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  1. Fuck Brownells and the blog author insulting customers who want a fair price.

    $699 for Sport II.

    Lolzozozoz this starter carbine is now $525 EVERYWHERE.

    perhaps if large concerns like brownells could at least get within 40% of market price they could sell a gun.

    • Gunwatcher.com

    • X:

      You’re a dick.

      You make my life harder by being here with your 2:5 decent/shit comment ratio.

      Learn to behave around fractious adults or be gone.

      • I’ll stop commenting. Not my job to educate folks who , apparently , are illiterate. Also not my fault that Henry Ford’s masterful series of articles is only available in PDF form at a website with the N-word in it. You’re crazy not to put that link through. 90% of people have no idea that Ford wrote that. That’s the problem.

        • No, I would prefer that you use your skills in a way that does put off the very people you seek to influence.

          It takes a LOT to piss me off.

          You do it routinely.

          I don’t think you are a troll.

          Instead, I think you feel the same frustration(s) that many others here feel, but allow those frustrations to get in the way of your message.

          Re the link, explain what it is and why it’s important. Then link.

          I don’t want to be any more involved with comments than I have to be.

          The goal is to educate, not alienate.

  2. Randall Flagg

    Have noticed in my AO a lot of black rifles being sold for $500 or less in the second-hand market. Presumably from those who bought them in a panic a few years ago, never shot them, and just want to dump. Not much a fan of them myself, but at these prices, probably wouldn’t hurt to pick up one (or two).

  3. i picked up a Taurus PT111 G2 for $269. as a back-up and throw away..

    have run over 500 rounds thru it since Dec.


    comfortable and VERY accurate at 30ft.

    they got this one right.

  4. AR-15 carbine + striker fired plastic = I don’t want one and the market is grossly glutted with cheap AR’s and combat tupperware so they are rapidly becoming worthless. I’ll wait. Seriously. The guy across the street panic bought glock’s and XD’s along with a few Bushmasters before the election. I can get one for -150 retail (400$ or less) now. He can’t sell them, nobody wants one, as there are dozens of guys in my subdivision that just found out the beany baby guns they bought ahead of another “Clinton” are now worth less than half what they paid .Like millions of guys nation wide just discovered. The negative price panic just started. Wait six months till the guys find out how worthless that black gun nest egg really is. I won’t be at all amazed by 300USD AR 15’s or 300USD Glocks . Some G&A retail outlets are already offering “pawn shop” prices for new gun “trade ins”. Just wait till the dumbass with 1 million rounds of horded ammo try’s to unload at “cost” and learns the hard truth.

    • On a related note, anyone got any ideas how a person could move all that crap from one state to another, legally? Say somebody wanted to move from a coastal communist state to a more secure, free state, without falling afoul of hazmat transportation laws?

      • sure Bob………can do easy………..through your stuff in your ……..FUCKING…………..PICKUP…………….TRUCK………and drive away.
        What are you thinking man….! you don’t need any ones permission……and you do not want to tell any one about what you own ….Bob, for Gods sake these are yours….keep them yours…if you are truly moving to a free state then HUSH THE FUCK UP…………………..!

        • No kidding. This ain’t high school; you don’t need permission to go pee. Just watch out for cops wanting to “civil asset forfeiture” your ass.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Friend of mine had his brother in NY ship him his share of deceased dad’s guns, the FFL’s on both ends RAPED them (several hundred $), after I told them, just take them apart and ship them in several boxes so that nothing constitutes a complete firearm.
          Some folks never learn, always have to be obedient little slaves.

      • best way is to move your “things” – a little at a time.

        so if by chance a road pirate accosts you, and disrupts your right to freely “travel” the scumbags down at HQ don’t end up with everything.

      • When I moved Pater Familas back west of the Mississippi we loaded the ammo in the Penske and the guns (well padded) in the back of the pick-up.

        No Problemo. We just did it.
        So, Just DO IT TOO.

        However, it would be well advised to follow all traffic laws and speed limits as long as you flow with traffic.
        Grayman Rules.

    • Lol. It ain’t over. You haven’t been following what the deep state is doing?

      You’re going to sleep now? Everything’s fine?

      Cartridges will be very valuable soon. I agree that right now people trying to sell pre-owned guns and ammo for more than they cost new at any of a number of online sellers are delusional, because it’s a buyers market now.

      I predict the fiat dollar economy will (continue its ) collapse within the next 2 years. It will be worse than 2008.

  5. Some dealers don’t mind, and actually pursue transfer business. You want to be doing your transfers with the second guy.

    I’m that dealer. A lot of times a gun will show up with no clue who it’s for. The customer always calls within a day or two. 3 minutes to do the paperwork when it comes in, plus 3 minutes when it goes out. that works out to 200 bucks a hour. I’ll do transfers any time.

