Tucker Carlson: BAMN Group, 13 Feb

Multiple lessons for those who listen with an open mind.

The Bad People are more prepared for what is coming than are the Good People.

Simple fact.

Doubt it?

Does FREEFOR have the staff to be putting out info such as the following?




By any means

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  1. By Any Means Necessary. That’s all I needed to hear

    • BAMN is EXACTLY the proper mindset — and the fact that the Reds are utilizing it is non-trivial.

      • By any means necessary eliminates all that moral high ground confusion. Win at all costs, That usually produces results.

      • I would suggest people here start looking at videos of Britain First going toe with Muslims and leftists in the streets before they assume that conservatives/nationalists/patriots here will have the numbers. Plenty of instances when the nationalists were the ones who needed police protection from the horde.

        All your fellow keyboard patriots might be at home furiously venting in virtual space while the other side actually cracks skulls and takes meatspace.

        • Why on earth would anyone want to go toe-to-toe with them??
          There are no Marquis of Queensbury rules here.

          If they put on boxing gloves, and step into the ring, you blow the arena up.
          Then you make it look like their fault.

          Then you go after their families.

          This is Jersey Rules.

          • BF tried to go out there, fly the flag, and show other brits there were still those who gave a crap. Problem I saw was it showed that patriotic Brits weren’t willing to make an effort at the entry level of the game. Team Mo/Mao were willing to commit more players from the start.

    • The other thing I needed to hear was that she defines “nazi” as pretty much everyone to the right of Mao

  2. European American

    This is the quintessential force behind movements that can kill millions. This zealot Bolshevik has martyr written all over “its” face.

    • Martyr, yeck.
      Just dissappear without a trace.
      No funeral to turn into a political rally.
      Just have them questioning among themselves.
      Where is So and So?

  3. Boss, I am not Good People. I just play on their team. I am probably the worst person you will ever know.

    • And that is what makes you a Good Person.

      “Killers wanted” is unlikely to appear in any church bulletin or freedom periodical.

      But without them, there is zero chance.

      And for those thinking The Real Boss will intervene on behalf of America, the souls of 50 million murdered innocents say otherwise.

  4. Just cause the Bad people are just starting to learn what lots of Good people already know does not make them dangerous. The Bad people don’t join the military and those that do definitely don’t go to the SOC. Chill the fuck out. They had 8 years to use the legal system to get what they wanted and it didn’t work. Trying to suddenly go all “resistance” is so improbable as be funny. Seriously, you think that little middle school teachers got what it takes to resist an enhanced interrogation or conduct a serious E&E just because she’s marching in the streets?

    • She has the Will to act … which makes her more effective than 99.9% of the “Red Team”.

      Action beats bullshit, every time.

      • When your action is bullshit to begin with it doesnt. Attacking a lone Trump/Milo supporter in a group with a paralyzed security force watching is not is not the same as risking imprisonment or death in an actual act of rebellion.

        • ^^That.
          She’s willing to shit in her own crib, not go to war.

          And she’s just about to the point of achieving Hanoi Jane notoriety status, without either the money or cachet of an American icon movie star for a father.
          This is not 1968, and conspiring to deprive any one of the right to free speech is still a federal felony.

          Even odds she’s in jail or catches a faceful of lead pipe inside 12 months.
          BAMN works both ways, and she hasn’t got the first idea about opsec, let alone the first rule of Fight Club.

          Those miscalculations are going to leave a mark.

        • are you saying the poLICE are an IMPEDIMENT to justice and punishment?

          that. is. absurd.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          On a one time basis, sure. But keep repeating it, and it starts to add up.

        • She has already risked imprisonment. She attacked one of Heimbach’s people in Sacramento last summer on camera. Got arrested.

      • Notarealperson

        Color me impressed when some guy breaks her jaw and she gets right back up ready to tussle. Her kind will just wilt. She doesn’t know pain, real fear or what’s it like to be in a real fight.

        And please feel free to show us how to stand up to them in a urban setting where the cops and politcos are all liberals. And you do realize the moment any guy laid a hand on her, the cops would be on him like flies on shit and he’d would not only face jail time but a civil lawsuit as well.

        As far as I’m concerned let these little savages and fanatics torch their own cities. It’s no skin off our back.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “She doesn’t know pain, real fear or what’s it like to be in a real fight. ”

          If your tactics are good, and/or your enemy is passive, you’ll win without ever having to be in a “real fight”. Executing your enemies with minimal effort and resource expenditure is vastly preferable to pitched battle.



