Left Behind


Kunstler views and vomits over 40+ years of public education.

Extra credit exercise: Estimate as best as possible, showing your work, your best guess at the total number (in millions) of maleducated people in FUSA suitable only for cannon fodder and/or thug work.

More extra credit: Discuss the probability that said population was produced by design with the intent to create just such a populace.

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  1. It is known that the aim of public education was to produce obedient factory workers.Many notables, including Henry Ford, praised this. Woodrow Wilson said that the elites, of course, would be educated in private schools, so no problem.

    • Doubtless, and “progressively” so henceforth until the present.

      Show my work? Read history. Or, just look around you at the results.

      Unless you want a thread dominated by links and of preternatural length….

      Simply compare the results/requirements of eight grade graduation tests or the entrance requirements for Harvard (similar) from ca 1900 to anything remotely comparable today… not that there is anything even remotely from the same universe.

      Reality is it’s own testimony.

      • I recently completed reading uplifting publications that include Black is Beautiful,Tan is Grand,White is the Color of the Big Boss Man authored by Michelle Obama. Why You Suck, by Shia LeBeouf and my favorite ,How to win Friends and influence People by tfat. Inspiration and hope can still be found in the written word.

    • Most Americans are fine with factory work.
      We all can’t be the mandarin class.
      Just don’t tax us blind and spend us into oblivion to pad the life for your “pet” foriegners who only take from our system.
      We built that.

      • You miss the point that educated citizens working in factories are necessary to maintain a free society. This has obviously failed miserably over the generations especially since the ProgreSSive Era of Herr Wilson in the early 1900’s.
        Now, it appears to me beyond a mere “repair” and requires a “rebuild” from the ground up.
        A discussion of the “ground” to select for rebuilding would be most productive, imo.

  2. Jimmy the Saint

    Crush the teacher’s unions and schools are fixable. Leave the unions in place, and there is no hope.

    • Disagree.

      You’re leaving behind government run education.
      Union or no union – that is the root of the problem.

      All the SJW bullshit is not driven by the teacher’s union.

      Read Gatto’s book. It used to be online.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Some form of government will always be in education (outside of any non-existent ideological utopia). In the past, it worked fine: schools taught fundamental knowledge and nothing else. What we have now no longer resembles what was – and the teacher’s unions have had an outsized role in that transformation.

    • Not just Teacher Unions, ANY PUBLIC EMPLOYEE UNION is contrary to good public policy. The Union has no opposition in government, only collaborators, in fleecing the public in general. A private school has paying customers with choices; a public school has constituents and victims.

  3. SemperFi, 0321

    Sorry, can’t do all your math requests, I only had a few physics classes and you’re asking for quantum answers. 🙂
    I do know that approximately 95%+ of the people I know and interact with are incapable of understanding what’s going on in the world today. Whether through lack of math, gov’t, geography or psychology skills, they are in the dark except for what they parrot from their TV screen.
    They don’t want to believe their bank is ripping them off, their politicians lie and steal, sending their children to wars in places they have no clue exists, or that they’ve been brainwashed every day since birth, and beforehand by dumb womb syndrome.
    Knowing several schoolteachers here, I would rate them one class level above their students, and barely capable of performing most life skills by themselves. The math teacher couldn’t even do the family books, had to hire an accountant. Also teaches computer lab, but is herself incapable of figuring out Turbotax. But the kids love her study hall, she’s their BFF! What more could you ask for?

    • Roger that Marine. Back in the day, when my children were still in high school, the parents were invited to review the “Outcome Based Education” program they planned on pursuing. The American history teacher got angry over my comments, that I thought American history should be more then just about sports, music and food. He asked if the school should teach my philosophy? I told him that was his problem, he was teaching philosophy instead of real American history. I asked if they were going to teach anything about the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Do the kids even know what the 10th Amendment is? He gets this deer in the headlights look. So I follow it up with, “sir what does the 10th amendment state?” He says, “we are not studying that at this time.” I said that is not what I asked, I am asking you what the 10th amendment in the Bill of Rights state? He remains silent. I proceed to quote it. And then I state, you are what is wrong with the school, not the program. Needless to say the school board was very unhappy with me. And they proceeded to take it out on my two sons shortly afterwards. Hence I moved out of Green River school district and purchased my hay ranch in Farson Eden valley where my sons finished high school. It was that or go to jail as I was contemplating beating the shit out of a couple teachers. All of which are from big cities in other states. Actually the entire school board should of been fired and given 48 hours to get out of the state. And the state board of education is made up of the same kind of assholes. And it has gotten much much worse since then. University of Wyoming at Laramie last year had a special course on Muslim awareness and sensitivity for the students and faculty. And it continues. .

