The New Mexican War


Essential reading.

Polygonal battlespace.

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  1. Excellent. I too have been to Mexico on business and found the Mexicans to be industrious and hard working.

    They are also openly undermining the sovereignty of out country and subverting out laws.

    A squad of 19 year old Marines could close that fucking border in under a week.

    • Who is surprised that blind historians lead the charge?
      Until 19th century US Freemasons waged war on Mexico colluding with home-grown godless revolutionaries, Mexico had higher rates of literacy, more and better hospitals, orphanages, and schools than the USA.
      It is Freemasonry, often called “Judaism for Gentiles,” that turned Mexico into the hellhole it is today.

    • Closer to a full regiment, but the point is well-made.

      Illegals are here because most of TPTB want them here.

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    My “Salute” to those Hombres south of our border:

  3. Yeah, shutting down consulates will fix things.

    Americans will try every possible remedy but the one that works – eliminating welfare. Anything but that!

  4. Aside from a handful of “patriots” “patrolling” the border… and in turn merely calling border patrol when they found illegals… who in turn let them lose to go rape the women and children of this country …. so they can do their 20 years then retire with a pension and healthcare, nada has been done by the People to secure the border. Begging our elected officials who are on the take by the Mexican govt and businesses who profit from illegal labor to go do something is futile and frankly insane.

    Aside from tweets and talk I don’t expect much to be done to improve this – especially since most of congrsss and the senate want open borders ($$$$)

  5. Google “cartel victims”. Click images.

    Mexican bad hombres are very bad news.

    They are an enemy of our nation.

  6. Wrong again! Jamming our courts doesn’t constitute “war”, doomies.

    I know it makes for lots of clicks and hits, but at some point, like Deninger or Zerohedge, screaming “chicken little” day-in and day-out causes you to lose what little credibility you have left, if any.

    • And yet here you are, pobrecito.

      • Hey pal, I’m not the one who shot my “wad” on the bullship, Chicken Little routine over Ebola.

        That was you jerking it to some imaginary threat.

        But hey, if mocking the guy who is right 99% of the time helps you sleep because you can’t prognosticate for the life of you, knock yourself out.

        • Never promised perfection.

          Saw fear in two docs’ eyes re Ebola.

          I’ll put my errors against the body of work.

          What’s your body of work over the past decade, shitbird?

        • You haven’t been right about much of anything since you correctly identified the crap in your diapers at about three years of age.

          Yet you still smeared it all over yourself.

          • we must ban 06 for hurtful words.

            or i will not visit here again.

            i’ll get my freedumb of speech at CNN

            just disgusting. 🙂

            • Mirror, mirror….

              • brother ought six… please, pile on hurtful words. he has revealed the key, to unlock the door for his leaving!
                if necessary, let me know and I’ll help – I’ve got a metric shit ton of hurtful words! then, he won’t visit here again.
                that right there is a win/win…
                and to think, two or three times this week, he’s actually had something relevant to add to the discussion.

              • dude,

                in the words of the mg.

                “you’re way behind the learning curve.”

                “if you’ve been playing poker for more than a half an hour and sill don’t know who the patsy is… you’re the patsy.”

        • People who are right 99% of the time don’t exist in the real world there, Spanky.. You sure are full of yourself,mere mortal. Me, being the god-like figure that I am,despite not having the nomenclature of the biggest shithole in the country,Detroit…am told by mere mortals that I am not right all the time. I want to be just like you. Right all the time .How do we achieve this ,Grasshopper?

        • Yeah, you’re a genius, because President Obozo only managed to import one case of Ebola (which, true to form, doubled inside 21 days – even with American health care), instead of ten or twenty, at which point the BL-4 beds are all full, and what happened in Dallas happens in every hospital, and it goes, well…viral.

          And for a bonus, “survivors” are now known to carry the active disease, apparently for life.

          Ebola will be back again, once bat and bush meat is back on the menu.
          Best wishes on the next round.