        All communist protests are type 1 fake protests.

        Our white man protest would be type 3–and deep state would shoot and run us over with tanks.

        See 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

    • She doesn’t need any E&E plan, she’s right out there in the open, no ones stopping her. She did an interview on a news program where they talked about Berkely. She said the violence was called for and there needed to be more of it. She has no plans to evade.

      • No she doesnt need an E&E plan, the point was she has no real training in insurgent/unconventional warfare. Real training in that comes with a few additional skills. Calling your congressman wasnt on the syllabus either.

    • horseshit.

      there were plenty of bad people in the military when i was in.

      • Of course there were, just not a majority and that minority was even smaller in the community where teaching unconventional warfare was taught as a skill.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “you think that little middle school teachers got what it takes to resist an enhanced interrogation or conduct a serious E&E just because she’s marching in the streets?”

      No, I don’t. However, if you think just because they are soft academics, they aren’t deadly, this guy respectfully disagrees:


      • He wasnt deadly, he was part of something that was. By himself he couldnt have done anything, nor likely would have. Our current red problem has no real skill in being deadly, perhaps petulant, noisy and annoying but not deadly.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “He wasnt deadly”

          He killed people – QED, he’s deadly.

          “By himself he couldnt have done anything”

          And, if you can guarantee that your enemies will obey kung-fu movie rules and only come at you one at a time, you’ll be ok. Reds hunt in packs.

          “Our current red problem has no real skill in being deadly”

          Look at groups like the Baader-Meinhof gang and other terrorists of the 60s-80s. Most had very limited skills, minimal training, and were composed of fairly soft upper-middle class types. Even for a bunch of dilettantes, they still punched well above their weight.

          There’s no need to hit the panic button right now, but it makes no sense to totally discount the opposition, either. They’ll learn and get better.

          • Option B, they’ll get noticed, and start getting whacked, arrested, and otherwise pounded down, from all sides, ours, TPTB, and their own jealous followers.
            cf. every communist movement everywhere, forever

          • Anyone could kill in those circumstances, still doesnt make them deadly.

            If the prof had organized, trained, setup the situation he was in and then executed. Then he would have been deadly. Joining a group which was in essence the State at that time (no repercussions) and knowing that not killing might get him put on the wall next, thats not a hard choice at all.

            “Our current groups..” are nothing like Badder-Meinhoff for a variety of reasons besides the fact that there are no next door safe havens (Eastern Bloc), and state sponsored trainers/funding(Stasi/KGB) as well as the fact that the current state of tracking monitoring is way beyond the 1970’s era abilities.
            And as for a professional view of their abilities they punched at their weight at best.

    • Chuck (boomer) suffers from severe overconfidence and boomer cluelessness.

      • Nate Krummholz

        Indeed. And let me say that training is overrated as compared to the will to do violence. This war will not be fought by fire teams leapfrogging the way you learned in infantry school or at one of Max’s courses. It will be fought will pistols to backs of heads, IEDs and fire.

      • Chuck (X) has the confidence of someone who spent 10 years in SOCOM and 5 years on the road in Iraq.

        • I hope you are helping the good folks in your AO get unfu*ked in prep for what is coming, sir.

          • I have always worked to that end. Regardless of what state the world is in, you never stop improving your position.
            Bigger threats exist and have existed before these little loudmouths got on the scene. Sadly, most people are missing the point of them, which is to create an overreaction on our part.
            Its easier to ignore an asshole on the street than a law with the force of the State behind it. But instant gratification and ego dont know that.

    • Gangs and radicals have been joining the mil to get training for decades. Oathkeepers reported that antifa has ex-mil training them.

      Don’t underestimate the enemy. People like this have been beating us on a regular basis for decades (vietnam, iraq, afgan, no-go ghetto zones, etc.)

      • Oathkeepers Operation Hypos, and if you read the description of their leaders and organization you realize that that’s why your old team buddy Mike over at Ground Branch has been off the grid for the last year.
        Anyone with that kind of training, (and then employment) has been vetted a few times for ideological bent. You don’t “go over” to the left, you get assigned.
        When the deep state gets what it wants, whatever that is, they’ll pull the “leaders”, cut off funding, and rip back the top cover and all those “People like this” will get rolled up and put away.
        I for one, don’t like doing what the deep state wants, which is why I keep resisting my natural urges (to choke the living shit out of people) and do the thinking thing.
        Cui Bono

  5. The Reds control the media, much of industry, the deep state bureaucracy and much of the .mil, the education industry from pre-K to post-doc, and somewhere around 50+% of the population.

