Z Blog: Paging Tom Doniphon



Good news?

You didn’t waste all that money on training, equipment, practice, and recruitment.

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  1. “You talk too much, think too much. Besides, YOU didn’t kill Liberty Valance.”
    One of the great scenes in Hollywood (and John Wayne) film history.

    “Hallie’s your girl now. Go back in there and take that nomination. You taught her how to read and write; now give her something to read and write about!”

  2. Well there is that!!! Tiocfaidh AR la !!!!

  3. This argument sounds suspiciously like what people in 1930’s Germany were saying: “Maybe a dictator would fix our problems.”

    • How about 150,000 or so?

      Don’t believe Doniphon was a dictator in the flick.

      Just a man, wiling to do whatever was necessary.

      What do you think would be the response to a purely-hypothetical decentralized grassroots decapitation strike on all Communist organizations in FUSA?

      • Indeed. As the collectivists become more insane, more criminal and more aggressive (and then add in the cherry on top, of Judge Robart and the 9th Circus Court), I think more and more of the quote by Josef Stalin, “Death solves all problems; no man, no problem.”

        I don’t believe your “purely-hypothetical” scenario will remain hypothetical much longer. Frankly, I’m surprised it hasn’t *already* gone hot.

  4. “You didn’t all that money…”

    WTF? If you need a proof reader I’m game.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. As long as that movie is the vehicle, some attention should be paid to he treatise on “our democracy” expounded by Ranse(id) Stoddard (lawyer! alert) throughout the film. It’s “almost” right.

    There is a very real tension between what Stoddard espouses and what Tom Doniphan did.

    Along with the dialogue between Josey Wales and Ten Bears, this is all very instructive.


  7. I think the context is correct. No ones a bigger fan of the Duke & I know many here are. The bigger problem is we know what the solution is & that makes sense. Our trained & honed & senses, can taste it, touch it feel it, see it, taste it as it’s identifiable & palpable. The orchestrated chaos doesn’t want our kind of ‘order’ as a solution. There in lies our problem. Asymmetrical warfare is moving target just like success. It’s nonlinear & dispersed. Prepare accordingly.

  8. I’ll pitch in to buy the lime for Gramnesty.

  9. The Usual Suspect

    I’m going to be honest, I hope Trump becomes a Constitutional Republic authoritarian and all anti-American, anti-Constitutional Marxists and Socialists flee this country in droves. I hope he strips every single law from the books that violates our Constitutional rights and shuts down every government institution that makes laws through bureaucracy rather than through elected office. I want to see him remove all form of government assistance to those that are not citizens and all government assistance for anyone who is not disabled or unable to work. I want to see labor camps of people fixing our roadways consisting of illegal immigrants awaiting deportation and welfare leaches that fail to provide for themselves in exchange for food paid for by the tax payers. I want to see him direct the immediate seizure of all property, money, and possessions of anyone in this country illegally or anyone that hires someone who is in the country illegally. I want to see a fifty foot wall running the entire length of our border complete with a ten mile wide no man’s land of land mines to keep this country safe. I want to see an across the board weapons free, shoot to kill order against anyone who riots, destroys public property in protest or hinders lawful commerce by blocking traffic. Finally a complete withdrawal from the UN or any treaty that doesn’t put our nation’s taxpayers first.

    God Bless the Republic.

    • That should be published as far and wide as possible.

      Required reading at every Barrack Obama middle school and universities throughout the realm.

      Yeah, I know .

      Keep hammering down brother.

    • and here i’ve been wasting my time hoping DC will be nuked from the face of the planet.

      i guess all we really need is a dick tater….

      • Or a tater dick…
        I yam what I yam baby!!
        This spud has eyes only for you! Lol

        Yours In Daily Armed Liberty & Raucous Humor!
        NorthGunner III

  10. The Usual Suspect

    Go fuck yourself, you want a 200 million dead Muricans ,