          Just because the car slid to a stop inches from the edge, doesn’t mean the canyon isn’t real.


    • The answer to ‘The Flood’ is to move the administrative immigration courts to consulates at point of origin. We automatically kick you out. You get a case id as you leave and you plead your appeal in-country.

      As it is now we assume the burden of proof for someone who would not have standing in a court. Should be the other way around. Admittedly it won’t stop the repeat offender but would lessen the burden on ICE.

    • Your understanding of what constitutes war is in need of an update. This is a 4th gen war. Need to think 4GW paradigm. Or not. Choices are best when they reflect the harsh reality and not the sweet song of the succubus.

  7. Look at it from another perspective.
    Us dirt people, we just want to be left alone, and simply get along with others, make a decent paycheck, and have a plain nice life. We are not asking’ for nuthin’ but what we earned for ourselves. There are none like us.
    But here’s the thing, everyone hates us for one thing or another.
    What gives?
    I don’t get up every morning and decide to invade a foreign country, I don’t try to tax anybody, I don’t drop bombs on someone, I don’t print mountains of monopoly fiat money, I don’t publish lies presented as truth, I don’t fund musloids, I don’t give illegal aliens welfare, I don’t campaign on promises then drop my draws and tell those who voted for me to kiss my ass, I’m not flying 200-300 mid east islamists in the dead of night every night on return cargo planes, I don’t overthrow sovereign countries, yet, I don’t devalue a dollar, if anything I value it, yet everyone hates me, even my government. Because I got a gun? Because I have it to feed and defend my own? Because I get up each day and produce and create something tangible? Because I have a God that teaches humility and grace and charity? Because I’m White? Because all that it MAKES ME privileged!?
    I get that, the hate. Trump is dead nuts right. The world runs on hate. It baths itself in hate. It is replacing everything, hate, it’s making the world spin off it’s axis, hate. Yet, I don’t hate anyone. Some things I don’t like, some things are unacceptable. Some things I refuse to put up with. Some things are worth changing, but who am I to say really. And some things, well that’s the way it is. Accept it, move on.
    But what I see, it is going to come down to us dirt people having to set things right. Who else is there? Who else? There isn’t anybody else. Us dirt people, through the entire history of mankind, that everyone hates, we are the only people who ever effect positive change in this world.

    It isn’t hate I feel, it is anger, cold hard quiet anger. Not because I think this crazy fucked up world and it’s remedies will fall in the laps of us dirt people. That’s just what will happen, and I can choose to be a part of it, or not. I can’t change any of that, only the ground around my feet, my castle, my land, it’s all I can do anything to change.
    It isn’t anger in a way, it is a mix of disgust, fed upness, disgust at the waste of it all, fed up with this fucking drama, fed up with having to pay for all this fucking stupidity, it’s a fucking circus world of immature spoiled shit stirring selfish seriously fucked up brats.
    And when everyone who hates me because I’m a dirt person starts fucking with me personally like they all have been threatening and hinting at, I think I’m going to be one of the dirt people who decide fuck this, fuck that, fuck being the worlds whipping goat, fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you, because fuck you thats why, and I’m not going to give a fuck about anything or anybody but my fellow dirt people, I’m going to tear it down, I’m going to burn it all to the fuckin’ ground, I’m gonna have no mercy, no compassion, my give it shit won’t exist. I won’t be alone. I know. I can see the same cold rage kept under lock and key in others. A resolve like no other. It’s just a thing there under the mask. There’s no words needed. It is what it is. When us dirt people let this thing loose, it will be terrible like nothing anyone knows about.

    For you fucking peeping perverts and agent provocateurs, you fucking trolls, you shit stirrers, best run to your boss’s, tell em’ you best be asking yourselves if you want this thing let loose. Your fucking with something you have no idea how bad it is. You all better think on this real careful like, I’m telling you all, you don’t want the dirt monster out. It’s ruthless, it doesn’t care, it has no feelings, it is fearless, it is destruction of everything in its path. It won’t stop till it decides it’s ready to stop because the dirt monster is all that can stop the dirt monster.

