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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Whenever I see a coexist bumper sticker I like to drive up next to them and honk the horn. When they roll down the window I asked them “How can I coexist with someone who wants to use my head for bowling ball?”

    This normally ends up with them giving me the international gesture of peace and goodwill.

    You got to love the tolerant left.

    • Just ask if they would like to know more about Jesus.

      You never see those stickers on Muslim cars. It’s usually white lesbians.

  3. french cosmic gets well-earned beating from semitic Muslim race-realists. Excellent. Better had they killed him.

  4. Can’t fix stupid

    • No stupid can’t be fixed…except by reality throwing a sucker punch!
      For the enablers and useful idiots though there is hemp rope, trees
      or lamposts (no assembly required, gravity powered eco friendly).

      Hmmm..definitely past time to order that sjambok…bwhawhawha!!
      (Yep, just the thing to ‘subdue and humiliate’ filthy moslems..especially
      since they’ve been having ‘all the fun’ for waaay too long)…imagine coming
      upon them asslifting in public on their prayer rugs (attempting to proclaim
      sharia supremacy over the kuffar)…a sjambok is just the thing to ‘instill
      respect’ and get them moving outta the neighborhood (make sure to have armed friends there for backup of course..flung bacon grease mixed with beego for extra laughs..

      Sjambok 42″

      The best thing in life is to drive the moslems before you and hear the lamentations of their manginas…
      – Orban the Hungarian

      Yours In Daily Armed Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

      Yours In Daily Armed Liberty!

      • The best thing in life is to drive the moslems before you and hear the lamentations of their manginas…
        – Orban the Hungarian

        Brilliant. A literary sjambok!

  5. The Usual Suspect

    Ditto !

  6. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    see…… there is a god!

  7. Le Idiote

    Viva Le Francanistan!!!!!

    Oui Oui Achmed

  8. hahahahaha. Its like irony took a physical form and beat the shit out of him. Too funny.

  9. Ijit.

    Darwin in real-life action.

    Fucking Frogs.

  10. Thats right, continue sucking the ass of your enemies. See what it gets you.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Put one of those on a car, and it’s gonna trigger so many feelz that the Jedi will be down for months with a collective migraine.

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  12. that’s NOT an ass kickin.

    he still has recognizable facial features…


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  14. Stealth Spaniel

    Seen in Granite Bay today, driven by a senior sourfaced pussy; a grey BMW suv with a bumpersticker on the back- He Is Not My President. It was right next to the H with arrow. I wanted to pull out my baseball bat and make sure that no one could be her president-ever. I gave her the international symbol of peace and drove on to the feed store.

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