Secrets Of Countersurveillance


The latest from the Culper shop.

As things get more spicy, you will need all of the traditional, non-digital tradecraft.

Every bit of it.

5 responses to “Secrets Of Countersurveillance

  1. TEDD should be you SOP, it works especially well when your AO is rural and off natural lines of drift. It should be an integral part of your condition yellow left of bang posture.

  2. Excellent intro on the subject.

  3. I learned it as “A new face, too many times, from the wrong direction, keeping their distance”.

  4. sammy the bull

    You might want to lose those special veterans License plates.
    They’re not intended to ‘honor’ you. (If they wanted to ‘honor’ you they wouldn’t make you wait 3 weeks for an appointment at the VA).
    They are intended to rapidly identify you as someone who has very likely received firearms training, probably owns firearms, possibly has combat experience.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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