      • lastmanstanding

        Bless you brother.

        Wyoming is loaded with lib/prog teachers because it pays them a ton of money (compared to many states) and the lazy fucks like the “lifestyle”…(skiing, camping, hiking, canoeing, summer off, etc.) Total socialist nirvana.

        Sorry to say, here in Montana it is similar, except teachers 1-12 make half what they do in Wyoming…and I’m good with that because they’re just like you mentioned.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Our local school has lost so many students due to parents moving to bigger cities looking for work that the teachers have 3-4 students/class now, and a 4 day work week. Massive huge new school, 120 students and 75 staff at this time.
          Complain about lack of education and the town sees you as a traitor, the sports programs are the only thing the parents live for, watching their kids play on 6 man teams and take regional championships, WAHOO! They go off to college and come home in 3 months, dragging their tails because they couldn’t make the big boys team, and can’t fill out job app for our non-existent oil field work.

        • Another WY nonconformist here. Two kids thru high school and a grandson now in grade school. The school system, which has been rolling in money for decades, thinks it owns the kids; wall to wall assholes. There’s a $449M shortfall looming, and these parasites want us to maintain their pay, benefits, and lifestyles for them.

          The locals love their sports and K-12 babysitters, so they will probably dig up the money “for the children”.

          Talk about toxic. Hoping for homeschooling…

      • ” And it has gotten much much worse since then. University of Wyoming at Laramie last year had a special course on Muslim awareness and sensitivity for the students and faculty. And it continues. .”

        Hmmm did they cover all the points…

        Child Rape/Child Marriage Encouraged
        Female Genital Mutilation
        Sex Slavery
        Gender Apartheid
        Apartheid of non moslems
        Physical/Sexual Abuse of Women and Children
        Genocide against non-moslems (270 million & climbing)
        Destruction of other Cultures Artifacts/Relics (Sphinx’s nose..no it WASN’T Napoleon!!!)
        Warmongering/Invasion of other Lands/Cultures that DID NOT attack them first!

        That’s a good start at a partial list for honestly discussing the death cult of mo the moslem. Follow up/enhance with material by Dr. Bill Warner, Robert Spencer, and others.

        Here’s something that would be very educational..and no doubt blow many of the ‘precious little cosmic snowflakes’ brains totally apart….

        Ann Barnhardt Islamic Sexuality- A Survey of Evil

        Yours In Daily Armed Liberty!
        NorthGunner III

    • +100!
      Worst of all, most parents want their little hellions to be ‘just like them!’

      John Taylor Gotto has it absolutely right!!

      Against School – How public education cripples our kids, and why

      “…Mass schooling of a compulsory nature really got its teeth into the United States between 1905 and 1915, though it was conceived of much earlier and pushed for throughout most of the nineteenth century. The reason given for this enormous upheaval of family life and cultural traditions was, roughly speaking, threefold:
      1) To make good people.
      2) To make good citizens.
      3) To make each person his or her personal best.

      These goals are still trotted out today on a regular basis, and most of us accept them in one form or another as a decent definition of public education’s mission, however short schools actually fall in achieving them. But we are dead wrong. Compounding our error is the fact that the national literature holds numerous and surprisingly consistent statements of compulsory schooling’s true purpose. We have, for example, the great H. L. Mencken, who wrote in The American Mercury for April 1924 that the aim of public education is not

      to fill the young of the species with knowledge and awaken their intelligence. . . . Nothing could be further from the truth. The aim.. . is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality. That is its aim in the United States . . . and that is its aim everywhere else.

