“Innovation – and other things that brief well”


A USMC captain speaks the unspeakable.

Sample graf:

…We allow ourselves to look at our impressive defense budget and expensive systems and throw around hyperbole about the United States having the greatest military in the world. How, then, have we been bested by malnourished and undereducated men with antiquated and improvised weaponry whilst spending trillions of dollars in national treasure and costing the lives of thousands of servicemen and hundreds of thousands of civilians?

A brave man.

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  1. isn’t truth refreshing?

    simply put.

    nothing is as lethal as a man put on Deaths Ground.

    imperial storm troopers in reality, just aren’t that great.

  2. we were not beat, the war is going exactly as planned.. they hope it is forever.. never enough money for the mic

    • Yep exactly as planned. Europe and China got their mineral rights in both countries and the House of Saud expanded the caliphate. Some of your fellow WASPs grew insanely rich in the process and smoked out the smaller rich people in Switzerland and gave others a haircut at some island’s banks while keeping their own accounts hidden in London, Norway, Dubai, UAE, etc. With Trump in power it’s “what next bitchez.”

  3. He isn’t saying nothing new. History repeats itself. Same truth was revealed many time for many years. Vietnam, Afghanistan etc. Americans got greedy, fat, happy, big houses, fast cars, Rap music, ‘Bling’, hooked Iron Virtual Reality games, dysfunctional Reality Based TV, SSRI’s, SSNRI’s, Anti-Depressants, 22-23 suicides s day, Divorce Rate off the charts, some men effeminated into eunuchs,
    hooked & addicted on Wars of aggression, killing, addicted to technology, deviant amoral behavior etc.
    It’s all there & been there the whole time.

  4. Wow….Notice how he pinpoints that billions invested in carriers and Abrams Tanks can be destroyed or disabled by cheap weapons…that’s going to piss them off.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Guess we’d best re-arm the military with slings and quarterstaves, huh? Those are cheap, and given enough of them, they’ll overcome any foe.

      Yes, any expensive system *can* be defeated by a cheaper one. That doesn’t mean that it *will* be.

      There’s plenty to be said for reforming the procurement system, getting rid of worthless programs, etc. However, it doesn’t follow that because that is true, that everything sucks. Put it this way: a cheap Lorcin pistol will kill you just as dead as a match grade M-14. Which would you rather have?

  5. “How do malnourished and under-educate defeat our military?”
    Simply put: Rules of Engagement from the State Department.

    • Incorrect.

      It’s a motivation problem.

      Money and “rules of engagement” will never substitute for motivation.

      I was telling people back BEFORE we even went into Iraq – that we were going to lose. You should have seen how pissed off they would get. Now – all these years later it is at least somewhat satisfying to stuff it in their faces. I was hoping to not be right – but what I was really hoping for was that they wouldn’t pursue the whole thing in the first place.

  6. Centurion_Cornelius

    The Pentagram’s solution to this: form a Study Group. Grind out a white paper (aka: “white wash”) to be tossed on the shelf with all the others gathering dust there. Better still, add civvies and MIC to the mix. THAT outta help…..

  7. “Anyone who says that you can’t stop a tank with an AK or AR, is apparently unaware that there are people inside of a tank; and, they don’t live there.”

    can’t recall from whom I stole this

  8. 1) He speaks truth.
    2) It’s in the MC Gazette. This is where senior officers put the rantings of junior officers to let them vent, while simultaneously recognizing that those wearing stars (or suits, who pull the stars’ chains) need to pull their heads out and pay fucking attention. Juniors are allowed to spew, and it doesn’t hurt anyone’s chances for picking up full colonel or general to publish it.
    In the Corps, it has ever been thus.
    3) If the author doesn’t melt down, he’s been tabbed for higher things, and this is official blessing.

    This is not Ass Carter’s DoD, nor Fabulous Mabus’ Navy Department any more, and the Gazette has noticed that Daddy SecDef is an ass-kicing, fire-pissing infantry Marine. (Is, not was; some things don’t come off with the uniform after 30+ years).
    A notable portion (though certainly not all) of the gold-plated horseshit in play since 2001 and foisted on the services from the top down is coming to an end.

    They’ll have a long way to go, but it’s good to make a start.

  9. I can’t seem to find Iraq or Afghanistan on this list. Can someone explain this? Can someone explain why mothers and fathers and wives lose their loved ones in this sandbox meat grinder? Their lives should be worth more. They aren’t questioning why they are put in harms way, they are doing what they think is right. We should not only be questioning why they are being/were sent there, we should be hanging fuckers who bypassed this Constitutional safeguard so the could try out their new zippy drones.