    What are the forces at the disposal of traditional Americans?

    • Meatspace….Oh wait, I don’t trust anyone. You know what I mean

    • Brains, resolution, small arms and solidarity. The Visigoths crushed the Roman State with only 5% of the population.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “The Visigoths crushed the Roman State with only 5% of the population.”

        Concentration of forces helped a lot; the Romans were far more spread out.

  6. “Does FREEFOR have the staff to be putting out info such as the following?”

    That gets at one of the fundamental differences between Us and Them:

    Most people on our side are preoccupied with providing life’s necessities for ourselves and our families through some sort of remunerative work. You know, a real job.

    For Them, radical Leftism and militancy is their job. Whether it’s the professional rioter bused in for some SorosBucks, functionaries of some non-profit shaking down and intimidating nervous corporate targets, political commissars pretending to be journalists, or fellow travelers in the byzantine bureaucracy of the administrative state, all of them are able to devote themselves to advancing their ideological mission without interruption. In fact, you and me are subsidizing a great portion of it through our own earnings confiscated on their behalf by a State apparatus filled with their ideological bedfellows.

    I think if we are honest in our retrospection, one of the major errors of “conservatism” was its almost fetishistic focus on matters of commerce and economics. You can’t build a culture on that shifting sand, because like Napoleon said, “money has no motherland.”

    • “In fact, you and me are subsidizing a great portion of it through our own earnings confiscated on their behalf by a State apparatus filled with their ideological bedfellows.”


      So why are we still working for half a paycheck?

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “So why are we still working for half a paycheck?”

        We don’t have guys like Soros and a whole slew of NGOs/non-profits funding us if we stop working.

  7. That interview was painful to listen. The distortions and double-speak, seems like the thought police and double-speak from George Orwell are alive and well. They have laid out their game plan. BAMN works both ways…

  8. We just got the executive branch and ostensibly have the legislative. While the deep state bureaucracy will take time to cleanse, its a little early to be saying its a wash. How you think .mil is in the hands of the left is curious. While that 50+% percent voted for the status quo, remember that 1, that difference was made up almost wholly in Cali and 2. turnout was low enough that its not any true cross representation of America.
    Even if traditional (or conservative) Americans are a minority, we are still have the majority of veterans and law enforcement and anyone really good at insurgent operations comes with that background.

  9. Jimmy the Saint

    “Does FREEFOR have the staff to be putting out info such as the following?”

    Of course not. We have too many internal purges to conduct to be bothered with details like that.

  10. her entire comments are the projection of a sociopath. Every single solitary accusation she threw exactly described the behavior she and others engage in. Berkeley being exhibit ‘A’ of their behavior and her comments amounting to the projection of a sociopath.
    Not a single mention of any bonafide incident done by anyone attending Milo’s lectures, neither a single specific example of Milo advocating any of the behavior she accuses him of and she actually engages in.
    Std behavior of the left, project onto us who and what they are with that fool of an interviewer giving her room to do so.
    This is important because I don’t agree the left is in a better position than our side for what the left is attempting to create.
    Her statements tell the story, they are deluding themselves into thinking they have the ability to do this and that a major non-reaction from our side means we are weak.
    Those manuals? The behavior at berkeley and other such violence?
    As of right now the ‘Eye of Mordor’ (washington DC) has not been cast on them such as it has on the political right. Neither has any local or state level attention been put on them.
    Were any of us on the political right to engage in the behavior such as the left is currently engaged in, people have gone to prison for it.
    Where are the leftists being targeted & arrested by the alphabet agencies for “anti-government” activities? Such as so many people on the right have been arrested for? The same for local and state agencies?
    Answer: none.
    These people are doing what they are doing not because they are dedicated, mentally tough, etc. They are doing it because they know two things.
    1. They can push the violence and the bullying up to the point where the average individual has no other option but to use force to stop it and/or defend themself if need be. Force being either brute force (beating thier asses if they won’t get out of your face) or if needed lethal force.
    They know there’s a 90+ percent chance the average individual won’t do so because the average individual knows what the legal system will do to them if they do so. In plain terms the left knows they can essentially hide behind the law and engage in this outright bullying and/or violence and get away with it.
    It is the age-old situation, the only way to deal with a bully is to stand up to them and use force because brute force is the only thing bullies understand and respond to. As of right now the rules of engagement via the law favor the bullies as they can essentially hide behind the law, we treat them as they should be treated and we risk having our lives destroyed via the legal system.
    2. They also know law enforcement is doing essentially nothing about the situation. They have no real fear of law enforcement or being held accountable for their behavior from the legal system such as those of us know we would face were we to engage in anything such as these leftists are engaging in. Cops at berkeley did what about the situation?
    Answer: nothing.
    One of Milo’s lectures, two leftist shitheads get up on the stage ranting & shouting in an effort to shut the lecture down. What did the security who Milo was forced to hire in order to speak do about it?
    Answer: nothing. They just stood there.
    Had anyone within the audience gotten up on that stage and told the two leftists to leave and if they refused then physically removed them from the room so the lecture could go on?
    Anyone want to tell me security would not have arrested whoever tried to put a stop to that disturbance?
    Answer: it is guaranteed they would have arrested anyone who physically put a stop to the two leftist shitheads on that stage. And those two leftist shithead knew it, you could tell from their behavior they were daring anyone to try to stop them knowing nobody was willing to risk the legal consequences of doing so.
    It is the same thing with these leftists blocking roads, they know full well they won’t be run over by people as they know people are scared of the legal consequences they know they will face if they rightfully run these arrogant leftists over.
    Grendel also brought up another important difference, a lot of us have jobs, families, homes, etc. We have RESPONSIBILITIES, these leftists shitheads have been identified as largely unemployed punks living at home and being paid to riot.
    They have time we do not because we spend the majority of our time taking care of RESPONSIBILITIES these leftist shithead do not have to deal with.