      Because of Mencken’s reputation as a satirist, we might be tempted to dismiss this passage as a bit of hyperbolic sarcasm. His article, however, goes on to trace the template for our own educational system back to the now vanished, though never to be forgotten, military state of Prussia. And although he was certainly aware of the irony that we had recently been at war with Germany, the heir to Prussian thought and culture, Mencken was being perfectly serious here. Our educational system really is Prussian in origin, and that really is cause for concern…”

      Dumbing Us Down – The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Education
      (FULL Book!! download and save to read offline or print & read!)

      The Underground History of American Education
      (FULL Book!! download and save to read offline or print & read!)

      Education in America post 1830’s/Horace Mann and certainly post 1905 has been an unmitigated disaster for the children of this country!

      Anything of lasting value that I now know was NOT learned in the ‘gov indoctrination camp’ as Ken Royce/Boston T. Party calls it..certainly not individuality, honor, mercy or anything else worthy of being held up as a human trait.

      Yours In Daily Armed Liberty & Self-Education!
      NorthGunner III

    • None of this is the least bit surprising to me.

      When I was in college–over thirty years ago–in the mandatory “Western Civ” class I was sitting beside a young woman who didn’t understand what a globe was, or what the funny shapes in the funny colors were that were printed on its surface signified, or where America was.

      This young woman, who very obviously had no business being on a college campus in the first place in any capacity beyond that of mopping the floors, was, of course, an “Early Childhood Education” major.

      Things have only gotten worse since then. I have slowly come to the opinion that sending children to an American public school constitutes child abuse. If you can’t send them to private school, homeschool them.

  4. He congratulates himself for having a conversation about race, yet doesn’t mention the fact that races are different.
    Stop the hate, let’s separate

    • Muslims aren’t a Race. It’s their ideas and behavior that threatens me. We probably need some Ex-Muslims as bounty hunters. I’d pay for that.

  5. Centurion_Cornelius

    My first venture into the post-college work field in the 1970s was teaching English in inner-city high schools “up North.” Trained, state certified, and ready-for-action, I was initially given an Honors Class of 12th Graders of a brand spanking new campus: “JFK High School.”

    The very first class went as follows: “Today we are going to start to read the works of William Shakespeare.”

    …at which time Billy B. in the first row and seat, sleepily looked up and from a huge Afro hairdo exclaimed: “Who ‘dat dude?”

    …seniors. Honors class. it went all downhill from there that “scholastic” year.

    Did me a whole lotta thinking. Reasoned: “how can I get these young men into the work force and have them gain some self-respect?” Since I worked my way thru college and grad school by being a T& D machinist–I got re-certified in teaching the metal crafts.

    I requested and was re-assigned to the Vo-Ed Machine Trades Class, where at least I thought I could teach the heathen such unknown skills as machining metal, welding, assembly, and measuring tools. Most of these 12th grade lads did not know how to read a tape measure; they thought a micrometer was a C-clamp.

    They came and went as they pleased–arrived at 0800, or 1300–didn’t much matter to them or the administration. Often they would show up with one of their “wimmen,” who, at age 16, invariably would have at least one ankle-biter in tow, which the young man would proudly proclaim: “He be my “man-child.” children making babies.

    Mathematics? “You be gettin’ mo welfare fo’ each child. You wants more stuff, you make mo babies…” Popping out another “offspring” could get you stuff to trade for that neat new “boom box” you always wanted, and the hell with the kid. You really needed that boom box. High School dynamics back then.

    Seeking parental support for erratic, occasional, or minimal classroom attendance, my telephone call or note to students’ “home,” (which could be grandma’s house, a friend or buddy’s public housing apartment, or wherever–it often changed daily) always produced the refrain: “Look–from 8am to 3 pm he’s YOUR HEADACHE, not mine…quit bugging me!” Great support.

    Teachers were encouraged (forced) to mark all the lil darlins “Present and Accounted For,” even if they were absent, since a daily AWOL mark would entail (gasp!) loss of funds from the FED GOV tit.

    After three years of this utter nonsense and weekly disarming the pagans of shivs, revolvers, and all form of weapons, I had the distinct displeasure of facing a loaded 12 ga sawed-off shotty in the puss by a kid with “issues.” that tense situation was resolved and I quit on the spot–never looking back. I think they are still holding my last paycheck. they can keep it.