    Any proof you need that we crossed the Rubicon to banana republic is right there in front of you. Several decades of undeclared war.

  10. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Generals always fight the last wars…….
    Russian military NASTY SUPPRISE in a box for US military EP 2

    • That shit doesn’t exist and never will. Nor will any carrier just sit within a few hundred yards of the shore all alone. That is completely unrealistic and pretty unnecessary. I saw that video several years ago and laughed at it then like I laughed just now.

    • CGI is relatively easy, making it physical is the hard part. Seen this vid before. Which means this is all fiction. The problem with this design is that it exposes the assault platform when small pop up drones for targeting should be used. The unit should be concealed as much as possible, not hovering saying ‘take me out’.

  11. I was with him until he moved into how C2 networks of insurgents ‘outpaced us’, along with his solution (spend more $$$). This is the same symptomatic thinking leading to the overarching issue. Insurgent communications were easily compromised with cheap solutions, as I’ve written about.

    The ground leaders did not lose. ROEs lost. Form over function lost. Snivel Affairs money-funneling programs lost. Left to their own devices, small teams of specialized Infantry (that ‘True Light Infantry’ thing) work shockingly well- I would know, it’s what I did- but that level of autonomy terrifies Brass who’s careers haven’t seen dirt in over a decade and who’s promotion hinges on no bad headlines.

    As per both ‘The Bear Went Over the Mountain’ and ‘The Other Side of the Mountain’, the Soviets actually (mostly) had the right idea and would have succeeded save for that substantial outside help.

  12. How? Simple.

    No real will to fight.


  13. You want to know how they bested us? Here it is: Our Political Leadership betrayed us and our Military Men betrayed their Oath to protect the Constitution from enemy’s foreign and domestic, namely our Political Leadership.

  14. We have been “bested” because the standards of “winning” have been changed to something that militaries are not meant to do. We invaded, wiped out the defending military, and now we basically moved men, machines and supplies at will in Afghanistan, and it was the same, perhaps even more stable, in Iraq before we pulled out. Many people who say we “lost” those wars, I ask “what is your criteria for a win vs a loss?” The answer is never within the realm of what a military is supposed to do. Are we supposed eliminate every single enemy combatant from the battlefields and then force the county into the 21st century? Not possible.

    Militarily, in Iraq and Afghanistan, we won. Everything that came after that is something that militaries weren’t meant to do. Rebuilding and civilizing and all that shit.

    • When the politicians come out and state that the goal of invasion is to “stop terrorism” – and many years later, with trillions of dollars spent , and thousands upon thousands of lives lost …… and the country that you invaded and pissed away all that blood and treasure on – is now a major training center and creator of “terrorists” – you have lost the war.

      Because in the end the final result is that you created the exact thing you went in there claiming you wanted to eliminate.

      • Its way more complicated than that.

        By that measure we lost WW2.
        We defeated one adversary only to facilitate the rise of another more dangerous and evil adversary. You are conflating two phases.

        He is wrong from a military perspective. We won both sandbox affairs.
        We destroyed the military and political systems in place in both countries.
        We killed more enemy than he killed of us
        We continue to occupy, in some shape form or fashion, the battle field in both countries. Scattered their men, heard the lamentations of their women so on so forth.

        Problem is once the military affair is over it devolves into the political affair. Notice I said DEVOLVES.
        We most surely lost the strategic political phase of Iraq.
        The ‘stan is still a bit up in the air with regards to that.

      • Well in Afghanistan, we actually do NOT have an international terrorist organization using it as a safe haven or base of operations. That was one goal.

    • Aye.

      Wanted to pimp slap Powell for his sanctimonious ‘if ya break it, ya gotta fix it’ retort about Iraq/Afghan…as if it was written in stone.
      Don’t remember Pershing saying we needed to rebuild Germany after WWI.
      Although we did spend a lot on the ‘Marshall Plan’, the airlift, and NATO after WWII, don’t remember him saying we needed to rebuild Tokyo and Berlin schools.

  15. thesouthwasrght

    That quote isn’t entirely correct. Remove the bullshit ROE and said goat herders wouldn’t fare nearly as well. Kinda like it will be here when those same toys are turned on the domestic terrorists sans rules.

    • you mean these domestic terrorists?


      but,,, but… but….

      they protect and serve. they’re HEROES!