    These leftists are not powerful nor are they tough-minded or anything of the sort. Per Alinski’s rules they are trying to make themselves appear more powerful than they are “power is not only what you have but what the other side thinks you have” They are a threat to be aware of to a certain extent but anyone who watches the current bullying, the violence, the riots, etc, and thinks this makes these leftists some sort’ve major thing are getting the wrong impression.
    These leftists are essentially living on borrowed time. For now they can get away with this behavior as our side of the fence is just starting to wake up and adjust to the situation.
    I see the videos of people on the american side of the fence attempting to educate our side (the aforementioned american side) as to the reality that we are going to have to defend ourselves via the use of force.
    It is the start of a cultural shift, people on our side will gradually learn this and the culture will change, it is also starting on the political level and it will grow in scope.
    When that cultural change happens and especially when the law changes as a result of that cultural shift, the leftists time will have run out and they will face the reality of our side on a level playing field.

  11. The last thing needed is another guy walking into Comet Ping Pong with a rifle casting anyone like him into a bad light.
    This much ballyhooed Left/Red/Anarchist threat hasnt done shit yet but burn a liberal college campus and hit some unwary/naive conservative opponents on the street. Threat? Really? Arm up, organize, train? Fuck why start getting worried now, the cartels have been a bigger problem for longer. Heroin, coke, former military/leo turned hitmen, the corrosive effects of bribery on our officiary and unlimited human smuggling, that should have had you up in arms and worried for the last decade.
    They’ve taken up guns? Good, maybe in time they’ll learn to enjoy target shooting too.
    They’re using Saul Alinsky’s playbook? What, the one any of us can go and read?
    A globalist billionaire is funding them? Well maybe in time he’ll waste his fortune.
    The more the blog-o-sphere pontificates about this threat the more likely it becomes that some idiot will do like this guy, except on a bigger scale and bring down some more restrictions on our already precarious freedoms.


    • The media ruined this man’s life.

    • The ((((restrictions)))) on our freedom are not a result of white men bearing arms.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “This much ballyhooed Left/Red/Anarchist threat hasnt done shit yet but burn a liberal college campus and hit some unwary/naive conservative opponents on the street. ”

      And that upstart Austrian corporal has only managed to seize a beer hall. Those pitiful colonists have vandalized some tea. That Ulyanov character is nothing but an angry student. That Bonaparte fellow is a lowly captain. Even the biggest things start small. Better to strangle them in the crib, so to speak.

      • Correct, on both points.

        More strangling thumbs (so to speak), less headless chicken dancing.

      • The Austrian upstart went to prison after seizing the hall, he then used the conventional system (elections) to get into power.
        The colonists tea dumpers, ever a minority, developed broader support which they needed, after TPTB cracked down with draconian measures for their little stunt. So I guess the lesson here is dont play into their hands, huh.
        Bonaparte worked within the system, not sure how this is even an analogy.