    • Fred Seymour, Jr.

      You are not alone forge….. A white hot vengeance is coming!

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      could not have said it better, Brother mtnforge!

      LOUD & CLEAR

    • Just fucking brilliant.

      Testify! Witness! Signify the enemy! Sound the Warning! Call the Remnant!

      Preach on, Brother, and may God continue to bless and inspire you!

      You can share my fighting position anytime, anywhere.

      • you old hypocrite.

        Hate Hate HATE!

        LOVE. IT.

        • Hate?

          100-200 mllion dead. Your fondest wish, repeated ad nauseum.

          That’s HATE you bilious festering suppository of braying jackassery

          • I’m a realist.

            • Then accept the reality that you’re one sick motherfucker.

              Predicting a future that you see as likely, in a dispassionate reasoned way, is not the same as faunching for it with slavering lips and mad glee, demanding it as some sort of comeuppance for all those “murkins” you so callously hate and so backhandedly dismiss as worthless and deserving of the worst death imaginable. You, of course, being superior to them/us
              so as to be worthy not only of survival but to thrive and prosperous upon our demise.

              That is why you are nearly universally despised and mocked hereabouts.

              Not that you care or know the difference, or see the danger to your own well being……

              • you know what they say

                if your taking flak, you right over target. 🙂

                bombs away!

              • ’06,

                “….you’re one sick motherfucker.”

                You are correct re: tfA-t. He is also a coward of the highest sort. However, you, as I have done too often, are only feeding the troll. There is NOTHING you can remark here against scum like tfA-t and the Stormfronters the blog author encourages.

                Save your BP for things more pertinent to your daily life than trying to reason with tfA-t. Assholes like him and the sociopath Haxo//ETC/ETC/ETC/Ad Infinitum will always be right. You will always be wrong.

                Besides, what you read here by the tfA-ts and the Haxos is akin to the Antifa assholes rioting, burning and looting while the cops, in the guise of the blog author, stands idly by encouraging the tfA-ts and the Haxos and the continuing onslaught by the Stormfronters. For me, WRSA has become nothing more than a branch of The Daily Stormer. And the Jewish blog author encourages and accepts the onslaught.

                You are an intelligent man. Your remarks are always sensible and righteous. Your insight into events has been rewarding for me. But, as I wean myself from visiting/commenting here, I suggest you consider the same. The juice is no longer worth the squeeze.

    • This is the most perfect answer that I have ever seen on the internet. There is nothing that would take away or add to this. It is exactly how I feel and exactly what I want to say to them all.

    • Epic

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “we are the only people who ever effect positive change in this world.”

      And now you know why the hate exists. Nobody likes the guy who upsets their apple cart.

    • Spot on. The Muzzies, the Africans, they have nice little wars. Very nice. Last time I checked when we Caucasians, especially of the Scotch-Irish or Prussian variety, get our dander up whole continents go up in flames. Trust me, its in the history books well back into the 14th century. But go ahead and keep poking us with that stick.

    • “I’m not flying 200-300 mideast islamists in the dead of night every night on return cargo planes”. No, you are not. But UPS might still be shuttling them around on their overnight flights.

    • Well all you guys, it is an honor knowing you all. Knowing, we, are not alone.
      I keep thinking, Matt Bracken is right about a lot of things, but he was more right about some things than others.
      I think we all understand who and what Phil Carson is.
      I think good Ol’ Matt got that more right than anything.

      If there was one thing that really symbolized this, it would be what Phil Carson symbolizes. Every grass roots zeitgeist needs a symbol. The Alt-Right has pepe, thats a good one too, it’s sublime. The red diaper babies got Che’, and as those things go, it is fitting, he was a fucking scummy dirty little shit stirring prick who died just how he deserved. Just like his admirers are and deserve.

