TL Davis: When This Gets Ugly

never more one generation

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BLUF: The issues at hand will not be decided by the old people.

And the kids are not yet ready.

18 responses to “TL Davis: When This Gets Ugly

  1. Old people; anyone over 65 in the FUSA Is to geriatric to be of any use.

    Younger people; Anyone under 45 is too porn and drugs to be of any use.

    • Pretty narrow window.

      Grandpas can always drive propane trucks.

      Into enemy things.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Grandpas can always drive propane trucks.

        Into enemy things.”

        Sometimes, they can even do it intentionally. (I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather, not screaming in terror, like his passengers.)

      • One would hope the Stage 4 cancer patients would step up to the plate.

    • Wrong answer, Sonny.

    • Old farts have nothing left to lose. What they might lack in athletic ability, is more than compensated by this fact. Anyway it doesn’t take much strength to pull a trigger, and I’m still a better shot than anyone I know.

    • sometimes D’s generalizations work, sometimes not. This is one of the nots. We’ll just see how things shake out once der Tag arrives.

      @Jimmy: wait a minute. Your grandfather the busdriver died peacefully in his sleep while his passengers were screaming in terror?

    • Young people are more awake to the real problems (race) than old fogeys who still think we should consult the Constitution on how to fight against Marxists.

      Young whites are actually more conservative/ non-degenerate than most previous generations of whites. The bad stats are due to the increase in non-whites the younger a generation is.

    • Randolph Scott

      Fuck you, there are plenty of 65 + men and women who will more than gladly destroy the enemy and defend our Country and the Constitution. We are facing evil and you will need every patriot you can find to overcome this satanic charge of evil progressiveism.

      If you don’t want my help keep the fuck out of OK,

  2. My father-in-law is 84 and I still respect (read that fear) that cunning SOB. A man that knows enough to know when he is outgunned is dangerous in his own right.

    • Randolph Scott

      My father is 84 is just itching to use his 357 Magnum on a criminal/liberal/muzzie and anyone else that dares to try to overthrow this country,

  3. I’ll keep that in mind, Detroit, after I’ve turned the 20th or so miscreant’s head into a pink mist, through a scope. Over 65 is indeed, geriatric. Look up a fella, name of John Burns. All. Three. Days. I also am very well acquainted with training people for combat, providing and running supply, medical, and maintenance operations, along with armory skills, communications assets and abilities, and I have been shooting since the age of ten. I’m little like a guy named Hickok, who lived as long as he did, not because he was such a good, or fast shooter, but because he made up his mind to shoot the other guy a lot sooner that that other guy did. And I have done that, meat space, at least nine times. I’m nothing special, never was. Bid them achieve me, then sell my bones.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Good man, sean! …plus you know your Henry V well. Gimme Branagh over Olivier any day!

  4. Well, Detroit, I am an 82-year old woman living in the middle of a forest who is capable of feeding patriots capable enough to fight the good fight if you’re on the run in my neck of the woods…and I know my way around a rifle should the need arise. Moggy

  5. Well, Detroit, I’m a 62 year-old that just skied 9 miles, in Alaska, in winter, with an AR slung over my shoulder; with a 32-year old and arrived at our destination at the same time. See if you can keep up…..

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