    Box score: each school year produced a generous crop of “F” grades, save one or two who maybe got by with a “C,’ meaning the kid knew where the ON-OFF” switch was on a drill press or lathe. How in the name of heaven could any machine shop trust such louts operating their valuable machinery? That was. assuming arguendo, the young eager machinist workers showed up daily and on time (which they did not.) True story–local machine shop employers were forced to buy workers digital wrist watches (they couldn’t figure out the analog ones) and had to tell these public school wonders: “Be here when your wristwatch says “700” in the morning.” I kid you not!

    This was back in the 1970s. I am sure things have GREATLY improved….

    • I was going to post about how the system was designed to use up the excessive male population via warfare, but then I realized they’re not even qualified for that.

      “Fire mission! a bunch of pissed off people are running right at us. Move that round thing a little to the left…no, to the right aw SHIII-“

      • Yes they are.

        Use the expendable to find the opfor.

        Fix and fuck with better folks.

        Wash rinse repeat.

        • lastmanstanding


          Sending “them” for the regular guys stuff with no malice will not be a problem.

          Well disciplined, moral, constitutional men will be standing fast with their citizen brothers.

  6. Use your own numbers of the best estimate of the population.

    • Most of the population couldn’t understand that chart and would think “standard deviation” has something to do with sexual activity.

  7. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    “I don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers.” – John D Rockefeller

    “In our dream we have limitless resources, and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hand. The present educational conventions fade from our minds; and, unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk. We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or of science. We are not to raise up among them authors, orators, poets, or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians. Nor will we cherish even the humbler ambition to raise up from among them lawyers, doctors, preachers, statesmen, of whom we now have ample supply.” – Frederick T Gates


    • “I don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers.”
      – John D Rockefeller

      Rockefeller probably wasn’t referring to this in that quote – but I’ve met a decent number of people who like to strut around and say “I’m an idea person” – without doing any REAL work. It’s basically just another excuse for being lazy and not wanting the bullshit in your head challenged by reality.

      Ideas are nice – implementation is where your “brilliant” ideas are proven to be wrong.

    • lastmanstanding

      Look at how JDR built his empire…in fact, Carnegie, Morgan, Vanderbilt (Ford may have been the exception to this bunch) did the same.

      They worked the living hell out of their slaves, I mean employees, 7 days a week, 12 hrs. a day. They didn’t give one shit about them, there was always a replacement if one faltered.

      Hence the second part of your opening quote.

      • slaves?

        were they actual chattel property?

        were they paid wages?

        How about:

        The so-called “robber barons” were able to generate and accumulate massive wealth due to the absence of any tax on income imposed by a Government that had only gone partially feral at the point (e.g., the unconstitutional “Civil War” of 1861-65).

        The progressives fixed that problem in the first twenty years of the new century.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          The presence or absence of pay doesn’t have much to do with slavery. In many societies, slaves could be – and did – become very wealthy. Slavery has much more to do with societal standing. The wealthiest slave was still of lower standing than the poorest citizen.

        • Agree with you about the robber barons, it’s important to remember that parasites like rockefeller, ford, et.al were corpratists, not capitalists. They didn’t believe in a free market/competition and were all for becoming a subsidiary of ‘gov’ by being it’s ally via protective legislation, subsidy, and outright briberty (aka ‘campaign contributions/gifts/perks’). They were far more aligned with fascsim (corporatism) than what Ayn Rand, Von Mises and others promoted as capitalism.

          All one has to do is look at how the early railroad system was built/financed
          (Jerome Hill was a very notable exception to the ‘business as usual’ in this
          regard) or the ‘canal system’ or any other ‘gov sponsored’ endeavor.

          The NEA and AFT are nothing more than gigantic ‘make work’ gov parasites of course!

          Yours In Daily Armed Liberty & Self Education!
          NorthGunner III

          • Obviously the Government is going to play a role. Or are the different Corporations going to become their own nations and govern, go to war, etc? C’mon.