        If you’re so worried about threats to your way of life, or community,go take out your local cartel branch. Strangle that in the crib so to speak. Or are you just looking for low hanging fruit?

  12. Things are about to get very fucking interesting and the time for planning, prepping and training will be over. It will be time to O.O.D.A. and L….and then repeat often.

  13. Does this Yvette Felarca not realize that violently shutting others up BAMN may be applied to her? Probably should take the long way home.

    • Who’s gonna do it? Who’s gonna “shut her up” ?

      Judges? Cops? Politicians? FBI?

      The woman wants a big and intrusive State. Well, so do those aforementioned groups… they can barely exist in the absence of such a State.

      They are all “on the same side”. It’s YOU who is out in the cold, unable to tell friend from foe.

  14. These scum are not deluded into repeating lies, it is part of the program. By creating an outrageously false narrative, they attempt to force their opponents into a defensive, apologetic position. Don’t fall for it.

    This bitch should have last been seen in a Chilean army helicopter.

    Note well their engagement tactics – a swarm of not immediately violent, acting as cover for a much smaller group of masked, black clad, (and therefore unidentifiable as individuals) who are actively violent. Attack, fade back into the group, repeat as needed.

    Watch for similarly attired individuals.

    • Flynn resigning was a major loss today. Do you understand that? His crime was being nice to a white Russian. Score one for ((((deep state)))).

      Won’t even let Trump pick his own employees.

      • Uh, no.
        He misled the Veep, and made the President look bad for trusting him.

        Those are both career-ending personal flaws in a subordinate, particularly a trusted advisor, everywhere and at all times.

        Flynn fired himself.
        Next issue.

  15. That chick is mentally ill. Her illness/views are not terribly far removed from the typical leftist educrat (if you’ll excuse the redundancy) to whom we hand our kids and grandkids 5 days a week. If you’re one of the folks who is “too busy” to see to the education of your own, you’re helping the enemy infect your family.

    Like the zombies in Walking Dead, many of our own families will be shambling back to eat us, any day now…


    As Rocco Lampone or Albert Neri would say: “…I got her mugged and numbered up here”-(points to forehead). Let your conscience be your guide.

  17. There is a reduced need for FREEFOR to post such how to wiki type sites, because you can go use all the lefty resources for free, and get an education in what they are about at the same time. Now, if I can only figure out what “intersectionality” means, and do note the Franz Fanon in the reading list. He had some pretty wild thoughts about catharsis of violence.

  18. Alfred E. Neuman

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  19. 1. Who’s the slope?
    2. Fag (((((Milo)))) does not speak for us.

  20. I randomly clicked on about ten of those links, including the one about creating websites. Every link looked to me, to be in the same style as a US Govt site. Look at the style and presentation. No graphics, small font, lots of bullet points. Not saying its gov, but it sure looks kinda funny. Who is the audience? Doesn’t seem like the right way to reach a young/urban/minority type… I dunno?

  21. Xavier Xelente

    Yvette Felarka first came to my attention pre election when her group clashed with some skinheads about 40 minutes from my home. She’s a middle school teacher in Oakland, and frankly, she needs to be strung up from a streetlight. BAMN and AntiFa need to be taken out, that’s a simple truth.

  22. SImo Hayha – killed 700 commies in 100 days. His personal best was 25 in one day. With an iron sighted rifle. Alone. Cold as hell all the time. The man barely stood 5ft tall. He’s one of my heroes – along with John Sobieski.
    Once you clear out a few of the blockers then the black clad antifa guys are easy pickings.
    Maybe it wont come to that. If it does be like SImo Hayha.

    Red in OleVirginny

  23. This definition I found by Google and edited – “Intersectionality – overlapping or intersecting social identities and related systems of oppression, domination, or discrimination.”

    I will address what I would call “Leftist Intersectionality”.

    It is all-inclusive, rather than exclusive. If you are a member of any “oppressed” group – female, black, brown, mexican, muslim, poor, gay, transgender, whatever, you are accepted as someone who is part of their struggle (as long as you think and act along the politically correct party lines).

    It’s a way to build up numbers to their cause by saying they love and care for everyone who is oppressed and you should join them and support them.

