Post-Modernism As The Sharper Instrument Of Marxism And Its Consequences

VladTepes sends, with the following endorsement:

This is a truly excellent lecture on how Leftists are deluded, and how their delusion is destroying much of what is good in the world, as well as how it is trying to destroy all of what is good in the world. Please find the time for this. It is truly superb.

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  1. Richard Raymond

    Yea this Professor is topnotch and courageous, along with Professor Janice

  2. Prof. Peterson is so very close. He is literally bumping up against God. This is a fascinating lecture. Here are some the terms he uses (yes I took notes, so should you):

    System of value
    Rank order of values
    Value structure gives you meaning
    Essence of one’s own soul

    My question is; Do Good and evil exist? Post modernism says; ‘it’s all relative, so no.’ But nobody actually believes that good and evil don’t exist because it’s a fundamental tenant of our construction, it’s in our nature (one of the professor’s terms). The lady at the end asked the wrong question, or she asked the right question improperly. She asked; “What about judo-Christian values, society, etc?” (She’s likely into churchianity.) This is the wrong question. The right question(s) is; “where does Right come from? What is the source of Good?

    The professor presents an outstanding understanding of the Natural Law. Jefferson would be proud and likely enjoy a lengthy discussion with him. He even states that he tells his students that they should investigate all the societies and social structures and countries of history and look for quality in what works for governance among men. The founders did just that.

    I do have a point. Here it is, are you pagans going to acknowledge that without God the west crumbles and all is lost for your children? Are you going to ask the Christians for help or not? The American church is KO’d under the weight of the IRS code enslavement among other reasons, including bad seminary teaching. But will you risk waking the true believers from within it? Will you risk asking us to help you save your country? Will you admit that your country has lost its sense of Right? You can’t do it without us. Right and wrong are real, measurable, and knowable for a man. America was founded by Christians and believers. Listen closely to the professor’s point about human interaction. Will you address the true believers to join you in this fight? If you want a good country ask God’s people and read His book. They, and it, have the answer to a just society. What’s it gonna be Warrior Class?

    • I think Frec may have just asked the right question.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      OUT-STANDING, Fred!

    • With you all the way, Fred.

      Your remarks are a fitting extension of the professor’s own, the correct conclusion, and a necessary challenge to the moral relativity of many on this side of the great divide.

      “If God be with us…” should read:

      If we be with God, then who can stand against us?

      It is not for nothing that the left has waged a relentless and insidious war of corruption upon every concept and institution of Christian inspired morality for as long as there has been a “left.” Can anyone imagine any reason for this other than that it was the prime imperative for the destruction of western civilization, ergo, the white race?

      The resurrection of those standards of behavior and belief are absolutely crucial to the survival of the nation and the race.

  3. POd American

    Simply stated…thanks for posting this lecture.

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  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. You were right. It is a superb lecture. Rare is the time when I’ll hand over 40 minutes to watch a you tube video. In this case, excellent!

    Also superb is the last paragraph from ‘Fred’ posted at 13:13.

  7. Publius 2017

    In related news, traitor (((Marco Rubio))) and three other Jews introduced legislation trying to prevent Trump from being nice to Russia or ending bullshit sanctions lame duck Obama imposed based on fake news bullshit alleged election interference!!!!!!!

    (((They )))) are literally trying to take away even the executive’s war power and force a war with white Russia.

    Additionally, deep state leftovers in the White House have been sabotaging Trump at every turn, releasing transcripts of calls with foreign leaders and other subversion and SEDITION. Meanwhile loyal people out here want to help. Come on Trump, hire us.

    We are in the Civil War right now. It has already started. No more talk about when will it start?

    The question is when Trump will start to fight.

    None of this is surprising. Hysterical ((((left ))))). showed its understanding of the stakes the last 18 months. ((((They’re )))) in a full on war against the white host nation and anybody who does not understand the Jewish question at this point is beyond hope.

    The days since Nov 8 have been absolutely incredible.


  8. Thank you for posting this brother. That was outstanding, and the most interesting half hour I’ve enjoyed in a while.

  9. heres a short video of him, I love this guy,

  10. Fred’s comment bears thinking about, especially his main point/question, but I think his question to “pagans” should also be directly addressed to individuals who profess faith in God, i.e. Christians. Are Christians willing to ask “pagans” for help, without the requirement of these so called pagans acknowledging God?

    When Fred asks of the “pagans,” “Will you risk asking us to save your country.,” where or what is the risk to the “pagans?” Is the risk of working with Christians for the pagans that if the Christians can restore/save the country they will then turn on the “pagans” because they do not acknowledge God?

    There should be no doubt or denial of the extreme importance that Judeo-Christian values have had in the founding of this country and its rise to greatness. But let’s not base our defense of liberty and freedom, or our interpersonal or other associations, on whether or not one is pagan or Christian.

    Men are free to accept or deny God, that is one of the blessings of living in liberty and freedom. It matters not to me, personally, whether a man is a Christian or a pagan, in the long view, or in regards to my personal salvation. What matters is whether the men we choose to associate with to protect the blessings of liberty and freedom are also free to choose what they believe, or do not believe.