First A Wall, Then A Filter


Rational policy towards immigration.

Not that anyone in the Elites is interested in same.

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  1. Permit this minor pontification on the immigration mess. Hopefully it might provide a piece of the armor against the arguments of the Left.

    Were Stealing
    Our immigration policy was designed to use global resources that we did not have on hand natively. That was its original intent. That it has turned out differently is of consequence to both us and the country the person originated from. But in essence we are still stealing.

    We are in a sense stealing the rightful outcome of the development of a country. Whether it be the foment of disgruntled Mexicans who might revolt were it not for a US safety valve or the competitive development of Indian software on their continent rather than ours. People are as critical to a country’s future as natural resources are. For good or ill those that attempt to arrive to this country have some drive absent from their counterpart that stayed home. They have drive which we are stealing.

    Would Cuba today be a different country had Castro won a spot on a MLB baseball team? ( One must certainly consider the possibility. One has to consider that indiscriminate immigration might well deprive Venezuela of a Washington to depose a dictator. Or deprive a country of an individual whose interests develop a business that improves the lot of hundreds. We are stealing an alternate history.

    Regardless of one’s stance on the immigration divide the fact remains the issue is not what benefits the individual but what benefits both countries involved. Till one grasps that aspect of the immigration debate one of us is a thief.

    • Thus the altruistic policy would be to end the exploitation of (primarily) brown persons from other lands, allowing the bountiful natural talents of same to holistically enrich their own lands.

      We must not allow the reactionary elements massing within our lands to oppose the humanitarian repatriation of those who have been deceitfully drawn to our lands, lands foreign and un-supportive of the cultural needs and desires inherent to brown peoples.

      We must Repatriate those who home is elsewhere, we must ensure that families are Reunited and no longer separated from their natal lands.

      No longer can we allow the exploiters to stand in the way of common sense actions.

      Send forth the deportables – it’s the right thing to do!

  2. Bullshit. No more immigration, legal or otherwise. And no more legals until 99% of the illegals and others are GONE.

    • If you are addressing what I provided you missed the point entirely.

    • Why have any immigration? We have 10% real unemployment, many of those who come here are unemployable, are illiterate in their own language.

      Screw these people, and screw the liberals who brought them here to outvote us in our own country.

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