CHS: While Elites Played Empire, America Fell Apart

>Collapse of the American Empire: Swift, Silent, Certain


Don’t worry, though.

These guys have the lifetime economic output potential to square all of financial carnage left by their elders, PLUS make a great life for themselves.

shambling mall lampreys

Oh, yeah.

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  1. the blonde has a pretty good chance of doing well.

    Jack n Jill went up the hill
    each with a buck and a quarter.

    Jill came down with $2.50.


  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. The Obama “war on coal” has shut down a lot of low-cost energy and just holding hands & singing happy songs will not bring back that low cost electricity. I just hope and pray that President Trump can undo some of the disaster Obama screw-ups. This former GREAT Nation still has some hope left. I am in favor of building that wall and if the Somali Pirates were so bad out in the ocean, just wait until you have some of the Somali Pirates living right down the street from you and me. Get more ammo.

  4. Good article, but a little behind the curve and missing some cause and effect.

    First off – back before the Iraq war had even started I was giving people shit about the fact that the war was 1) Going to be lost. 2) going to cost WAY more than they were claiming , and : 3) If we were intent on pissing money away, we’d be far better off pissing it away on energy infrastructure that would allow us to tell the AyeRabs to take their oil and fark off.

    Secondly – the concrete isn’t spalling because the rebar is rusted. It’s spalling because the building was thrown together on the cheap, the concrete got saturated during freeze / thaw cycles and eventually broke apart – and now the underlying rebar reinforcement is getting exposed to the weather and is going to rust thru.

    Cause and effect – have to get it right.

    • Once we pass the 30% mark on revenues being spent on entitlements and interest, it would be questionable if those who are still working/producing can keep up with paying the taxes at all local/state/federal levels.

      • GS,not only is it questionable but are folks in any way even willing to be productive at that rate,beyond local efforts.

        • That’s a side effect that almost NEVER gets factored into the equation.

          Once people start figuring out they’re getting screwed – they just slow down their work. Every slave labor based system ALWAYS has to grapple with this – almost never does – and therefore collapses.

          The Germans found this out near the end of the war when they started employing so much slave labor just to keep things going. People are innovative – they will go out of their way to find ways to screw you over – when they know you are screwing them. Read some of the accounts of German war production during 1944 and 1945 – tanks would go out with just enough bolts installed so that they would make it out into the field before stuff started falling off.

          Going back 15-20 years I settled on a strategy of setting up a constant barrage of information to all of the fools around me on how badly the “system” is screwing them. I figured sooner or later the work slowdown would cause the whole thing to crumble.

  5. FrozenPatriot

    That pic of the misguided yutes could’ve been taken on on any of five continents. It’s not just America that fell apart.

    It’s really too bad the .mil and LEO types didn’t hold up their end of the we-build-society-and-pay-you-to-defend-the-constitution deal, but instead they unquestioningly embraced all the kill-brown-people adventures offered to them by the elites…

  6. (((Joshua Good))) and his rainbow millennial friends, on a Fulton St. rooftop, 9/11/01:

    …interesting remarks and noises…

    these were among the first generation, via the Reds Long March Through the Institutions, to have experienced a complete K-12 dumb-out, de-moralization, queering, and collectivizing. And there’s no evidence they or their successors have improved since.

  7. Centurion_Cornelius

    That pic of “Snowflakes” enjoying selfies and other self-absorbed narcissistic endeavors (and producing nada) runs on ELECTRICITY made by COAL POWERED generators:

    …working the seam..


  8. It’s not that the rocks weren’t on the charts; it’s that no one wants to look at the map.

    • Don’t forget free sex change operations for convicted murderers serving life sentences. That’s a very high priority to our leaders under the Golden Dome.

  9. Not only do the young people have the lifetime economic output potential to square all of the financial carnage left by their elders, I’m sure that they’ll be more than happy to do so. After all it’s only fair, and they love their country and their fellow man so much they’ll do it with nary a complaint.
    But there’s even more room for optimism. I’m certain all the resettled refugees that they’ve been so welcoming to will be glad to pitch in and help as a way of saying thanks for all the love they’ve been shown.
    We stand at the precipice of a brave new world, where love trumps hate. Enjoy!

  10. you mean like this kind of “fell apart”?

    The video was used as part of an “Advanced Special Operations Combating Terrorism” course offered at JSOU earlier this year, for a lesson on “The Emerging Terrorism Threat.” JSOU is operated by U.S. Special Operations Command, the umbrella organization for America’s most elite troops. JSOU describes itself as geared toward preparing special operations forces “to shape the future strategic environment by providing specialized joint professional military education, developing SOF specific undergraduate and graduate level academic programs and by fostering special operations research.”

    but the poLICE are the good guys….

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      Saw those items & am wondering why there’s (so far) so little comment about them from WRSA attendees given their obvious historical relevance.


  11. ‘Misallocation’? Are you freaking kidding me!

    This is grand theft, larceny and money laundering on friggen global scale!!

    And along comes the Trump….decrying all the shit in this article and he’s vilified, mocked, ridiculed, obstructed and attacked relentlessly by the ‘media’ (cough, cough) and the communist leftists. What we need to do is remove the obstructionists by force if necessary and clear the streets of violent protests.