    • I came back here hours latter with all these after thoughts and you are a dealer and you do not tell Bob that you do not need to transfer a weapon to your self just to change residence ……WTF……! come on you guys ????

      Do we not really know the laws ….? these are your possessions just like your toaster…just like your lawn mower…….for gods sake rent a uhaul and move to the new free state..(wherever that is ) FUCK the fear of non existent laws and man up and get the fuck out and learn the …BILL OF RIGHTS…………..and I do wish you the best Bob…………….!

      …………………….NOW GET PACKING………………………………………………….

  6. In my local area, fwiw, most gun shows and gun shops have yet to realize or acknowledge that competition lowers prices, and savvy consumers do their homework on pricing.

    As much as I try to patronize my local guys and gal shops/dealers, they are consistently more than the price for the same item online PLUS the transfer fee to my local FFL, if they even have it in stock.

    My local FFL, whom I’ve worked with for years,
    doesn’t mind one bit if I find stripped billet lowers cheaper than he can sell them himself.
    He makes his cut on the transfer fee, and knows I will be a loyal customer for other items which he is very competitive on pricing. Like lower parts kits, upgraded triggers, etc.

    I also know, like CTD and other online retailers did after Sandy Hook, will skull f—, and gouge the shit out of you if circumstances are different in the blink of an eye.

    If some dealers are sitting on bare bone entry level AR’s, nothing wrong with snatching one or more up, than enhance, customize, tweak as you see fit. It is the Barbie Platform of firearms.

    Interesting in the AK pricing. Back before all the hoopla, I paid $359 for a NIB Saiga AK. Stock change, converted to take standard AK mags, and now they’re harder to find and going for almost twice as much.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I have 2 local FFL’s who charge $25 for paperwork, last yr I ordered 2 AR lowers and got both for the $25 (since it was the same sheet of paper), that’s how dealers stay in business, instead of gouging their customers like it was their only sale of the year. Having been an FFL, Class3, gunmaker, and customer, I know what to look for to keep the customer coming back. Many of them don’t get it.

  7. These days, if I buy an AR, I’m buying for my neighbor to use when the mob comes up the road. Probably worth doing, but a little harder to work the incentive up for it…

    • Spot on Paul!
      Buy from a private seller, pay cash-take delivery..win/win for buyer/seller.
      Best of all no fucking fascist 4473 to deal with (none of any parasites business what you own/pack anyway!!).

      “Form 4473?…We don’t need no stink’n form 4473 here!!!”

      Yours In Daily Armed Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

  8. ALCON,

    I need another AR-malite/Kalashnikov/Glock/CZ/BHP/1911/M&P/REM 700/X95 like I need a hole in the head !

    Time to concentrate on shooting and shooting well with 2-3 carbines & pistols and sell the rest.

    • “and sell the rest…”

      yeah, i hear the lefties are in need of un-registered bang sticks and are now in the process of acquiring them… great idea!

      nothing like being shot by one of your own boomers that you didn’t need.


    • “2-3 carbines & pistols” PER PERSON.

      And that should cover not just the persons in your house, but extras for close by tribe members and others a bit late to the party.

      Once you have that margin covered, plus associated duty and training ammo for all, then and only then do you sell your extras.

      IMHO of course. YMMV depending upon your AO and the size of your anticipated tribe.

      Keep your powder dry (and the extra for others too),

      Atlas Shrug

  9. I’ve always wanted a Saiga, if for no other reason than it looks fun as hell to shoot. That knock-off at 560$ or so looks tempting, but its not the right time. I just bought a Strike Eagle and mount so that kind covers my firearms and related purchases for a while, other than small but steady ammo purchases, of course.

    I’m not planning on buying any guns for at least 6 months because I think prices are going to come down, a lot. They already are dropping, and since at this point I buy new ones simply for enjoyment, not because I ‘need’ anything, I can be patient.

    To those who doubt this, a case in point, I bought 25 Hexmags and 25 D&H milspec aluminum mags that I didn’t really need a few days before the election, thinking that I’d either sell them later, or just have a lifetime supply of mags. I got (at the time) great deals on both, as I spent a few hours shopping around for the best price with shipping. Now, just a couple months after the election, slickguns has a post up a few times a week for those at 15-25% less than what I paid for them. Im not upset, it wasn’t much money, and mags aren’t really something you can have “too many” of, and it also never hurts to be able to help out a friend in need without putting yourself out. But I think this price drop will continue for a while, absent some kind of calamity.

    The other market to watch will be suppressors. If they are removed from the NFA, those things are going to be cheap, fast. Theres no reason a quality one should cost more than 150-200$.

  10. I picked up one of those sccy cpx2’s for a couple a hundred. Not a bad little gun for the price.