War Warnings






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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Think that michael oman-reagan from the third article “Hate Machine” by Razor, is one of those antifas. Note the logo with the three downward and to the left pointing arrows. There was an article on infowars from yesterday, “University Socialist Club Incites Kids to ‘Kill Trump’.” It has, at almost the end of the article, a picture of the antifa international logo or flag for anyone who may be intetested in seeing it.

  3. “I don’t know of a civilization in the history of the world that’s been able to solve its problems when half the people in a country absolutely hate the other half of the people in that country.”

    …absolutely hate 2/3’s of the people in that country-even if they don’t yet know it.


  4. What the “right” (the other Left) needs is Brownshirts.

    Oh… Wait. Scratch that. That would mean organization, discipline, and following orders. And a Party.


    • Facile snark, devoid of any real content.

      G’ahead, Papist Knight… tell us what you really want.


    • “Oh… Wait. Scratch that. That would mean organization, discipline, and following orders. And a Party.”

      You forgot to ad, “with me and the rest of the adults in charge”.

      There fixed it for ya.



      • Thanks, Wes. And let me add, kudos for that entry on home schooling.

        If you did all that you wrote for your kids, you are a genuine hero. I doubt there are 100 such as you in the world. I we had 100k parents like you, we could take back the culture and the country in a decade.

        Thanks, again.

        • Thank you oughtsix

          Yes we have done that for our kids, two in college and two more to go, but I’m really nothing special, I have to give the lions share of the credit to my wife, she gave up, and is giving up, the most to be their teacher.

          Most of what I taught them we considered fun, she was stuck with teaching the tough to teach subjects.


      • Do it yourself then. We’ll watch./ S//

        • “We’ll watch.”

          Right. Just like you’ve been doing since you we’re ETSed.

          We who?

          Y’know, leadership, discipline, organization… all the shit you yap about and never DO.

          But then, since we will NEVER cop to your bullshit monarchy, you’ll just sit on your ass and snipe.

        • No, you won’t watch because you’ll still be off in a corner playing with yourself and telling yourself and the other “adults” how special you all are and how the rest of us are doing it wrong,


          the rest of us are actually out doing something.

          With the possible exception of your much touted and supposed / S// skills, I’d stack my kids skills set up against yours in the real world any day of the week and I have no doubt they’d spank your ass so hard you have to go cry to one of the adults about them not playing fair.

          Give me a break, so far all I’ve seen from you is cheap chin music.


    • Such groups exist. Wait until Lefties try shit in a Red state & red county. Right now the Left is burning down their own strongholds, why try to stop them?

      • ‘zackly.

        Someone should both encourage them to go farther, and simultaneously start taking out Berkeley, piece by piece, while blaming it on the kids.
        Then sit back and watch TPTB hunt down the radical Left, while the Right snickers from the peanut gallery.

        This is why and how drug cartels rat each other out.

    • Don’t forget the permits and background checks… gotta have those sacred cows of the right or you can’t play.

    • I would propose, not Brownshirts, but the Krypteia.

  5. Latest from zero hedge “Random Mar-A -Logo Guest Posts Selfie With “Nuclear Football” Briefcase”. Hilarious and terrifying all at the same time.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yeah, because the guys who handle that sort of thing love to commit career suicide for nothing.

  6. Where did I hear, “Harden your hearts, strengthen your mindz, and toughen your bodies..”…or something like that…

  7. The Great Plains

    I don’t want to make America great again.

    I want to make America FREE again.

    The Soviet Union was great. The Roman Empire was great. Persia was great. China IS great.

    No thanks. I don’t need greatness.

    Freedom is all I want.

  8. Centurion_Cornelius

  9. The Great Plains

    Western civilization WAS murdered by infiltrators and subverters who gradually gained control, and who became unassailable after World War 2.

    And we all know who they are.

    In just a few decades, we went from THIS:







    To THIS:









    Nice work Sir Winston, well done.

  10. Ok that ^^^^^ didn’t work. They were supposed to appear as images, not URLs.

  11. Jimmy the Saint

    Gotta disagree with “One;” it’s just another of those “we’re on the cusp of a Permanent Conservative Majority” blatherings that were common in Dubya’s first term.

    The Left isn’t attacking because they’re scared. They’re attacking because they think they can win it all right now, or in the immediate future. They’re attacking because they can see how they can take total power and annihilate their enemies. They don’t mind losing battles to win the war – in fact, they’re very good at using them to rally around. Meanwhile, every time the Right wins a skirmish or two, they start trying to declare total victory and demobilize.

    • They are worried because they think Trump is the real deal, that he knows what is up and plans to change things. I am pretty sure this is correct. If he greatly simplifies the tax code, reigns in hedge funds/ fed reserve, and Makes America White Again, we will know for sure.

      If Jeb had won, they wouldn’t be acting like this because they’d know The Plan was still being advanced, just more slowly than under Hillary.

      • I wish to God you were right sir, however the sheer number of Goldmanites in his cabinet tell me you are not. He is now commander in chief, the country has been invaded. Send Mexico a warning that we will declare war if the invasion doesn’t cease. Build the wall using unemployed former vets. Man the wall with recently returned vets. Then head to our other ports of call for illegals, (Port of LA, Port of SF and Port of NY) and shut it the fuck down. Then begin deporting everyone who doesn’t belong here legally. No legal recourse to be here? Sorry you are going home. Business owners hiring illegals fined heavily the first time and money goes to deportation funding. Second offense = jail time.

        Let me know when he does ANY of this.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Like as not, the Left would still be doing this if Jeb had won. These are the same people who considered milquetoasts like Dubya and Romney to be “right wing fanatics”. The big difference between Trump and Jeb is that the Right wing establishment hates Trump – so the forces arrayed against him are bigger.

    • Disagree, Jimmy.
      This is pants-wetting panic on their part.
      Nothing they’re trying is working. Absolutely nothing.
      They’re being rabbit-punched by Trump from ten different directions.

      Coupled with a bunch of kids raised since age 12 to 20 on nothing but President Sugar Daddy telling them they can have everything they want, unicorns powered by love pooping strawberry-scented welfare checks forever, eat cake for breakfast and not get cavities, stay up all night and not suffer, do bong hits all night and still get paid like they had actual useful jobs, and if they didn’t get these things, it was The White Man keeping them down.

      Now, The ultimate white Man is in charge, telling them to pull up their pants, turn their hat around, put the bong down, get a haircut, and get a job, and they’re completely losing their shit. And those tantrums aren’t working wither.

      The Dirt People made Trump, and the Left has nothing that will derail him, because they never anointed him in the first place.

      It’s a hard thing when the kid tells the Emperor and his minions they’re all naked.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        What panic? A lot of this stuff was set in motion before Trump was even a candidate.

        That’s not to say that there aren’t individual Leftists, and even some groups, that aren’t melting down – there are. But the Left as an institution? Nah, they’re not worried. They know he’s only one guy and can only do so much damage.

        • I’ve seen no evidence of such, but feel free to lay out the case.

          Did you catch the recent news that His Holiness, Emperor For LIfe Obozo Soetoro I, hisownself, is essentially setting up a White House government-in-exile?

          These are not the behaviors of rational people.

  12. The Usual Suspect

    In total war you attack the head of the beast.
    Obama is guilty of many treasonous activities
    and should be held accountable for his acts.

    That would destroy the lefts ability to foment
    revolution or force them into outright violence
    on a massive scale, hopefully !