            You can either have Fascism or Plutocracy in the modern industrial state. We chose Plutocracy. The Far East chose Fascism – even though they ape our externals like wearing suits and ties. They will survive and we will not.

        • lastmanstanding

          Ok, they were free men, probably more so than we are today.

          Chattel property…no. Yes they were paid.

          Growing up I read about the industrial revolution and how it evolved. The robber baron’s surely did have the upper hand with taxes and the gub…a good point that I missed.

          Maybe I’ve gone to far down the rabbit hole, but I don’t believe for one minute that these guys gave one damn about the men that worked for them.

          I worked in a steel mill during college and toured others, truly one of the most dangerous ways to earn a nickel…a hundred plus years before it would have been brutal.

          I just think there is more to the “Men Who Built America” behind the curtain.

          • I get it. And I don’t think they were angels in the least.

            But there was some basic morality activities extant in those days that have been lost as the country became more “caring”.


            – You have no right to my stuff because you have less than I do.

            – I can organize with my fellow workers to offset your advantages as my employer; you can organize as my employer to replace me with more pliant workers.

            – If I earned it, I can keep it – whether its $100 in gold or $10,000,000.

            – Life is hard, and there is no guarantee except death.

            – Government ‘work’ is the refuge of the lazy, the incompetent, and the evil.

        • Such workers are virtual slaves, paid enough to survive. The Old South pointed out that their actual slaves were healthier and better treated. Read Jack London, Upton Sinclair, Dos Passos, etc for an understanding of the horrors. In response, the Unions arose. And to them we owe so much of what we call normal – like weekends off. And the end of child labor.

  8. Yep. Easy. MOST. You fill in details…since the 1970s education didn’t include civics, history (real H anyway), trades, Even basic shooting & a couple other things.
    Intent? look at the assholes in all this pics of this website for the last week. Or 5 years.
    Debate over.

  9. Reading John Taylor Gatto’s, “The Underground History of American Education,” demonstrates the Prussian system of education enthralled the industry magnates of the very early 1900’s (Ford, Rockeller, etc) who were looking for ways to expand their businesses, but needed a population of workers who would be educated enough for simple and semi-complex directions and operations as well as content with the wages or salaries provided. It further demonstrates that churches colluded with the industry leaders, denomination notwithstanding, because the churches would find their pews and coffers full, if they supported and encouraged the new ‘public’ education system.

    It’s worth the money – $42 on Amazon, unless you want the Kindle version for $8. Personally, I like actual books.

    Number of purposefully maleducated Americans? While this began in the early 1900’s with the ‘grading’ system, complete with bells, formations, timed breaks, group lock-step, etc, the information provided wasn’t really ‘dumbed down’ by much until the mid to late 60’s, and then starting in the younger grades. The reference libraries available to Jr High and High School students still required a much higher reading level and were widely available. So, figure everyone born from 1963 onward, or everyone who attended American public schools who are 54 years of age and younger. Percentage wise, I’d throw a SWAG out there of 215,000,000 with exceptions, of course.

    • AMEN!!! A very good book, excruciatingly detailed, and guaranteed to set your teeth on edge. The degree to which people still mindlessly accept this state of affairs is a mystery to me.

      However the results aren’t a mystery.

    • Yes, Gatto’s work is pretty definitive on the conspiracy behind public education and the dismal results.

    • Read Gatto’s book! You can’t understand education in America without it. And when you are done, read John Holt’s “How Children Learn”. It’s no mystery after reading these, why unschoolers (homeschoolers with virtually no direction from parents) do MUCH better on average, than kids in the government schools. If it was found that children undeniably learn best when left alone, what do you think the response of the educrats would be? Would they say, “Well then, we must eliminate the schools – it’s for the children?” Fat chance!

      • Exactly Paul!!!

        The NEA and other organizations like them are nothing more than ‘closed shop union entities’…giant ‘make work’ gov remoras that offer and produce NOTHING of value!

        Yours In Daily Armed Liberty & Self-Education!
        NorthGunner III

  10. Not only to produce those “smart enough to do the paperwork and run the machines but dumb enough to not figure out what’s going on” but, wheeee!! Property tax!! You’ll rent your home from the local school board in perpetuity and like it or be homeless…or dead when they send the badged orcs to collect it. But, hey, ‘murica, right?