      Here are the nine reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, February 10, 2017:

      Friars Point, Mississippi: An officer was suspended for three days for threats and intimidation. ow.ly/XWrY308SvyB
      Update: Ely, Minnesota (First reported 11-12-15): An officer who had been suspended indefinitely struck a deal so to resign after he admitted to a sexual relationship with an underage girl. He will receive $15,000 in severance pay. ow.ly/lYIM308SwhB
      Chicago, Illinois: The independent review authority recommended firing an officer who fatally shot motorist Darius Pinex in January 2011. ow.ly/dvde308Sx8B
      Atlanta, Georgia: An officer was arrested after a DUI crash. ow.ly/KgPU308SRRQ
      Richmond, Virginia: An officer was charged with reckless handling of a firearm after a fellow officer filed a complaint. ow.ly/37oc308SS6u
      Indian River County, Florida: A deputy resigned in lieu of termination after an excessive force complaint. Two others were suspended for their actions related to the same complaint. ow.ly/1Dxg308TqnX
      Cleburne County, Arkansas: A deputy was fired after he lied to supervisors about a reported rules violation. ow.ly/3Rdg308TtWJ
      Update: Ault, Colorado (First reported 06-07-16): A now-former officer was acquitted of second-degree murder in a fatal crash that prosecutors alleged was the result of road rage. ow.ly/XEx3308TwXu
      Sarasota County, Florida: A deputy was charged with lying to authorities who were investigating her colleague for attempted murder. ow.ly/IFsT308TxdX

  16. He might be on to something here. Any one operating at a joint level hq knows this reality already. If he keeps this up he will either be blacked balled or wake up dead. Go refreshing read.

  17. I can sum up this excellent article:

    Money, corruption and greed are rampant within the Marine Corps.

    Sadly, the IBW crowd don’t give a shit about the Marines lives that are being risked fighting against a rabble of 4th century goat fuckers.

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  19. “How then…”

    Winning was not a goal from the outset – the goal was and is perpetual war for perpetual profit.

    This was obvious with bushie #1

  20. SemperFi, 0321

    The Neverending War.
    Many of us here know about it, and yet the masses scream for more blood from imaginary enemies. When told the truth, they scream louder to cover up their gullibility, and continue on, wanting to wage war on everything they don’t understand.
    And to think it all started with the school system.

  21. I hate this tired old argument that the military was defeated in Afghanistan. They weren’t. The kill ratio is something on the order of 15-30:1. The Army and Mrine Corps won their mission in Afghanistan. It’s the political war that was lost.

    • Define, ‘winning’ and ‘losing’. Speaking as a Viet Nam vet, the kill ration was great but ……… money spent, KIA on both sides, lives destroyed (on both sides), those who never made it back (again on both sides) and for what? Farm shrimp and clothing?
      Makes me sick but maybe my view of the world and (that) war is skewed: who knows?

  22. Respectfully, Sam, to you and all of those who fought, got hurt, and/or died there, you do remember the NVA reply to the same point forty years ago, right?

    USA officer: We won every engagement in which we met the NVA and the VC.

    NVA officer: That is true. It is also irrelevant.

    The political entity known as the USA which is served by the .mil lost in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

    • in my eye(read the public’s) they got their ass handed to them.

      and we’re(the public) stuck footing the bill for this bullshit.

      NOT a great way to win support for the cause.

      The gubbermint lost me about the first week after they invaded Iraq.
      Then, the cops lost my support about 4 years ago.

      and i was a flag waver. so here’s that.

  23. The Usual Suspect

    All the above ‘ with the exception of the Russian nasty surprise ‘
    are to a certain extent true and correct.

    The young Captain is laying his career on the alter of political
    correctness that has infected the Marine Corps and the other
    branches of service.

    Was are we to do , Surrender ?

    We elected a new President and one of his jobs, with the help of
    Sec. Def. Mattis is to root out the politically correct General Officer
    Corps that Obama placed in command far beyond their capabilities
    as war fighters ,and strictly because of their political reliability.

    As with the stay behind Obama saboteurs in the civilian government
    they must be rooted out and cast aside before anything can move

    Trump must declare outright war against the spy and leakers working
    for the Democrat Party and to the detriment of everyone in this country.
    They are the domestic enemies of this country, that by definition is
    treason and the penalty should be death.

  24. Said speaker is bidding for the Billy Mitchell valor of CMJ with oak clusters. But the man speaks the truth. Hell the damn navy can’t even sortie a brand new $2Bn destroyer without a tugboat at the ready.