Bracken Sends: M-103 & Islam’s Advance On The Canadian Front

Take 5 and watch this video.

CBC: Conservatives wrestle over Liberal MP’s anti-Islamophobia motion – Motion set for debate in House of Commons Wednesday 1730E amid fears raised over free speech

M-103 text

If M-103 passes, Canada is no longer the West.

Are you and your family ready for what is coming?



30 responses to “Bracken Sends: M-103 & Islam’s Advance On The Canadian Front

  1. Better start kissing muz ass right now tfat. Just wait till they declare those totems on Warlord island haram like they did those Buddha statues.

    They’ll flash you with their sirens as they motor to the dock!

  2. there’s no mystery here.

    one word can explain why western syphilization is being destroyed without a fight.


    no go back to your incessant grumbling and bitching about muslimes.

    it’s really getting old.

    • The regime guardians are an element of the problem.

      Team MO and its allies are the problem.

      And I get that most of The Only Ones will be enforcing sharia ‘cuz “we don’t make the laws, we just enforce them” – in other words, my pension uber alles.

      • the Mo’s have always been in existence, the difference is now they are protected by both, politicians and cops. remove the cops, and Mo, along with the rest of the enabling conspirators are reduced to dust most riki tik.

        these camel jockeys are being used to create the conditions for the sheep to beg for more security. oh, and it’s working splendidly.


        the pee pul will not be happy until this.

        • “…are being used to create the conditions for the sheep to beg for more security. oh, and it’s working splendidly.”


          Concur. 100%.

          A couple of possible wrinkles:

          1. Team Mo necessarily has an expiration date.
          2. 50% of Americans will not consent.
          3. 5% of that 50% are, to varying degrees, prepared to oppose.

          I ponder…is it wrong to hope for proactive directional specificity, in which oppositional energies, unfettered and free, find full expression?

          • Team Mo will dominate the demographic here in Fusa in less than 20 years. I have very little faith in anybody as it is, let alone the next generation to save anything.

            The key to destroying the muzzies here in Fusa, is to first make the badges a non issue. Then open season. Period

            That’s it. Nothing short of that. Take that to the bank.

      • Team MO are the soldiers who will finally (after 70 years of failure) march into the burbs and end “whiteness.” After the burbs goes the rural areas Kulak cleansing style. Team Blue has to make space for them and give them the ability to operate.

        Gun control
        Media blackout on Team Mo crimes
        Takeover of churches
        Public schools
        Criminal “justice system” making sentencing decisions on race

        All are tools they have been and are going to use.

      • This is an excellent video. Mr Peterson understands the problem, but it makes no difference now if a nation state like Canada passes the law. Even if criticizing Mo is still legal within certain western borders, an international fatwa can still be issued and a wahhabbist assassin can try to carry it out.

    • Agree. Consider the Florida gay nightclub shooting. If the cops hadn’t disarmed everyone prior, and promised to bankrupt and imprison anyone who defended themselves during, the attacker would have been dead in ten minutes. Same for Europe, Team Mo doesn’t even rise to the level of a named army. Even for 9/11, consider how gun control delivered by cops prohibited privately owned jet fighters with privately owned missiles from forcing down the hijacked aircraft. Team Mo did none of this gun control, cops did.

  3. Stealth Spaniel

    What!?? No hijab or burka?? Then how can she be a Muslim? Isn’t that considered a sign of a pious & compliant woman? A Holy Woman? This is a one way E-ticket ride to Sharia Law. If the Canadians pass this, it is a no holds barred, KY Jelly greased passage to Hell. Their should not be a thought of passing this horse manure. It stinks and reeks and there is no halfway point.
    Trudea was and is, The Trojan Horse. And you cannot possibly have enough ammo.

  4. Fight Canadians,and stay strong,today they come for speech,soon will be a even higher price.

    • Canadians have a very tightly controlled version of “free speech.” Try voicing concerns that run counter to musloids there, you actually risk going to jail. If they pass this stinker, I expect Quebec will rev up the move to leave “Canada”.

  5. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    This is Concerning. But we knew it was coming.
    So is the Islamic conversions in US prisons.
    See Tommy Robinson about the UK prison system.
    FYI Canada has been colonized by Islam, French Lefties(but a little fashy), and Chinese businesses for some time. Trudeau is a traitor and globalist 100%. We already knew all this.
    They turned Canada into a trailor park 20 years ago we they shut down the economy for environmental reasons.
    And then.
    tFA-t said cops are the problem.
    I assure you that our jurisdiction is so limited that we couldn’t even if we wanted to.
    And if we did, an arrest and a release and then a law suit is in our future.
    Plus our bosses would just cut us pink slips ASAP. We are trying bud.
    This is political, ergo the people and the politicians are the problem.
    History isn’t taught anymore, unless it makes the white man look like the Bad guy.
    Plus hating on whitey is cool. Especially if you are white.
    Go on facebook and look up some of these webpages run by “Mohammeds” that have millions of follows. When you look on these pages you’ll see a bunch of lovey kissy BS that appeals to 19 year old college chicks that listen to Taylor Swift all day. There are several of these pages. And women tag their friends by the tens of thousands.
    They are prepping their next generation of our women for assimilation or simple inoculation to all things Mohammed.
    Mohammed is not a “lady killer” like these pages market.
    He is literally a lady killer. Culturally.