  11. So Kunstler is switching from peak oil to peak education as his next long emergency to write (and make money off of). Everyone needs to make a living in the mercenary economy. I can’t fault him for that.

    There is no “problem” in education as long as you can afford to send your kids to good schools. You know what the wealthy did 200 or 2000 years ago? They established their own schools and hired tutors to teach their kids. They made sure to send them to universities that were worth a crap. If their kids still turned out to be idiots, they hired the best/brightest to run the family business and the kids lived off dividends/trust funds and had nominal positions where they could do little damage to the overall business.

    Fast forward today. If you want to give your kid an edge in something that you’re not an expert in, you hire tutors/trainers/instructors and then research which schools and universities are still worth a crap today. So this no different compared to most of human history. Still looking very stratified and appearing a lot more like “Incorporated” rather than “The Road Warrior” meets “Little House on the Prairie” in a peak oil catastrophe.

    The problem with public education was the SJW element (in SOME school districts mostly in cities and blue states) that made every special snowflake believe they were *entitled* to $80+k jobs upon graduation and the majority of their 4 hour workday (with Fridays off) would be spent tweeting on social media to ‘build community capacity’ and ‘raise awareness.’

    There are bell curves for both IQ and money and it doesn’t look like this one:

    This is closer to reality:

    BTW, some of those standardized tests that kids have to take are actually used to track the potential high achievers. The kids that got 1600 on their SATs in my country bumpkin school all had full ride scholarships long before their diplomas were printed. (1600 as per a website: “Out of the 1.67 million test-takers, 583 scored the same or higher than you”). Similar with other people’s kids I hear about now living in the hinterlands. So someone from among the technocrats is actually watching and swooping down from the glass castles to plug those relatively few kids in. Sounds a heckuva lot like this old system:


    Nothing new under the sun. So while we’re on the topic of writers maybe that makes it more like “Hunger Games” and “Divergent” … including when the end begins. We’ll see.

    • are you implying that asking patrons if “they would like to supersize those fries” while holding a spatula, wearing a paper hat, and an apron with a name tag – is not productive work?

      • I have no problem with honest work and food service is productive. It’s not going to pay the same as the rocket scientist. More difficult skill sets should be awarded appropriately.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        It’s productive work, just not high-status work. Fine for a starter job, and fine for those of limited capacity who can’t do more complex stuff. And if you can’t get anything else, it will at least bring some income.

  12. The utter failure of the educational system can be encapsulated with two words: ” lose ” , and: ” loose “.

    Go onto almost any internet forum – and find me the people who know the difference.

    In the advanced class, we’ll discuss the differences between : there, their, and they’re.

  13. My extra credit is in doing what I can, every day in concert with (or sometimes not*) their parents, to facilitate the grand-kids continuing to grow into critical-thinking fine human beings. That is something in my sphere, but not something I can extend exponentially to others so I don’t spend much time lamenting about it.

    * the mantle of the curmudgeon is a job perk. 🙂

    • Most important job any of us have: intergenerational cultural transfer.




      Even/especially w nonblood.

      If you are a Barren or your kin are fubar, download into a willing young mind.

      They are out there in droves.

  14. Yeah but they’re not even factory workers…. they’re nothing. Which is why companies are importing so many foreigners these days.

  15. Look folks. “We” (the occupied ((((American)))) government) are the bad guys. The JQ is everything.

    “We” started the coup in Ukraine.

    When it comes to Russia, (((we))) are the bad guys. If we fail to eliminate (((them))) from the deep state that controls our government, as Trump is bravely trying to do, Russia would be justified in nuking DC.

    (((We))) are the bad guys in the Middle East.

    The Jew was the problem in Weimar and all of last century. We saved (((their)))) ungrateful ass and still these oblivious beasts are in some of learning or self reflection. They repay us with Sarah Silverman, Chelsae Handler, and Wolf Blitzer–traitorous subversives openly committing treason every single day.

    Thankfully white Russia and woke white America know we don’t want to nuke each other (white brothers).

