Paris Is Burning


UK Express: PARIS ON FIRE – Riots reach capital’s centre TONIGHT – buildings set ablaze & cops attacked

UK Express: PARIS RIOTS – Tourists ordered to STAY AWAY after rioters ATTACK coach trip



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  1. Bad Attitude

    At some point, the French people are going to decide they have had enough cultural enrichment.

  2. And ditto the English, Germans, and Italians. Other peoples to the east have already so decided. Maybe we’ll wake up over here someday.

    • It may very well take what Matt Bracken posited in his new book that’s
      soon to be out (said he’d release it on Kindle first, then a dead tree version).

      Bastille Day in the Caliphate

      Hama Rules baby!….Hama Rules! Don’t forget to sow the ruins of the mosques and madrasas with pig offal either!

      “..I predict that the unfolding European Civil War (after the initial Tet 2016 phase) will comprise a steady escalation from Paris-style rifle attacks and suicide bombers, to snipers, to IEDs, to car and truck bombs. This is why I mentioned the possibility of eventually reducing the Sharia-zone ghettos to ruins by air and artillery bombardment. This will indeed happen, after the car bombs begin to explode in European cities. At that point, an urban civil war loses any vestige of civilized norms. Fortified ghetto bastions that provide sanctuary to Muslim jihad terrorists will be destroyed if the Islamic conquest is to be quelled.

      This type of no-quarter urban warfare already has a name, “Hama Rules,” from the 1982 obliteration of that Syrian town. Hama was a Muslim Brotherhood stronghold used to launch attacks against the regime of Hafez al-Assad, the father of the current Syrian strongman. These guerrilla (or terrorist if you prefer) attacks occurred beginning in 1976, and didn’t stop until Hama was reduced to rubble, and at least ten thousand Sunni Muslim Syrians were killed among the ruins…”
      -Matt Bracken, Tet, Take Two, islam’s 2016 European Offensive

      Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive

      Yours In Daily Armed Liberty – Furthermore islam and it’s enablers/supporters MUST be destroyed!
      NorthGunner III

  3. Let Paris (and the rest of France for all I care) burn. They sowed the seeds of their own destruction.

    Until the French start rolling APCs, tanks and battalions of infantry into those 730+ no-go zones and start killing these motherfuckers with abandon, men women and children all, we all know they’re not serious in the slightest.

    Remembering that it was the frogs who sheltered the Ayatollah K. from the Shah until 1979.  Where Arafat and his “wife” sheltered when it go too hot for him and stashed his loot.

    Fuck the French.

    • After Europe is done (18 months at current/course speed), where do you think Team Mo will activate next?

      • Uh…Paraguay? No—wait—New Zealand?—no, no—wait–wait–I got it–Japan! Yeah, that’s it–Japan!

      • If I was a betting man I’d put my money on Germany or Sweden, in that order, due to the weather. 

        Plus Germany is a bigger feather in the cap *AND* let’s not forget the proximity to Vienna (9/11 and all that).  


        Sir: This is why we prep. Team Mo has already established itself just over the state line from my A/O in the Spokane Blue Hive. I am plotting the lines of drift and avenues of approach. Bleib ubrig.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        They seem do be doing a lot of fighting in Africa. There are good targets in Asia, too. Not to say they’ll forget about the US/Canada, just that there are easier conquests out there while they continue to take what opportunities they can here.

        • I think there is a value system in which the Great Satan and its allies are weighted more heavily than Chad and its allies.

          Then again, I’m not a Bacon Denier, so I could be dead wrong.


          • Jimmy the Saint

            Sure, taking down the Great Satan is the ultimate goal. But their leaders have seen that they can bleed us all over the globe, get us to commit blood and treasure for no real reward, all the while taking shots at us at home. These guys think on a long timeline, too. They’re in no hurry.

          • Everyone needs to read “Day of Wrath” by Forstchen.
            He of ‘One Second After’ fame.