    It does come with some problems – for instance radical feminists don’t like men who dress as women allowed in women’s bathrooms, lesbian groups or competing in women’s sports. But the larger group seems to deal with these sorts of problems by refusing to address them with an attitude of “lets deal with our greater enemy first, then we’ll work out our differences later”. That seems to be the reason why the feminists don’t care about the way the Islamists treat women. “Take care of the white male patriarchy that holds all women down here first” is the attitude. Except that when assaults and rapes and murders do happen locally due to the influx of single muslim men who believe all western women are whores so it is ok to do whatever to them. Then these problems are dealt with by not simply not reporting or repeating them (because they have bigger more important issues to be focused on and don’t want to cause problems for the oppressed group of people).

    Of course they don’t value free thought that is counter to the way they see things, they are demanding in that you devote all your time and money to their causes and you don’t quit or falter until total justice is achieved and they do tend to take any rejection or you doing things personally.

    The lie that they actually care about you as a person is in how they turn on you if you go off script and don’t behave the way they want you to (for example if you voted for Trump and support him or his team in any way you are a Nazi and therefore the enemy).

    For me, it was time to leave fall out of formation, leave the march and walk away from them when I realized the Devil was at the head of the march leading everyone into to Hell singing the Internationale. The deluded people still marching are yelling to get back in the march with hurt looks on their faces that then turn angry when they realize you have left them for good. But you realize it was the right decision when you see that their acceptance of you was based solely on what you could do for them and how mean they treat the targets of their anger.

    I think our side could use a bit of “Intersectionality” based on certain shared concepts of freedom and personal property rights. There is a way to minimize differences (like everyone getting along at a family gatering) while realizing we are all on the same side, i even if we are not all on the same teams. Kinda like how the US military has different branches with different cultures but in war time we all have the same goal.

    Just sharing my experiences and my thoughts.

    • Nate Krummholz

      You write, “I think our side could use a bit of “Intersectionality” based on certain shared concepts of freedom and personal property rights.” With respect, I think you should widen your search window for allies. At this point, we should be concerned with identity more than ideology. Everyone who part of the historic American nation is Ms. Flarca’s enemy. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a constitutionalist, a member of the alt-light, like Milo, or an actual national socialist, we are all going to be treated the same by the left. Ms. Flarca’s people aren’t going to ask you about your views on constitutional equal protection under the law before they burn your house down. We are all Nazis to them.

      That means that maybe the constitutionalists should be looking to the alt-right for allies, even if constitutionalists do not agree with every position taken by the alt-right. Heimbach and the TWP can put people in the streets now, today. Michael Hill (League of the South) can put people in the streets now, today. Identity Europa led a protest calling for complete end to immigration on the Embarcadero in San Francisco just a couple of days ago, and one in Times Square a couple of days before that. National Vanguard is putting up propaganda posters on a different U.S. campus, coast-to-coast, every single day.

      While boomers sit in their well-stocked bunkers talking about what they’ll do “when the balloon goes up”, the alt-right is demonstrating the will to engage the enemy in meatspace.

      • Putting “people on the streets” to do what, praytell?
        This isn’t a street plebiscite.
        Elections matter. We won the last one. The next one is two years out.
        The rest is politics of and for the powerless, nothing else.

        If the left finds a thousand jackasses who’ll hold their breath until they turn blue, should we strive to recruit two thousand such ‘tards for our side?
        Like your mother told you, “If everyone else jumped off a cliff…

        If they abandon argument and persuasion for naked force, then by all means let’s go after them.
        But it won’t be how many you bring out to play at that point, it’ll be how many you bring home afterwards.

        • Nate Krummholz

          “Elections matter. We won the last one. The next one is two years out.”

          And how’s that working out so far? We voted for nationalism, and the response has been unelected judges inventing rights held by foreign refugees to immigrate to our country, and a deep state coup being run by rogue intelligence officers and propped up by the lugenpresse, which is going on right now.

          The people who run things were never going to allow us to vote our way out of this. Elections are pro-wrestling matches that exist for steam control and to preserve the illusion of self-determination. We get to have elections every two years, and the results will be respected so long as they stay within a predefined range of acceptable positions. We are permitted to have our meaningless fights over guns, abortion or gay marriage. What we are not permitted to have is an election that threatens the globalist order, and we are seeing that now.

          • Dude its been less than a month, have a little faith in the mans plan. Its not going to be a steady climb to success. Expect a little resistance, its how he/we deal with that resistance that matters.
            First inning, we score some runs, then they catch a pop fly and we quit?