    We are in a world war RIGHT NOW and it’s white Europe (including Eastern Europe) versus Jews and Arabs.

    That this is simply true could not be more clear at this point.

    The US government is the bad guy.

    Not Trump, but the (((( deep state. )))

    If we do not regain control (ending right of Jews and women to hold office is a start) we deserve to have Russia and China demolish us.

    Of course so far we have a militia to repel a boots on ground invasion.

    Just how evil or stupid — and historically ignorant — are leftists who want to disarm the nation’s own protectors?!!!?

  16. Randall Flagg

    Cited in the article, but an even better read: https://www.city-journal.org/html/no-thug-left-behind-14951.html

  17. Abolish the Dept of Education.
    Give the education problem back to local jurisdictions.
    You cannot standardise an education system for a population with such a wide range of IQ. You will always baffle the dumb ones and bore the smart ones.

  18. Friends don’t let friends send their kids to public K-12. They also don’t have TV in the house.

    If you care about your kids, home school them. No, not that way, really, really home school them. Give up the second income ,give up the new car, give up the vacations, give up some extra toys or nights out, give up …

    because home schooling, done right, is a more than full time job AND will require one parent to devote a huge block of their time to the task AND require both parents be involved in teaching different knowledge, skills and reasoning/perspectives.

    Also be prepared to spend your hard earned debt bucks on things like a 40 pcs glass labware kit (approx $1k) instead of a new rail mounted gizmo for your tricked out AR. There’s lots more to spend your $$ on as they explore science and technology that wasn’t being taught when you were daydreaming about skipping class to go hit the local trout stream.

    Be prepared to have a home library that makes the few folks that are willing to be seen with the weirdos that home school, wander through and ask “How much did all this cost?” Your reply, See that new bass boat in drive, yeah, it’s right here, the steelhead trip to the Skeena, it’s against that wall over there, the new computer controlled sewing machine that will do everything except scramble your eggs, it’s right up there on the second bank of books.

    Be prepared to try to stay one step ahead of minds that are quicker than yours, that process information differently than yours, that run off at tangents you never thought of and are influenced by a world that didn’t exist when you were a kid.

    Also be prepared to enjoy some things the average parent doesn’t get to in today’s public education environment and outside the realm of the run of the mill ‘book learnin’ going on in the house –

    PE classes that consist of – running a live ammo shooting drill; helping them fletch their own arrows and then watching them surpass your archery skills; teaching them how to start a fire on the back side of nowhere, in the dark, in a rain, without a match or lighter; teaching them how to properly sharpen a knife to a razor sharp edge and why you probably don’t really want to (also the corollary of why a Belgium Coticule stone can be your best friend in said task); spending a long weekend tossing flies on a remote mountain stream where the only company was our shadows and an osprey overhead.

    Having shop classes where you teach your children how to run a whole host of woodshop tools and then watch them get exasperated at trying to explain, to their public school educated friend, where the bandsaw blade goes after it passes through the cutting deck. Teach them how to weld and then watching their pride at running a perfect vertical weld while they are hanging upside down, over a rail, to make an inside weld in a tank (their final welding test).

    Helping them build their own computer instead of purchasing one and teaching them how all the pieces work and explaining how the software layers on top of the hardware architecture to make it all work and finally, teaching them to code.

    Teaching your children to question everything and everyone, including yourself, and watching them learn to reason for themselves and solve problems they haven’t faced before because they can think on their own two feet.

    Having your children graduate in the top 1% of all students, of all schools in your state and attend college in STEM majors on full ride scholarships.

    Having your children respect and trust you enough they are willing to call home from college for help on the math problem that is about fifteen pages of equations to solve, and you having pride in being able to acknowledge to your child, they have surpassed your abilities to help them in this particular area.

    It’s a big job and it will cut into your time for other endeavors but you have to ask yourself, are your kids worth it?