            • +1
              Thank you for mentioning his novel! Definitely on my ‘Must Read’ list!
              Also check out the video of him on YouTube from 2012 talking to folks about the book vis a vis the Beslan Massacre.

              Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
              NorthGunner III

      • Canada.

        Grey Ghost

      • What I see are ever-improving conditions for some charismatic fucker to exploit via social media. We’re witnessing the beginnings of the third inning of WW1…. The questions are, Who gets to play Ferdinand for this round? and, Who plays the sociopathic ringmaster?… The belligerents are obvious but what’s the spark and who will exploit said spark? It’s gonna be a motherfucker of a show and you’re right, it’ll be on our home soil as well, soon after the euro-festivities kick off.

    • I assure you all.

      The gubbermints will do nothing the to interrupt the decline of western syphilization. They must destroy the old order to introduce the new order.

      All is going as planned by RAND et al.

      In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.

      Franklin ‘the cripple” Roosevelt

  4. Oh-oh, getting pretty close to those icons, Place Pigalle, Moulin Rouge and Folies Bergere…

    Seriously, we will see how much they will tolerate when they get into the real centers such as Notre Dame and the Louvre. At that point most cops will be shooting bullets.

    But it’s not a real riot until they pry up the conveniently-provided cobblestones and start heaving them.

  5. I like the way the US press is reporting all this on a regular basis. Oh wait, can’t think of ever seeing any of this on ‘prime time’ TeeVee. Golly gosh gez whiz wonder why?

  6. It has been said that a whiff of grapeshot would dampen their passion

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. I don’t think the French have the balls to fight, not after 100 years of mass slaughter for their Elite followed by 80 years of Cultural Marxism. What the heck would they be fighting for; hairy armpits and smelly cheese?

  9. The French love riots! Our revolution was a guerrilla war fought mostly with rifles, we, as a result love rifles and small unit tactics. The French revolution was a mob ransacking Paris … as a result they love giant marches, general strikes and riots.

    Part of the failure mode of Soros is that he keeps trying to make things happen in the USA with these weird French tactics. America is too big, and we associate riots with “race riots”, they don’t inspire anyone to do anything except move and buy more rifles.

  10. It seems that the notion that war is hardwired into Europeans DNA is floundering.

  11. Stealth Spaniel

    I for one, cannot stand anymore enrichment-culturally or otherwise-anywhere! These MFs are worse than demons and they need to be gone. How they leave, is entirely up to the weapon holder. And if an Elite needs to leave with them….so be it. The Deplorables all over the world need to stand up and get rid of all of the pests. Muslim is only the beginning.
    If you think that this stops in Paris, you are a fool. We are so close to Civil War-world over. When Bill O’Reilly starts warning people on the dangers of what is going on………even the dead need to pay attention.

  12. The Left is still in power in France, they took power following the 1967 uprising as a result of secret negotiations with the conservatives. As one scribe noted “The only part of Old France that remained was it’s flag.” So what is the goal of the French Left? A Worker’s Proletariat, a NWO, a border-less world utopia, and if the prols have to raise their ass to Allah 5 times a day as a result then that’s a small price to pay. Of course the Left is deluded as to the outcome, but then so was Hitler, and Hitler luved him sum muslim!

  13. While Paris burns…the hijabees for sharia flaunt it in NYC!

    Hijab Fashion Show at New York Fashion Week #NYFW

    The ‘bag headed bimbo trash bag brigade’ struts it’s stuff…stealth sharia advances onwards!….

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The elites are making the same mistake they always do: “We can control it.” They always forget that once shit gets stirred up, it tends to go off in all sorts of unplanned directions.

  14. Centurion_Cornelius

    Funny, ain’t it! Ya got the Frenchie’s initial revolution in 1789, which devolved into The Terror revolution and heads started rolling like bowling balls.

    So now you have another Frenchie revolution which will prolly transmogrify into a Muzzie Terror of sorts, and the heads will keep rolling off.


    …the “National Razor” co-opted by the scimitar….