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From Brushbeater:

…It’s not about the environment- it’s about overthrowing the existing order. What’s significant is that these ‘Veterans’ are returning with spring coming, and we know that to some degree, there are folks with some level of military training involved in the emerging antifa movement. They’re armed with sour outlooks from two wars run amok and likely a healthy dose of VA prescribed antidepressants and Marx-thought from the local University. Because what else would you do?


Tempus fugit.

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  1. With all the new gun owners locked in during the reign of the shit stain from Kenya, things could get right sporty.

    Best hit the reloader and range….a lot….and a lot more after my MVT course at the end of April.

  2. As I commented here a while back the same vets will be protesting the border wall…if the construction ever starts.

    BTW, the military hasn’t been a conservative bastion for quite some time. This process has been ongoing since 1992. Remnants have been subjected to the soft purge. We’ve had an entire generation retire since then and the next one is retiring soon.

  3. Wesley Clark, Jr. is about all you need to know about the Standing Rock vets. As noted in the comments on the OP, they either never deployed or never were in a fight. Here’s the danger, though: Most who did and are part of this were support types. As noted by others, our side is lacking in intel, log, trans, etc. One hopes the Left will not notice the force multipliers.

    Our side? Lots of trigger pullers, in theory. Get your targeting and alternative kinetic methods in order. As observed elsewhere, this starts ‘longside a road, with a pistol. Once that kicks off, you’ll need a list. Caches, too. Wouldn’t make them too big: You probably won’t last that long.

    • Sounds like it’s time to reboot the “caching 101 in paint cans” discussion. Following asap.

      • 100 rounds .22LR
        One pound of honey, courtesy Mason Dixon Vixen
        Datrex bars
        Water purification tabs and collapsible bottle
        Civilian poncho
        Fire starting stuff
        P38. Can opener, that is.
        Couple servings electrolyte replacement
        Suspension line
        Paint can opener

        Wipe the inside, outside, and components thoroughly to remove fingerprints. Pack tightly with dessicant and O2 absorber. Put the paint can opener in your pocket.

        Dip the whole can in roof coating, then remove the can opener from your pocket and press into the goo on top. Let dry.

    • Watched Wesley Clark, Jr. on TV. Says he’s going to get the US off of carbon fuels in the next couple of years. All the while his daddy is in Kosovo digging up coal.

    • How are you so sure ‘none’ of them have ever had dirt time?

      I know for a FACT that one, on the ground there, as of this afternoon, had 15 months in Iraq. MOS code 11B20P as a Rifle Platoon Team Leader and went through two phases of the Q course. And he calls himself an Anarchist these days, btw.

      And he’s just one, networking with others, who know WTF they’re doing.


  4. Well, we wondered what Bradley Chelsea Manning and his its boifriends were up to after they mustered out. Thanks for clearing that up.
    Dakota in February sounds like a lovely place for them.

    Call me when they accomplish anything but frostbitten asscheeks.

    And here’s a hot tip, one can buy camo at the surplus store.
    Wearing it doesn’t make anyone a veteran.
    But it does make those pretending to be such, posers.
    Even if you take the assclown out of the circus, he’s still just an assclown.

  5. Wasn’t it an (former) army guy who took on the Dallas pd at a blm protest?

    The “right” thinks they have the monopoly and gun and tactics training thus their arrogance towards the left. Such arrogance is little by little being chipped away.

  6. The Usual Suspect

    Not could, will get sporty, just a matter of time.
    The left is cruising for a bruising.
    Hope they stay on their meds.

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