Z Blog: The Others


Cloud people.

Dirt people.

Ne’er the ‘twain shall meet.

4 responses to “Z Blog: The Others

  1. The Usual Suspect

    ” OH, We are going to a meeting engagement “.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. I personally have profoundly underestimated the gap between the deep state and us. I am stunned at the dysfunction the cultured class is willing to inflict upon this country to get even with us. Bill Crystal seems to be willing to ship out 50 million Americans he sees as impeding the global initiatives. The intelligence and state dept. traitors are knifing Trump daily. The deep states role in the attack on Flynn is something I’ve never seen in all my years. I have underestimated them. But they have underestimated us. The polls still support Trumps ban by a mile. The military is totally on Trumps side. The deep state has painted themselves in the mother of all corners. Paris is burning tonight. And the left doesn’t even know why. We do. A Maidan revolution here by the left will be obliterated by the dirt people.

  4. Oh, we’ll meet alright… the introductions and invitations have already been sent.

    I see you after….