The Spy Revolt Against Trump Begins


Via Schindler.

Sequencing check:

1) A Communist-associate, dubious place of birth/citizenry, registered-during-education-as-Muslim, “nothing more beautiful than the call to prayer”, no-visible-means-of-support-throughout-college-and-law-school gets elected on racial grounds as POTUS twice and all is cool with the IC.

2) Trump becomes POTUS and a loud voice in the “former IC” is discussing open and ongoing insubordination amongst those folks.

Sure glad we’ve got a Consteetooshun to protect Americans citizens from governmental excess.


16 responses to “The Spy Revolt Against Trump Begins

  1. This article makes so many unsubstantiated assumptions, I don’t know where to start. Do we believe, or know the heads of, or all of the agents in our intelligence community are really doing what is best for America? How many are dedicated to a One World Government? How many are Muslim, or Muslim sympathizers? I still have not seen anything to validate that the Russians hacked the DNC, not our election. Bath House Berry expelled Russians diplomats/agents (aren’t all diplomats also agents?) based on unsubstantiated reports from unnamed sources. I believe he wanted to keep pushing for a confrontation between the US, and Russia.
    I could be wrong, but it seems the spys are worried that elected officials might be in charge of making policy, and deciding what direction the world will take, instead of the spys, and the State Department. (Another viper’s nest.)

  2. That neocon bullshit doesn’t sell very well any more. “The Russians pooped in the hallway!”

  3. Steady Steve

    Seriously? This twit is taking CNN and WP articles at face value? Smells of Deep State desperation.

  4. Another reason not to trust or place more than a modicum of faith on our “IC”…

    They have missed the entire point in the election of Trump, the rejection of the TPTB and their rule over us peons.

    As CA points out, not a peep about Soetero in the run up or term in office, despite inconsistencies that even non-IC assets could identify.

    A hit piece by an NSA apparatchik who, like Snake Eater Stan McChrystal believes that we need to trust these slimy bastards and give up liberty for “security”.

    I’m thinking we may need a dose of the Romanian solution as applied to Ceaucescu and his thugs.

  5. The Usual Suspect

    Actually it was just him and his wife, but I agree with your premise.

  6. the last time my back was up against the wall(literally) i put down 2 and chased 4 more down the road while swinging a spade shovel.

    something about a cat named Sun Tzu and “Deaths Ground”…

    but what do i know 🙂

  7. Schindler sees Russians everywhere. The Russians are the least of our problems, and frankly, seem to me like the only real friends that average americans have (i.e americans who are not part of the globalist elite). He’s either a clown, or a traitor.

  8. WOW!

    I’ve never seen “concern trolling” *THAT* outrageous *ever* before in my life.

    Keep up the good work, Shindler.

  9. ((((Schindler))))

    He should hang himself from a bridge.

  10. Time to clean house, exactly what obama did, all the top brass are now all about degeneracy in the ranks. to hell with all of the suck ups.