Herschel: In One Month, 94 Illegals In North Carolina Committed Sexual Assaults On Children Over 500 Times


As Jeb! said, they come because of acts of love.

Diversity is our strength.

To even consider otherwise is not who we are.




35 responses to “Herschel: In One Month, 94 Illegals In North Carolina Committed Sexual Assaults On Children Over 500 Times

  1. They seem nice.

  2. Its too bad child molestation is not a Federal Capital Crime. For less than 2 boxes of ammo they could be dealt with. 5,000 in 14 months. Good PDF of them for a list.

  3. Stealth Spaniel

    –>Look at those faces! You can just see the intelligence shining through, brimming with work ethics and ready to embrace the American Dream.<–
    Um…..no. They look like every other asshole already here that we lock up occasionally. How I wish that The South had won the war. As it is, I need more ammo.

  4. Mexican illegal aliens molest the kids Congressmen won’t?

    But . . . yeah, they need to die.

  5. Shoot them all. God will know his own.

    Didn’t Some Guy say something about Mexico “sending us their rapists”…? I seem to recall something like that, that was “WACISSSSSSSSSSS!!!!”

    BTW, what’s the cutoff where “anecdotal data” becomes “predictive modeling of likely events”?

    • Anyways, I’m sure North Carolina is really part of historical latino assland Aztlan. I read it in the NYTimes or saw it on ABCNNBCBS, so it must be true.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Didn’t Some Guy say something about Mexico “sending us their rapists”…? ”

      Hey, it worked for Fidel with the Mariel boatlift, no reason to figure another country won’t give it a shot.

  6. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    That one photo looks like Jeb and Chis Christie had a baby.

  7. Unofficially, Hispanics appear to be about 1/6 to 1/3 of the state’s population by eyeball. Guilford County (Greensboro and High Point) alone spent over $1m just housing a bunch of them in jail last year. In short, this problem is way out of hand and needs to be addressed, yet, except for Trump, no one wants to deal with the problem at the Federal level, one of their few legitimate jobs.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “yet, except for Trump, no one wants to deal with the problem at the Federal level, one of their few legitimate jobs.”

      Generally speaking, people don’t go into government to work. They go into government to not work.

  8. This is all part of diversity and inclusiveness.

  9. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/02/13/vladimir-putin-russia-using-cyber-attacks-fake-news-try-rig/

    For those of you without premium access there was clear indication in the article that Facebook would be working with European governments to throttle news stories on social media. Leads to their new motto: it’s not government censorship when the corporations do it for us.

  10. Always remember, Little Jebbie is married to a Mestizo, and is father to the Mexican Bush, George P..

  11. Related to this subject. 

    Extremely interesting essay. Long but quite thorough on feminism and how it destroys first-world cultures and nations through third-world immigration.

    Via Château Heartiste:


    And if you don’t think the Soros’ of this world aren’t into this up to their eyeballs you would be wrong.

    Also, always remember;  all working towards the same goal:


  12. That report on Captain’s Journal links to a report on Truthfeed.com, which, in turn, links to http://ncfire.info/. If you go to http://ncfire.info/, there are reports called “Monthly Child Rape Charges by Illegal Aliens” available in PDF. In January 2017 alone, 21 illegal aliens were arrested for 49 child rape/sexual assault charges in NC.

    • Unfortunately, NCFire doesn’t actually cite any factual evidence that supports them being illegal in the first place, unless I’m missing something.

      I WANT this to be true, but not if I can’t use it to change minds by showing that it is factually sound.

  13. What better way to debauch any countries sovereignty – culture – Rule of Law – morality – social order than syncretism as a Trojan Horse. Since the Fed Reserve runs the US & the International Bankers own the Fed Reserve that’s how you know the WHO. Hispanics from Mexico, Central & South America, Syrians, Iraqi’s et al kinda has an trending & familiar international syncrenistic ring to it.

    The old 17th Century concept of Syncretism.
    noun: syncretism
    the amalgamation or attempted amalgamation of different religions, cultures, or schools of thought.
    the merging of different inflectional varieties of a word during the development of a language.

    early 17th century: from modern Latin syncretismus, from Greek sunkrētismos, from sunkrētizein ‘unite against a third party,’ from sun- ‘together’ + krēs ‘Cretan’ (originally with reference to ancient Cretan communities).

    America, it’s what’s for dinner for the International Bankers.

  14. I know where to get my hands on a commercial grade meat grinder, with a TEFC electric 85 hp. three phase motor. The hopper can handle up to 1000 lbs. of “meat” in a loading, and with it’s steel-titanium alloy blades, grinding wheels, and mulchers, bones, sinew, tendons, etc, represent no real problem. The end product of course,is not fit for human consumption (although it just occurred to me that the holding pens will require some nutritional input, hmmm.) and can be mass handled into virtually any packaging wanted, be it barrels, cardboard boxes, sausage sleeves, or it can go straight to fertilizer mix. Of course, the excess blood has to be handled according to EPA standards for disposal, and it’s often sent to fertilizer producers for a small profit. Hearing protection while operating is a must, as noise levels involving fresh meat and heavy machinery routinely exceed OSHA levels for safety. Just say the word, and I know a guy who will pop over to Ft. Worth, and borrow it. No coupons, and cash only please.

  15. Context seems to me important. How do the statistics of immigrants compare to our very own folks?

    Pictures of the perps that are foreign in the entire set of perps would likely give us a different impression of the problem. True, we don’t need more crime, but what if they committed less crimes? What would we think then?

    Context, context, context, just like location, location, location, the worth of an individual item isn’t mostly determined by the thing itself.

  16. Alfred E. Neuman

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  17. Alfred E. Neuman

    Feed then to the pigs…

  18. The Great Plains

    Trump (IF he doesn’t sell out) is merely a small speed bump on the road to communism.

    FREEFOR and Patriots need to adjust to the mindset of being in a permanent minority under a hostile regime, like whites in South Africa or Zimbabwe.