      But Phil Carson, he is a hard man to quantify. Some men define something in no uncertain terms. They are larger than life. The reluctant insurgent if one could be found. A man who knows right from wrong without ever having to justify it. Because there is nothing to justify when it comes to this shit. It’s whats got to be done and when the time comes you do it.
      I think we all have come to terms killin’ time is getting near. Sometimes you just got to oblige your avowed enemies with total prejiduce.

    • The Great Plains

      A new drinking game…

      Read mtnforges posts and every time he mentions the following phrases, take a drink.

      1. “The Great Fuck You” – (take two drinks if all words are capitalized)

      2. dirt people – (again, take two drinks if both words are capitalized)

      3. Some variation of “the Left is desperate and on the verge of destruction” or “the left is terrified” or “the left is in panic since Trump was elected” or “the left knows that this is their last stand” or “the Left is a paper tiger” – (These exact words are not necessary. Take one drink if some version of these phrases or a phrase with similar meaning occurs. Take FOUR drinks if these phrases occur verbatim.)

      4. fuck

      5. Uprising/Revolt/Revenge of the dirt people – (take two drinks if all words are capitalized)

      6. cold anger/rage/hate

      7. The Trumpening (take two drinks if Trumpening is capitalized).

      You’ll be drunk by the second paragraph.

  8. yes YES.

    I’m going to tear it down, I’m going to burn it all to the fuckin’ ground, I’m gonna have no mercy, no compassion, my give it shit won’t exist. I won’t be alone.


    heh heh heh

    • Oh please.
      You’re going to sit in your mommie’s basement screaming for more Ovaltine and peanut-butter & banana sandwiches while you type responses here and play World of Warcraft until your heart explodes or you have a stroke.

      Like a Geico commercial, it’s just what you do.

    • There is the hard way and the easy way. The hard way is what Trump suggests. Unless of course you like MIBs. The easy way is to just legalize the damn drugs. If there is no profit in it there will be no cartels and the reason for the MIBs to exist disappears in a big way.

      It would require families to take responsibility to steel their children against drug use. Somehow though I don’t think we will take that freedom loving choice.

      • Yeah? Legalize? how did that work out in Colorado? Oh, wait, the Cartels took over the legal production and distribution of drugs!!!! WTF???

        STFU for a change. You’re world view sucks donkey penis.

      • “It would require families to take responsibility to steel their children against drug use.”

        If you think legalizing “drugs” is the way to go, and that “parental control” is the bulwark, I invite you to review the purposeful destruction of parental control, the brainwashing of several generations, the moral degradation to the most selfish and hedonistic levels…. but we all know the despicable list in excruciating detail.

        Adding “legal” heroin, cocaine, meth and who knows what’s next to this devil’s brew absent the kind of society we can only imagine, or remember, is not only no solution, it is gas on the Hellfire.

        “Somehow though I don’t think we will take that freedom loving choice.”

        Does that even require a response given Reality?

        However, Freedom/Liberty does not equal license/libertinism/hedonism, otherwise known as self destruction.

        • How has The War On Some Drugs worked over the past 45 years?

          • We all know how that has not worked but that is non responsive to my comments above. And to beat the drop, I don’t have a good solution. In the present context, there likely isn’t one. Until we fry the vastly bigger fish we’re facing, we haven’t a prayer to solve this one. A whole bunch of y’all are always counseling how desperate and precarious our situation is. Right. So now we’re social workers into the “bargain?”

            How do you think adding “legal” mind altering, physically debilitating and, yes, soul destroying addictive drugs to the present cultural/moral morass will benefit anyone but the .gov, which will be taxing said addictions while promoting and taxpayer funding “treatment facilities”?

            The fella I was responding to proposed “parental control” as the antidote…

            How’s that been working out for the last 50+ (however you reckon it) years?

            And to beat the drop, I don’t have a good solution. In the present context, there likely isn’t one. Until we fry the vastly bigger fish we’re facing, we haven’t a prayer to solve this one. A whole bunch of y’all are always counseling how desperate and precarious our situation is.

            Right. So now we’re social workers into the “bargain?”

