SLL: As Ye Sow…


Robert looks at the deadly gap between what is said and what is done by government.

You have been rolled.

From your first civics class…

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. “You have been rolled.”

    All of relevant history in four words. The feelings it creates are not altogether different from being a victim of rape. The two are not altogeher different actions, after all.

    Then the victim has a choice. Focus on “justice” and revenge and become a prisoner of the perps’ acts, or decide to get beyond it and live one’s life anyway…free of the chains wrought mainly by scam philosophies.

    Best of all is being really really sure it never happens again. The self-loathing if it does can be deadly. And for the most rational, one can get there without ever having been a victim in the first place. Too bad it’s too late for all of us with regard to getting rolled—we were and we are.

    For most thinking people, the State–any state–is but an instance of the Tu Quoque Fallacy writ very very large. The danger we are in is because of this error. The fault or blame may rest with someone else, but that’s only history again—the RESPONSIBILITY lies with each of us and this is a simple fact of nature. Our desire not to accept this responsibility is what keeps the looters and moochers going. Think they know that? It would explain their very strong desire to keep “justice” in their hands alone, eh?

    The challenge is this. If some other hands make the same errors all over again, then what’s the point? Might as well call it day and agree that some people should rule over other people. Have at it then…maybe you’ll rule over my corpse one day, but you’ll never rule over me.

    Why…who owns you?

    • “Have at it then…maybe you’ll rule over my corpse one day, but you’ll never rule over me.”

      That’ll show ’em!

      The great Will Rogers used to tell the story of a horse thief about to be hung for his crimes. The sheriff asked him if he had any last words.

      “Yessir,” he said, “This’ll certainly be a lesson to me!”

      • “That’ll show ’em!”

        You never did get it. That’s why you never lost your chains. It’s not about them.