  19. Jim nails the educational priesthood..http://blog.jim.com/economics/the-cost-disease/


    It is not always the teacher’s unions. Here in Rawles Land, the teachers are covered by the NEA, but not a state-run union like I saw in the Kalifornia Soviet Republic. For example, if you have your act together and can actually teach these: “young skull-fulls of mush” something, you will be hired as a long-term substitute teacher and could work pretty much the whole school year. In the Land of Governor Moonbeam, I was prevented by union rules from subbing more than once a week for the same teacher; even though I was available for the entire two months she was on maternity leave.
    The other variable that must be considered is the degeneration and destruction of our culture and the family. I discovered early on in my police career, that I was dealing with the children and then the grandchildren of the Woodstock generation. And, while there were still many upright parents out there who insisted the offspring be educated, a large majority could care less. Or, they would be raising Hell because you made little Johnny or Janie feel inferior when you gave them a failing grade because they, as Ninth Graders, could not write a simple, grammatically correct sentence or divide fifteen into two hundred twenty-five.
    I have been told by my boss that it is all about: “…butts in the seats.” They get their cut from Boise based on attendance. And, since there are charter and private schools up here there is COMPETITION! So, they have to keep the parents happy and the students happy and everybody gets paid at the end of the month. This is why they came down on me personally when I dared called the Mohammedans “Muzzies”.
    And since the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act under the Pedophile-In-Chief, Poppy Bush, any kid “diagnosed” with ADD, ADHD, Downs Syndrome, Autism, or any physical disability has to be mainstreamed and the schools AND THE FAMILY get FEDGOV assistance! Plus, if they are put into this system, or have what is referred to as an IEP(individual education program-remember “dumbbell English” and “dumbbell Math”?), they can stay in high school until they are 21 YEARS OLD!
    This is why caring and aware parents home-school their children or scrape and sacrifice to send them to a structured private/religious school. This is why the Education Leviathan and its minions is going bat-shit crazy over the appointment of Mrs. DeVos. Time will tell. Right now the residents of Kootenai County are facing multiple bond issues next month. Several school districts seek to suck away more of our sustenance to turn out more shambling, texting. slack-jawed, mouth-breathing Mall Zombies who cannot even fill out a job application for Starbucks. Stay tuned.

  21. All most became a teacher – last semester was ‘practicum’ in a class room with sixth graders. When I almost punched one of them out, I realized (lucky for me) that this was not a ‘career move’ I wanted to make: went into marketing/sales and never looked back. Having said that, my father was the assistant superintendent of county schools in Southern California back in the 1950 – 1960’s: pretty decent educational system at that point but somewhere around 1965 (extra points as to what was going on at the time) it all started going down hill (quickly). One only has to look at folks now (if a comprehensible conversation is possible) to know we are truly screwed.

  22. The Usual Suspect

    ” But it’s for the children “

  23. lastmanstanding

    James Howard Kunstler…isn’t that the same guys that self-admittedly voted for barry sotero?…twice?

    • he’s wrong on a lot….hence his relative absence

      was he wrong re the edutards and educrats?

      • lastmanstanding

        No he wasn’t…I read his blog sparingly as well for the same reason.

        Apologies sir…meant no offense as to your choice of material.

        I just can’t understand how/why he blows so wildly in the wind.

  24. “More extra credit: Discuss the probability that said population was produced by design with the intent to create just such a populace.”

    What do kids in .gov schools and universities learn first and foremost? 1) The Bible is just some mythical religious book, not actual world history. 2) God is a figment of an insecure mind. 3) Evolution is real (no matter it violates completely the laws of thermodynamics). 4) Absolute truth does not exist. Truth is relative.

    The only way out of this hole is to play the long educational game our opponents have played. Only problem is, that must start with people who, for the most part, already believe the above. Change begins with you, a Book and the willingness to explore it very carefully

    • SemperFi, 0321

      My favorite part of religious discussions is bringing up how many religions have existed since the first man walked this planet, but the person you’re talking to always belongs to the ONLY REAL ONE.
      They come, and they go, and in time will also mean nothing, like dust in the wind. There are many that outlasted the Abrahamic religions by thousands of years, and they’re gone now too. Stick around long enough, and you’ll catch the next fad rolling by.

  25. 60% is my assessment. A clear indicator of cannon fodder is someone holding up a ‘$15 or Fight’ sign. Its a clear indication that their economic horizon is fixed.