Brushbeater: Situational Awareness and Wargaming Your AO


“Time to get serious” is receding rapidly in your rear-view mirror.

Time to get ready for that indistinct crowd of angry people closing on your position.



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  1. Situational Awareness one can never have too much of that in any AO.

    The Biggie!

  2. What are the Pols in your AO going to do? You know, the Mayor, the CoP, the sheriff, the governor in a crunch time. It will define whether you are in a bilateral (you vs BLM), trilateral (you vs BLM/CoP) or quadlateral force arrangement (you/sheriff vs BLM/NG). Wargaming that can be just as critical.

  3. Situational Awareness.

  4. So, what do real commie killers actually look like?

    Ever ask yourself, “What does a historical example of a highly successful commie carpet-stomping look like, and what sort of people does it take to flat wade into the murdering commies with a smile on their face, and a twinkle in their eye?”

    The Origins of the Freikorps: A Reevaluation, by Scott, University of Sussex Journal of Contemporary History, 1 (2000)

    PDF document (10 pages) can be found at the link below:

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Huge difference between WW1 shock troops and Rambo wannabes. Try to imagine what kind of OJT (on the job training) those guys got, compared to where we are today. Our highly trained militias can’t even put their cell phones down for 3 minutes and pay attention, let alone sleep and fight in the mud for months on end.
      The main word that comes to mind in what we lack today, cohesion. Somewhere it got lost, doesn’t exist anymore, and that same meaning was instilled in us Leathernecks as Gung Ho. We were taught to pull together, the same thing that we learned in Recon, running with rubber boats on our shoulders, or that the SEALs learn from their telephone pole PT. Today’s society cares about nothing but itself on an individual level, and until someone gets run over by an Antifa mob, they won’t understand, you better find some team before they come back and really fuck you up.
      Meanwhile, the learning curve will be painful.

  5. “Because if you’re a regular scanner junkie, notice things getting worse in your area socially….”

    …Rampant drug violence. Shootings most every night. Random acts of violence against the populace…hatred of police….<– the left wing's wet dream.

    The tipping point will be when some well trained citizen pulls his Sig and proceeds to thin the herd rather than be a victim.

    • Got a ping from a friend this afternoon. In his AO, shots into a residence does not equal immediate police response.

      • Well then I guess it’s already begun :-/
        Time to implement ‘A failure of civility’ protocol?

        • Not the first time, but in this hive, this morning saw a backpack
          thrown about next to a bushy area with discards about, including
          a gps, phone, plastic bag with id’s, credit cards etc., then upon
          seeing name on business card noticed it belonged to neighbor
          a block away. Went over to his house to tell him I found his stuff.
          Crime = A thief in the night broke into his pick-up and grabbed
          his backpack (which I told him, as I tell others), don’t leave your
          stuff in the car. His go-pro camera was gone plus some other stuff.

          3 days ago it happened to another young man studying here, but
          he must of listened to my advice when he first arrived from Penn
          when I told him NOT to leave stuff in the car.

          As I’ve been saying for the past years, It is going to get worse, and
          the only solution is “guard duty” with shifts. At least one man
          firewatch per two square blocks, preferably on bike or golf cart etc.
          for faster turnaround lookout/response time. These crimes happen
          in seconds/minutes, not only at nightime/am times, but during the day also, including home breaking/entering/theft. In fact, about two weeks
          ago I spotted a young man off his bike attempting to get ready
          to break into a neighbors Security Work Van; whereby I walked straight
          to him and just stood in front of him and looked at him non stop, then
          after a couple of minutes, he crossed the street and I followed him
          and offered him the same look (mouth shut), until he freaked out
          and left in a hurry constantly looking back. Then after continuing my
          walk, saw his again coming around the other side of the block until
          he saw me and made his u-turn on bike and headed off again.
          (he definitely had an “encarnate) on that security van). If I would
          have caught him attempting/breaking in, it would have been another story.
          You know – PeeSee (Probable Cause).


          “Every man to his family and his belongings”

          • Good on you Paulo for doing the right thing.

            -I observed a guy sitting at the intersection in front of my house taking pictures out the window. I went out and he drove up the hill. Ooops! No outlet up there. I stopped him in the road as he came back and asked him why he was taking pictures of my house. He claimed he wasn’t and was doing some BS for real estate. I demanded ID which he handed over. I took a photo of it and asked him to leave.
            -We had a neighborhood watch notice about a black woman in a car stalking kids in our neighborhood. Well I ran that bitch out of the neighborhood, called the cops and they picked her up for violating a restraining order.
            -I saw an at least teenage black boy, hoodie up, very slow walking the street. Naturally his ass was hanging out of his pants. (We didn’t have any black families in this neighborhood at the time.) I walked out and asked who he was and what he was doing. He mumbled something and which I asked him to repeat. He did and told me he was visiting a friend. I called BS on that and informed him that slow walking my neighborhood looking like he did was guaranteed to draw attention.
            -Went out one morning and found gold spray paint down the side of my car with FU written in it. Subsequently found out the neighbors kids truck had a big scrape down the side. I opened a facebook ‘tip line’ and put flyers in everyone’s mailbox. Eventually my putz next door neighbor told me he saw the kid that did the damage to the truck. I called the state police and the most evil looking muscle bound black cop I’d even seen showed up and paid the little sob a visit. He stopped by and told me we wouldn’t be having any more trouble from him and the grandma paid for repairs to the truck.

            There were a few more…but you get the idea. I don’t tolerate fuckery too well. Just wish my neighbors weren’t such a bunch of wooses.

      • Things like this give birth to the sign on the front gate that reads: We Don’t Call 911.

      • I wonder what the response time would be if the shots were in-bound a police precinct?


    Something else is also happening, People are tending to spend more money on needful things, such as food, long-term survival items and other needful things. Chains are closing all over Amerika.

  7. What do you get when you give a Liberal a Gun ?

    A Communist.

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  9. She gets one vote same as you:

  10. “Though wise men at their end know dark is right, Because their words had forked no lightening they. Do not go gentle into that good night Good men, the last wave by,crying how bright. Their frail deeds might, have danced in a green bay. Rage,rage against the dying of the light.” Dylan Thomas 1947. Written by a neurotic,alcoholic Welshman. Do not submit willingly and gracefully to the boot of oppression. Make a statement with your deeds and actions. Educate,train and pursue a legacy of being a righteous man,true to his word,,Show value and substance in your presence and brotherhood.Your word being your bond. Your bond being an unbreakable force,,capable of reaping the power and commitment of the righteous man. Know in your mind and heart that we are all mortal and finite.Make a positive difference..Stand over the bloated ,rotting corpse of your vanquished foe. Grind them into the earth. Today was not your day to die..

  11. To many good comments above to count. The collapse was not avoided, it was simply camouflaged to look like SNAFU, when in fact we are at the far right edge of TARFU entering FUBAR.

    In other news, the deep state continues to eat itself from within.
    “Sitting back and letting shadowy, unaccountable agents of espionage do the job for us simply isn’t an acceptable alternative.”

    Heck of job Brownie.

  12. Guys Guys Guys take the signs DOWN! Gates and fences is one thing, when you go in front of a jury. But those signs now make it premeditated!

    Read Branca’s book, the law of self defense.

    After reading this mine all came down. Kept gate and fences.