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Diversity is our vibrancy.

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  1. lon a follower

    Victor recieved a SOROS scholar ship. Is this a slap in the face, or par for the course of chaos and destruction? For the good of mankind.
    i do not trust anyone on the world ‘stage.’

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    Spot on, Vikor! And may we add:

    “Those who believe it in their heart of hearts and manifest it daily by EARNING it and WORKING for it.”

    …no ‘effin Taqiya…

  3. “Lightly”? Kinda sounds like “common sense reforms” to me.

  4. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    That wont work!!!………..How are the international bankers and corporate elite gonna make money off that way of thinking!

  5. Yeah, okay. So what’s the plan to reclaim your country from the hordes of muzloids?

  6. Then fucking do something about it.

    Me and mine plus the neighbors it all starts with us. Well away from any hive.

  7. To politely correct Mr. Orban, the Hungarian way of life is not a right for those who contributed to it. Its not a right at all, especially not for anyone who is not ethnically Hungarian. In fact, those who are not Hungarian arguably are not able to live that way of life at all and dont want to, they just want to suck off the tit of Hungarian culture for free and then fuck Hungarian chicks and make Hungary look like the shithole from which they fled cause it sucked much worse than Hungary.

    It is not a right, it is a duty to maintain your culture. Just as its a duty to make the life of invaders in your country worse than going back home.

    They must go back, and we must make it worse for them here than there, so they do go back. It is our duty to our way of life. The sooner the better as the process only gets worse the longer we wait. Various whimpering faggots will not recognize this for the compassionate mercy that it is.

    This is your near future USA, this or death.

    So, your way of life is not a right and not secure except by force. If you value it, prepare to defend yourselves.

  8. I don’t understand the reason the title to this is “hatespeach”
    v. Orban is the Hungarian PM that has been fighting an uphill battle in Europe against the asinine open immigration policy lead by Germany.
    For many of us Americans that agree with a more restricted policy, I would think the title should be –“add America” to the list of countries

  9. I guess Merkel, and her ilk, should have to move to Goatfuckistan too, when the muslims are expelled (again).

  10. It’s only ‘hatespeech’ to those who desire to control/rule over others.
    If one can’t speak clearly and freely then one isn’t free..and ‘rights’
    have nothing to do with it!

    Yours In Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. I heartily agree. I like just about everything I’ve heard from Orban.

  13. I am a VETERAN of the Vietnam War. My Father was a VETERAN of WWII. My Grandfather was a VETERAN of WW ONE, and the list goes on and on. My family has Blood, Sweat and Tears in THIS NATION. For those Fukin Wet Backs to come into OUR COUNTRY and DEMAND that which they have NOT WORKED FOR makes my blood boil. I hope I have made my point perfectly clear that I WILL NOT STAND for this bullshit from the left wing retards. If they want to hit me with a 1 pound fist, I will hit them with a 20 pound fist and my list of tricks up my sleeve are far far beyond what they have ever imagined. I feel that I am not alone in the list of Patriotic Americans who have been making lists & maps of where these nitwits are located. All I can say is “Bring it on Bitch” and you might expect me to cringe and maybe wet my pants in fear of being called a racist or some other wackadoodle name you might want to call me, YOU ARE WRONG. When you protest and riot, are you prepared for me to hit you with a flamethrower and turn you into TOAST? Remember when the DC Sniper had D.C. in an uproar and it turned out to be a couple of Negros playing sniper shooting thru a hole in the trunk of their car? Just imagine what it will be like when a THOUSAND Patriots just like me will make the DC Sniper look like an amateur. I don’t care if you wear a funny looking pink hat or call yourself some stylish name, WHEN THE BELL TOLLS , It WILL TOLL FOR YOU. I already have the locations mapped for all the MOOSLIME locations for “Islamic Centers” so just don’t start acting like you are SPECIAL. The FIRST NAME on my “Christmas Card List” is none other than George Soros and you can be sure he is not the only name on my list. All the names and home addresses are already known. Like I said before, BRING IT ON BITCH.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Well, have at it. No one else is, so it’s an open playing field. You even get first pick of the targets.

  14. And while on the subject, how many people are going to tell Netflush to
    go FOAD over this latest bit of propaganda (hat tip to Francis Porretto):

    Racism And The American Negro
    (Netflix – “Dear White People”)

    “Imagine the hue and cry were someone to make a “Dear Black People” equivalent to this lunacy. Imagine the howls of unfairness that would be raised over blaming the entirety of the Negro race for any and every offense against the laws of God or Man ever committed by a Negro. Imagine the street demonstrations, the pleas for civility, and the demands that the government suppress such “hate speech.”

    Yours In Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III