El Presidente De La Mierda


Ay-yi-yi! Anything But Keeping These Peóns In Mexico!

Si, muchachos?


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9 responses to “El Presidente De La Mierda

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Ain’t no jobs in the Failed State of Mexico. Only work that pays some is Cartel doings. That can be short lived also. LMAO

  3. Jobs, we don’t need no stinkin JOBS….
    The test tube got shook up real good this time. The Petri dish is overfilled w/ virulent & septic milieu of ignorant self serving consciously unaware pond scum all fighting to survive w/o ever coming out of Plato’s Cave. The results are pre-baked & a known reaction via Hegel’s dialectic. Adapt – Innovate – Overcome – Blend – – self sufficient – Greyman into the breech & fray. Red Queen Dynamics evolutionary experiment has been underway. Get out of the Mega Cities as they will be blenders of syncretism & in the milieu of killzones.

  4. Google “cartel victims”

    Click on images.


    Bad Hombres.

  5. When ever I see that photo of the wetback cunt double birding I want to wack her in the head with a bat. Evacuate her cranial case of it’s contents.
    We owe them nothing.

  6. Dear Abby, Every time I see that photo with the flipping teenager, I want to break both her middle fingers. What should I do?