Is France Burning?


Mais oui.


Liste non-exhaustive, indeed.


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  1. We live in hope…

  2. Ironic. I still have a volume in my library entitled “Is Paris Burning?” About Nazi scorched earth tactics when they fled Paris. The Mohammedans care so little that theirs is a policy of scorched earth when the enter.

  3. @ RDG

    As Vietnam, Afghanistan, and numerous other 20th century examples attest, even military superiority is no guarantee of winning.
    Too, one should not infer that Mexico’s 19th century educational, charitable, and moral superiority also gave military superiority. The Catholic government of Mexico had coralled and nearly defeated their home-grown revolutionaries near Vera Cruz, until US Freemasons intervened. Analogous to today’s US wars of conquest, most Americans opposed “Mr. Polk’s War,” but hotter and more evil heads prevailed and, under the command of Freemason and General Winfield Scott and Freemaosn and President Polk, US ground forces and an armada were sent over the border and to Vera Cruz giving the home-grown Freemasons the leverage they needed to destroy decent Catholic Mexico.
    Freemaosnry has long opposed the Church and boasts that they support Satan and his synagogue. Any pre-1913 edition of Albert Pike’s “Morals and Dogma” attests to Freemasonry’s submission to Kabbalistic Judaism and worship of Lulcifer. Page 741 in my 1871 edition is quite clear on that. Like many vernacular translations of the Talmud, post-1913 editions of Pike’s tome have been sanitized for “cowans” (non-Masons).
    Other references:
    No God Next Door: Red Rule in Mexico and Our Responsibility by Michael Kenny, ISBN 978-0945001522
    Blood Drenched Altars by Francis Kelly, ISBN 978-0895553195

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Holy non-sequiturs, Batman

      • Comments closed just as I was responding to RDG’s challenge demanding references on the “New Mexico” thread. Bottom line: Mexico had more hospitals, orphanages, and schools, higher rates of literacy than the USA… until US Freemasonry intervened and helped destroy Catholic Mexico. Since many people want to gripe about what a hellhole Mexico is today, they should at least know who messed up Mexico, namely the anti-Catholic Freemasons from the USA who gave the military leverage needed by Mexico’s homegrown revolutionaries. The real non-sequitur in the exchange is RDG’s astonishing inference that the better schools, hospitals, and orphanages I noted in 19th century Mexico meant that Mexico should have won the military battle against the USA. Go figure. Seems like RDG’s “logic” comes from the same school where Yvette Felarca teaches, “By Any Means Necessary” including saying any nonsense that seems convenient at the time.

    • Enlighten us all. Who is Lulcifer? 1871 References to your Catholic bastardazation/abomination, pedophile perpetration of Christs message of love for your fellow man rings hollow. One trick pony. ..The jooos are in control, and you and your loud- mouthed fucktards do nothing to stop it?. Get off your lazy, wrinkled ass and do something about it.Useless piece of shit. Sow hatred and dissent.Douche canoes like yourself motivate me to eliminate your kind along with the musloid. You are not part of the true crusade.Christ would smack you in the head and tell you to wise up,for the bile that erupts from your pie hole.Mackerel snapper.

      • [yawn] I responded to RDG’s challenge for references and you found a typo and spew a fact-free rant.

        It is both sad and amusing how a group that insists it rejects (((mainstream media))) will spew (((falsified “history”))) faster than (((Pavlov’s))) dogs can salivate.

  4. French fries anyone?

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. What is revolting about all this, is that the riots in Paris are over the alleged sodomizing of a moslem jerk, while the moslems raping and sodomizing women and children in France, Germany, Sweden, and elsewhere in Europe is being squelched or bleached out of news reports altogether.

    • Funny, that.

      Just goes to show how much stronger the individual connections are in some cultures. Imagine if western nations actually thought of themselves as a people…

  7. Bracken’s Tet2 is upon us. All this rioting is leading up to the spring elections in Europe. Geert Wilders in the Netherlands is on March 15. These riots now, will lead to a big win by Wilders ( he is already winning). A Wilders win will be followed by even more riots. Which will lead to a big win by Le Pen in France in April. Which will lead to even bigger riots. Then Mad Merkel comes up for a vote and I’m thinking the EU may not even last till then. I don’t see the EU lasting to July at all and that means a huge power vacuum that Trump and Putin will happily fill. As Europe goes mad, Trump gains power exponentially. And the discredited left will go even wilder. There will be no safe spaces. Keep on prepping.