  6. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    The best solution for all of this is to flick the lights like its last call and politely ask people to get the hell out.
    I’ll be on the rooftop chainsmoking is anyone needs me.

  7. This is modern times. The current year. All of those people – Moses, Jesus, Mohamed – would be DIAGNOSED today. We have science today. Psychological sciences. Today, when someone hears voices in their heads telling them to do things, it is called schizophrenia! It is a diagnosable and treatable mental health issue. Back then, I’m sure the condition must have really impressed people. Today…why are people still following the words of schizophrenics who lived thousands of years ago!? We have three groups of people – Jews, Christians, Muslims – each following their own favorite schizoid. At least the Christian schizoid’s head-voices didn’t tell him to kill people…and following that one lead to the enlightenment, etc. I guess that’s great that it worked out that way…even though it was following a schizoid. Hey I have an idea. Let’s stop following schizoid voices and go with the enlightenment, based in real logical philosophy, etc.

    Mohamed was a schizoid. If born today he would be diagnosed as a dangerous psychopathic schizoid, and treated inside a secure mental patient facility until recovered. Same with Moses. Jesus would be the homeless schizoid on the street corner, that was popular with the hippies and probably even the SJW’s, but otherwise harmless.

    • “…We have three groups of people – Jews, Christians, Muslims – each following their own favorite schizoid…”

      You missed one extremely important group there, Sid: Those who listen to the devil’s voice in their head telling them ‘there is no God’.*

      *The greatest lie Satan ever told convinced foolish people ‘there is no God’.

    • actually, given community-release-not-institutionalization, Mo would wander the streets for awhile, eventually go off his meds, then get an AK and wreck bloody havoc. Oh, wait….

  8. I am ready, mentally and spiritually anyway, but my family is still looking the other way, determined to avoid the destiny roaring their way. I don’t blame them, or the sheeple living around me, any more than I blame anyone for anything. What’s about to arrive is very unpleasant, so therefore, being human, they’re trying to ignore it, and hoping it goes away. A long time ago, I made my hardest and most painful rule. Step up, and take your medicine. Deserves’ got nothing to do with it. You’re going to get whatever is coming that you can’t avoid anyway, like it or not. Closing your eyes, looking the other way, talking about something else, don’t change nothing. Facing the Critter, and taking it head on, well, Pappy taught me that it’s the mark of a man. Ave, Vitae, morituri te salutant. (Hail, Life, we who are about to die, salute you.)

  9. CA- you can make a nice bit of coin selling patriotic hijabs. Corner the market now. It’s pretty much untapped and pretty soon such garments will be a requirement. That means govt contracts.


  10. Pissed off that Canada and USA govs share and have open access databases. Not only criminal, but also other personal information.

    Heard of one guy who said the Canadian gov knew who his employer was and his salary as he got questioned crossing the boarder.

    • Ya need to always have a pocket or two full of Maple leafs, silver 1/2 oz and 1 oz. are best. A few 1/10 oz gold Maples for those hard to please guards, eh. Also, border crossings are not all the same, some I would never cross, drive an extra two hundred miles or so if I have to. I have crossed the border probably 60 or so times over the years. It is getting harder to cross, especially back into the States. I’m always armed, so that is becoming harder. I used to always have at least one handgun carry through Canada, now it is illegal. Long guns are registered and taxed. Auto loading rifles and shotguns are also illegal and legal shotgun barrel lengths are 20″…18″ in the States. It’s a fucking hassle now to run the ALCAN armed.

      More and more Muslims are moving into the Western Provinces, buying up all the seedy motels and gas stations that service the ALCAN…all the way into the Yukon. Been seeing it for 30’s a demographic tsunami.

  11. James E. Rutherford

    So this will help complete the 2 front war. From the north and the south. Look up what is happening on the southern boarder with the back up and stacking up of “African refugees”. Most have been looking south and now it will become easier to get in through the north. Start dipping all the hollow or other points of your ammo in swine sugar and oxygen carrying red liquid material. I’m just saying
    -Jim Rutherford

  12. It’s Canada. I predict it will pass without much trouble. Thanks for the heads up Matt.

    Grey Ghost

  13. good find, Bracken. In fact Europe – less Russia and Hungary – and North America, long ruled by (((Bronfman))), (((Soros))) and other open-borders (((billionaires))), are already lost. Maybe we can take them back by and by.

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. If that cunt is so Hell-bent on Sharia, why isn’t she wrapped in a burka from head to toe?

    Most disgraceful to have that head uncovered…where are her handlers?