    This shit is for real and THE metric by which the current generations will be judged by history.

  12. This election and support of potus is one of the last peaceful means available to people,even though it is probably too late and some kind of hard reset is coming.

  13. Let’s not blame the youth for the stupidity, corruption, and waste of the last 15 years. These kids were about 5 years old when that time period began.
    And if their “education” and upbringing haven’t prepared them adequately for the world, that isn’t entirely their fault either. What these kids need to do is to prepare to take over the government and get some revenge on the previous two generations who have allowed the country to be destroyed.

    A few modest proposals: mandatory assisted euthanasia for anyone over 70 who isn’t financially independent. Shutoff of Social Security after 5 years. No Medicare for anyone over 70. No foreign aid. Closing of 90% of foreign military facilities. Control of borders, use military if necessary. Firing squad for anyone who has served in government over 20 years of the last 40. Forced labor on the nation’s infrastructure for food stamp recipients. No one with dual citizenship allowed in government service. Repudiate the national debt. Artillery barrages to destroy all facilities of the Federal Reserve. I’m sure they’ll think of some other common sense solutions on their own.

    • Not picking on the kids. You can’t know if not taught.

    • POd American

      “A few modest proposals”. I’ll assume that you’re in one of the elimination categories mentioned!

    • Genius, Donnie.
      How do you figure the rest of the .mil you want to bring home will feel about being shot for doing their 20 years’ service in the last 40?
      What about the retired military (with all them guns) who’ve been double-dipping since putting in their 20 or 30 years?
      You figure they’ll just line up for the dirt nap, or maybe feel a bit froggy?

      And given the choice between following their own officers and NCOs in that category, or you and the mob, which way do you figure the rest of the .mil will break, at that point??

      Think, dammit.

      • Cassandra (of Troy)


        Donnie’s ‘simple solutions’ remind me of those spewing from the anti-Calif & anti-2A cultists.

        “Think, dammit.”

        From those who make such proposals what you ask may be beyond their abilities, Aesop.

    • Excellent, Donnie! Spoken like a true communist.

    • i like your thinking Donnie.

      but, wouldn’t it be easier and more humane to just take out the Grid?
      then the truly useless of all ages would perish. 🙂

      or would that interrupt your tv programs?

    • When people who haven’t read or heard of Swift get butthurt over a Swift reference they misunderstand. Sometimes I shudder at the loss of culture even if our side wins this conflict. Could probably take Russia in winter by land if this level of exertion toward ideological cannibalism was applied in a single direction. Eh, I’ll see y’all in the shallow ditch when it finally hits home. Maybe we can finally learn to cooperate in hell…

    • “A few modest proposals: mandatory assisted euthanasia for anyone over 70 who isn’t financially independent.”

      Are you related to tfa-t in any way?

    • “..What these kids need to do is to prepare to take over the government and get some revenge on the previous two generations who have allowed the country to be destroyed..”

      Nope, they just need to wipe the lies and propaganda and indoctrination that they’ve received up to this point that ‘gov/authority’ exists and is legitimate.
      Revolution isn’t necessary..(self defense against the cult members of the state is another matter)…just stop believing in the ‘myth’ and stop supporting it! No need to ‘take over’ jack shit, let alone ‘taking revenge’..waste of energy as well as insane and counterproductive.

      Larken Rose: Government is an Illusion

      A Message to the Voting Cattle – Larken Rose

      Young people ARE open to the idea of living in voluntary association with other people, one just has to start the conversation…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty and anarchy!
      NorthGunner III

  14. Say there, Donnie, them is some right interesting proposals you got there. After you get done thinning out the older elements of the herd, recall if you will that; A: A great many of these older and guilty (of not getting things right for the next generation) have what we sometimes call, relatives. These relatives sometimes form strong attachments to these old people, and you may find them recalcitrant to sentence them to misery and death, because you say so. B: A great many of these old and guilty types are rather vigorous and armed, so there may be some push back there. C: In that group that you want shot,out of hand, because of having served in fedgov for 20 of the last 40 years, same situation as A and B above, along with the fact that although you may disagree with their politics, or whatever your gripe is, I suggest you look up what the Cheka did, circa 1919-1929. This is the task before you, to shoot and other wise liquidate some 20-40 million people, deliberately. Not only is this a serious misallocation of valuable resources, but, this is not 1919-1929 Russia, and these folks have not lived under a Czar, they are very well armed, and despite rumors to the contrary, a lot more belligerent than may be perceived. And D: Recall if you will, how it went with Robespierre. On a side note, if you succeed, even if only partially successful, that is how your name will be remembered in history, if there is one. A cold blooded mass murderer, who ordered the deaths of millions of innocent people, because basically, he was a school yard bully.

  15. 1) I turn 70 in June. I have already died once (it’s amazing what those high voltage defribrillators can do) and have no intention of making it easy when they come for me and my wife. I almost wish they would hurry up so I’m not totally decrepit for the festivities.
    2) OTOH maybe the modest proposals are tongue in cheek.
    3) That photo has been displayed before with the caption “Shambling Mall