            Tell me again where I’m wrong in what I actually wrote above and here, not with some anarchist meme quote.

            • It would accelerate the collapse and The Great Winnowing.

              A loooong time ago (modern era), a wise man once said the goal was to survive the First Die-Off.

              The sooner that enough good-enough people have felt real pain (of the kind not experienced on this continent since 1864-1865; the good news is that what is coming will be worse than what Germany and the East experienced from 1944-1950), those who remain will be more willing to do what is needed.

              Without the requisite level of pain, the Reds will continue to march and the putative Whites will continue to self-restrain.

              More pain, sooner.

              Stopping the foolish drug war (by de facto decrim, not legalization/tax parasitizing) will help in the winnowing.

              • Well that’s where we part company, CA.

                I am doing what little I can, and will keep on doing so, to prevent or mitigate “The Great Winnowing” rather than to aid and abet it.

                Who is the greater fool…?

                He who seeks and encourages the “inevitable?” in the hope of some completely unknowable outcome (unintended consqs.)?

                Or he who seeks to deflect and diminish it?

                I don’t think it is written in stone or that you are in possession of transmissions from the future that, absent Armageddon, the reds win.

                How is it that most of us must die to prevent that?

                If most of us die, the reds have already won.

                Why don’t we “Just Win.” Haven’t I read that hereabouts every other day?

                Let’s do it to them, before they, or one of the likely great calamities can do it to us?

                See… Reds dead. Calamity comes. Some of us rebuild. Without Them.

                Right now, it’s numerically, maybe, half and half. I’m betting on our half. I’ll let Mt Forge tell why.

                • I ain’t been doing any this krep over the last 13 years for my looks.

                  I just don’t see how FUSA will escape a Winnowing (or why it should), nor do I see how, with the to-be-Winnowed empowered with the franchise yet no education and little intelligence, their political enfranchisement and participation benefits me in any way.

                  It’s what makes a horse race.

                  • What is just at the horizon, Pete, is a reckoning. Wheat will indeed be winnowed from chaff; but what arrives first – perhaps has even already begin, as the left demonstrates its ‘wisdom and tolerance’; is the harbinger of the reckoning.
                    You’ve said it best. We’ve got a fight coming. Let’s win.
                    Ain’t gettin’ no younger.

          • What “war”?

            Assumes facts not in evidence.

            We’ve fought wars; I’ve seen the newsreels.
            Kindly show us the newsreels of us fighting a war on drugs.
            Which divisions did we send?

            What I’ve seen is us occasionally using harsh language.
            The drug “war” is about like the Berkeley protesters “war”.

            People keep using that word; I do not think it means what they think it means.

        • because we all know alcohol is more better.

        • I say legalize the drugs. Since most of the drug users are disaffected leftists, it seems like a sound plan to kill most of them off without a lot of shooting. Let ’em all OD, the country would be the better for it. There can be no .gov paid for “rehab” programs. Let the churches drain their coffers in an attempt to “save” them. Otherwise I intend to step over their decaying corpses in the park when I am out doing PT. Yeah there will be some losses on our side, but the bulk of the losses will be on the left. No war is ever won without casualties on all sides.

          Grey Ghost

  9. Needs no explanation:

    Look at the comments. Key takeaway is that 80% of even Breitbart readers are generally clueless about what’s really going on.


  10. European American
  11. I suspect the evolutionary incaution, ignorance, complacency & apathy we all saw coming for years has come to roost. The Technocrats have lost, don’t have any more game & only the limited tools to Terrorize america at this point. If get the Bankers out of the system we would have a better chance of peace.

    Here’s some decent reads for those inclined & out of Plato’s Cave.
    A Tale of Two Transhumanists

    Triumph of the Technocrats

    Sorry if these were already posted.

  12. I didn’t see this posted in the comments above, so I wanted to reiterate: fuck Mexico.

  13. So, how’s that border wall going?

    Has construction started yet?

    Surely RFPs have been issued?

    Any day now….