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  1. speaking of criminals…

    …The Federal Reserve and their colleagues know that the crash is coming. Your home, your pension, your bank account are all at risk civilian asset forfeiture 2when, not if, the crash comes.The only obstacle in the way of the public theft of private assets is the United States Constitution and the Fifth Amendment. The preactice of Civilian Asset Forfeiture is setting the precedent that the government can steal all of your propert.yWhen this practice began in the 1990’s, the amount of property stolen without due process was in the millions. Today, this practice has grown to a $4.5 billion dollar governmental criminal enterprise…


  2. “…ICE had come and knocked on her door earlier in the day.”

    So apparently all I need to do is wear a blue nylon (raid style) jacket and start knocking on a few doors in immigrant neighborhoods and this will cause mass trembling in fear and eventually send them all back over the border. Wow the power of one smiling white guy who still has all his teeth.

  3. Interesting how these millions of invaders have half the population (or more) of the US on their side. That sort of thing usually means Civil War. The Left has proceeded with this phase for generations. I wonder how they will proceed when the game’s afoot?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “I wonder how they will proceed when the game’s afoot?”

      If history is any sort of example, very aggressively. They’ve been building up to this for a long time.

    • The Great Plains

      There will be no civil war.

      WE (conservatives) have WON!!!

      Mister Trump will CRUSH the Leftist Traders!!!

      The Left are on their last legs and they KNOW it!!!

      Yeah I know that America will soon have a built-in nonwhite majority due to the Immigration Acts of 1965, 1986 and 1990.

      But Mister Trump will somehow undo that, or he will convert the nonwhites to Conservative values.

      Thus, we don’t need to have a mindset of planning for when there is a Socialist majority, because there NEVER will be!!!!!

      We (conservatives/FREEFOR) will NEVER be under siege or oppressed again, now that Mister Trump is POTUS!!!

      Mister Trump will make America great for EVERYONE!!!!! I don’t care if you are black, brown, blue, green, violet or purple!!!!

      Obama will be the LAST Democrat president to be elected because Mister Trump will show Americans of ALL colors that they should vote Republican!

      We need to stop caring about freedoms and the Constitution and allow Mister Trump to have all the federal powers he needs to “black bag” and CRUSH the leftist antifa scum!!!

      We conservatives will be in charge for ever and EVER!!!!

      Government power will NEVER be used against US!!!

  4. The author recommends obedience – even in this age when innumerable laws are passed regulating the minutest factors of human behavior. At some point, reflexively obeying laws just has to be regarded as a fetish.

  5. Another great post from a DOS guy who had to suffer under the Klinton regime. This guy knows his shit.


    Lest we forget, Mexico let German subs re-fuel during WWI and ol’ Adolf offered them the entire US SW in exchange for supporting him in WWII. Mexico was also a hotbed for Third Reich spies in both wars. 

    They have always hated us.

    • You’re still seeing Mexico’s caste system at work to this day and it isn’t surprising that European Spanish Mexicans along the Franco line were sympathetic to Germany and Hitler.

      BTW Mexican Marines just used a minigun to remove a cartel boss.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      There weren’t many Third Reich spies in WWI, as it hadn’t even been invented yet. Also, the promise of US land to Mexico was WWI (via the Zimmerman telegraph), not WW2.

  6. We can expect more of the same, increased by orders of magnitude: more and more articles about how the poor dears are being inconvenienced by ‘living in the shadows,” a complete blackout on any news about crimes committed by the invaders; endless whining, moaning, and shrieking over the harm done to America, Washington State and the whole of humanity by excluding disease carrying barefoot illiterates and criminals; and constant excoriation of those selfish bastards who think they should keep what they earn rather than turning it over to the DNC for redistribution to the tsunami of parasites/larval Democrats.
    What did I miss?

  7. Lets see here. They don’t like Mexico, so they come here by breaking our laws. Then they don’t like America because the law is sending them back.
    Gee motherfuckers, sucks to be you. You made really poor life choices.
    Your here illegally, but you think our laws are wrong and have to be changed to suit your bad choices. But You left your country to begin with because it has bad laws.
    You made two major bad choices.
    All I see is the worst people I want in my country imaginable. They have no respect for anything. Not their country by abandoning it. And my country by invading it. These people are total losers.
    I don’t like a lot of things my country does. But I don’t abandon it then illegally cross into another country, break its laws, then criticize it for not letting me get away with being a criminal.

    All I see is criminals. They knowingly took the risk. Nobody forced them to invade America. They chose, see that word? Chose, to come here illegally. These are the consequences. Tough shit. This is the America they invaded. They don’t like it, we don’t care. Go back and immigrate the right way. Then you can not like America and have the right to say something about it.

    • no one is interested in your logic..

      have you not figured that out yet?

      “nobody interested in learning… ‘cept the teacher.

  8. I’ve always thought the key to the problem was to declare being in the country illegally a criminal felony. In my great state of Florida, it is legal to use deadly force to stop a felony.

  9. Life is hard for illegals?