ZH: Interview With Jim Rogers


Tl;dr version: Not anywhere great again.

Keep an eye on cash restrictions here in FUSA.

That will be an important tell.

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  1. Zzzzz….zzzzz…this Roger has been playing chicken – little for nicer ten years now and he is now a big joke.

    But don’t let his horrible record on prognostications dissuade you from buying his doom and gloom.

    Carry on, Doomers.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. tick toc tick toc tick toc

    • lon a follower

      Noticed that you see names and definitions matter. ‘Trump’
      Have you looked into the Swedish born singer of Abba? Abba in the Bible is?
      Bjorn Kristian Ulvaeus, all three have meanings.
      There are no coincidences, there are warnings, there are confirmations. We can see the spirits among us.
      And no he is not the Mashiac. The world is upside down.

  4. Jimmy the Saint

    Unfortunately, ZeroHedge has been saying – and giving a megaphone to others saying – that a global collapse is coming any day since 2007. Eventually, they will be right, but they’ve been dead wrong every day for a decade so far.

    • To be fair, I don’t think the combination of debt-based fiscal policy + utterly-corrupt ZIRP on a global basis has ever been confronted before.

    • lastmanstanding

      The value at ZH for years has always been in the commenters.

      Just like here at WRSA.

    • Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Britain. Recent European countries have had the “safest” currency, “reserve currency status”, for about 100 years apiece. Then they collapse in social service overpromises and military adventures they lose. The middle class’ savings is wiped out in the inflation. The US is at the end of the predicted timeslot.

  5. Having your ‘bank’ money in a credit union is better than having it in a traditional bank. The rules are different and a credit union is not going to ‘bail-in’ your money to make themselves whole as the banks can and will. They are at least less likely to do so.
    The FDIC only has maybe 10cents for every $100 they ‘insure’ so if a bunch of banks go under somebody ain’t getting any $$.
    There is a big worldwide move to go to total cashless societies. The trial runs are currently being made in 3rd world countries other than the US. 🙂
    Keep as much cash on hand as possible for as long as you can. When they outlaw cash convert it to the B’s and add an extra B for Bullion. Pre-1965 US coins are nice, readily available and recognizable.
    Needs to be done fairly quickly even if it is a pain.

    • P.S. – The law is already on the books stating that any money you deposit belongs to the bank NOT you.
      Look for cash to be done away with and extra fees for keeping money in the bank aka negative interest. This will be done to make you spend it or lose it. Just their way of saying ‘thank you’ for keeping the economy pumped up.

  6. Since the goal – agenda by the PTB BORG is for a whole new system they want to get as many pieces of the Global pie as possible before they crash the old system to re-engineer they’re new experiment. This concept is ‘Ouroborus’. The create yo must destroy mantra. I see little point in trying to figure out who has it most correct or right source since it’s never been done on this scale or level so nobody knows. It’s a keystroke of any number of possibilities. Whether it’s derrivatives, futures, REIT’s or any number of orchestrated events or sequences of events. The CIA & it’s schill companies have been manipulating economies for how long now ? Funny how socially engineered Western Civilization is. Now of course we are back to Iran being the World’s sponsor of Terrorism & no less than a week after that N. Korea launches another missile test. Pure World Kabuki Theatre w/ the usual tools of MSM etc. Trump new ‘A Team” following right in step as the Imperialistic War Machine marches onto Rothschild’s objectives & earmarked conquests.
    Not one leader, country or individual has the fortitude or common sense to issue sanctions – freeze assets or create an accident for George Soros. The guy organizes COUP’s – Color revolutions (Ukraine – Egypt- Libya – Yemen -FUSA etc. – Terrorizes Nations & populations for 8+ years & no one has a solution despite all the Intelligence Agencies & no one can shut him down. Plato’s Cave must be a great place for many. May the Farce be with you !
    Prep for a shit-storm would seem to be understatement & apropos.

  7. lon a follower

    “Tomorrow happens yesterday.” Very revealing article.
    I have a funny feeling that with Trump being the “law and order” guy that he is he will be in favor of a cashless society.

    • lon a follower

      The Trump cards advisors are also the ones that have created and paved the way for a cashless society.
      Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, pay pal mafia. Every one ‘linked-in.
      Who stands to benefit from a cashless society?
      Pa pal church? How convenient.

  8. If true, nothing my tribe can do about it. Most likely tho, like Glenn Beck, he’s trying to hock more gold and silver for a profit by scaring people.

  9. Sounds like more work ahead for factions and thugs who wear no patches or carry IDs.

    Wonder when people start disappearing off our streets here in larger numbers.