Including the epilogue.

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  1. Meanwhile, in Austin, Texas we have this.

    • Good grief.

      • read it and tremble, all you capitalist lackeys and running dogs of the bourge-wa-Z.

      • Hmmm…they want to bring sticks to a potential fight, while
        I’d bring my Fal and glock?….and the crowning irony is that it’d
        be a anarchist/voluntarist fielding that Fal that stands against them!

        Some people definitely are operating on ‘suicide mode’!

        History repeats itself in the Weimar unfolding here….

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
        NorthGunner III

    • Abe Shekelbergsteinsilvergold

      I notice these pussies allow no comments.

  2. We need not reason with them in order to show them the error of their ways. We only need to deliver the consequences.

  3. I love a story with a happy ending. Now I’m going to the reloader for some R&R.

  4. The Usual Suspect

    Pretty much !

  5. The Anon Guy

    Cut off the bottom of a Clorox bottle. Put holes in the sides and tie surgical tubing to the holes. Bottle supports whatever is being launched, we used it for water balloons, and has a handle for easy cocking of launcher.

  6. The Anon Guy

    The intelligence of the opposition:

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. hummus abedin

    Suck it, and Fuck you all…..

    71 Year-Old Female GOP Staffer KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS By Far Left Protesters

  9. Shinmen Takezo

    What a happy, happy story.

    If the stupid mother-fuckers keep pushing thing–this is how it is going to shake out… they will be crushed like cockroaches.

  10. What’s the Israeli jammer? Got to get me one

  11. Shades of Matt Bracken. Good story. Once that starts happening shit will escalate and there won’t be too many more “protests”. Not that there won’t be an increase in violence, there most definitely will be, but not too many more protests, but if they do protest some more then the same tactic works well.

    Next chapter of the book… MSM actual physical destruction with consequent death of so called “journalists”, OR, the 100 heads tactic on a widespread scale across the blue hives?

    Next chapter of the book… President calls out .mil to quell the rebellion in all states.

    Grey Ghost

  12. The New Dawn Approaches, by W.G

    “…What is the proper mindset? Total contempt for death. We must embrace the fact that we all die. No amount of ammo, water, or meds will change that. By having contempt for death, you are one step closer to absolute freedom. Face the enemy head on. Let them know you don’t fear death; you only fear not being able to take all of them with you.

    One must also have a high regard for life, and realize what they offer us is not life. They offer us their version of life, and we have been playing by their rules for far too long. We have been enslaved under a system that only benefits a few. We no longer have the iron shackles; they have been replaced with an illusion that has enslaved us all. One must regard life and not be afraid to detach from the system of illusion and materialism worship the deceivers have indoctrinated us with. We are simple beings and actually require very little to survive and flourish. Would you not rather take your chances in the open sea, or go down with the burning ship?

    Generation after generation we propagate and feed our new blood to the Chaos Serpent. We follow the same path down the same worn trail to the same destination, and then we wonder why, why is the outcome the same? Money is not freedom, materialism is not freedom, and killing and dying for your master is not freedom. The powers that be need you attached to their system in order for them to reign supreme. We must identify their control mechanisms and annihilate these things. For ages the earth has been scattered with the blood and bone of civilizations who have died for the profit of a select few. Over the ages all that has changed is the weapons and the ways in which we destroy each other. Why haven’t things changed? It’s because the most important weapon of man has not changed, the mind. Imagine if they could no longer control us with our fears. Imagine if they no longer could entice us into butchering each other. Imagine total rejection of their system. If you can imagine this, then it can become reality. The war of all wars is of the mind, who will control yours? You or them? Guns and ammo are useless if we are just fighting to prolong the ways of the deceivers. This is what TPTB want– total chaos that they can control and use for their macabre benefit.

    The gun (weapon) is an extension of the human will. It can be used for slaughter or for resistance, attack, or defense. When you embrace the concept of the gun being an extension of the human will, you will understand its importance to the human race. It does not matter if you believe in guns or not. The bad guys do, and they understand its importance. They will use it to further their advancement over the corpses of you and yours. It is a cold reality that must be faced; force dictates whose genes carry on and whose turn to ash…”

  13. Seems like others may already be doing something along those lines in an official capacity:

  14. CA, GDVL linked to the “Tomorrow” post also in his sidebar. I read this yesterday after you linked to it. I commented at GDVL’s in response to a comment that stated “Smart people do not discuss this.” I’ve copy and pasted my response here. I leave it to you to decide if you want to link to the thread at GDVL’s, which is short at this time, and to whether or not you want to post my comment here. Thanks, CA.

    Smart people do not discuss this.

    Bill, I’d amend your statement to read “Smart people do not discuss this, openly.”

    The piece at the link is a bit of fast paced fiction belonging to the thriller genre, pounded out on a keyboard in 20 minutes or so, according to the writer. A bit of war gaming, one could say, though plausible. And let’s not pretend that the government is not writing war gaming scenarios involving American citizens and cities. Drudge had a link to an article about that just yesterday.

    Considering that almost every individual whether on the Right, Left or in the Center agrees that America is at war; just look at the headlines, the word war is almost ubiquitous; it is not surprising whatsoever that a scenario such as that has been put down in words on a blog.

    More importantly, when one considers that the government, at levels high and low, has stood down in face of the Left’s recent violent actions; Ferguson, Baltimore, UC Berkley; protecting neither individuals or private property, Americans would be remiss to not consider scenarios to protect themselves and their property. I pray that the scenario as written does not come to pass, but I also understand that it is a possibility, especially in view of the government’s largely non-response to the Left’s recent violent actions.

    Because the Right seems to lack a George Soros type supplying money along with a wink, wink encouragement to violence, Right leaning American individuals largely have to go it alone in this current civil/cultural war, and this requires thinking and writing about what things, can, could, or should be done.

    I’m thankful that individuals on the Right largely prefer peaceful resolution to this civil/cultural war we currently are involved in, but if a peaceful resolution is not forthcoming, ideas such as presented in the linked post bear consideration. Let’s not kid ourselves. the Left, especially the committed Left, are talking about killing individuals on the Right, and right out in the open.

  15. Yes, in Austin, the Imperialist Warmongering Running Dog Lackeys of the Boosh-wa-zee Power Brokers, and Fascist Murderers must drown in the sea of Socialist Ascendancy. On the other hand, mebbe we got some thing fer em’, down this way.