only when you get close that you realize that they are self hating fanatics.

  26. The left arming up is all well and good, but there is more to shoving progressive mindset down our throats than jocking up with some Condor gear and a Mosin. Can Pajama Boy endure clearing a city block in WhiteFolks, USA of tripwires in every doorway and every natural chokepoint. Me thinks Billy Bobs Meth Shack can turn into Billy Bobs TATP kitchen in short order, really would put a damper on the master plan. IMHO.

  27. There is a consistent meme of defending from overt hostility from the right and an incessant string of attacks. Doesn’t seem like the kind of thing the media would cover up and I haven’t heard of any incidents. Almost like kids telling themselves ghost stories. I’m not the sharpest pencil in the box, but that sticks out to me as a point that needs to be refuted to counter their recruiting capability and undermine their actions. Of course some will deny and the others already don’t believe them. Hell if I know, I just fix simple things with really heavy tools. 😕