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Churchianity will submit to the Red/Green alliance.

Or more correctly, it already has.

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  1. If you believe you have a soul, you damn well better fight for it. Churches will submit, but Christians will not. However, they are exceedingly rare now.

    • “Churches will submit, but Christians will not”


      And for X and other anti-Christians, remember, its great to be white but you can’t take your race with you when you die.

      You can only take your soul.

      Don’t lose your salvation by jumping the shark and embracing neo-paganism/pan-creationism/hinduism (a popular religion for some neo-nazi types).

      “12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

      Ephesians 6:12

      Don’t trust the government, even Trump.

      That is all.

      • And the Jews said to Christ, “We have never been slaves”. But the Israelites had been slaves in Egypt. And Christ said, “I know by your face that you are not Israelites.”

        The body matters. You can’t have the fragrance of the West without the flower that produces it – the White Race. Christianity forgot this or never knew it. Who knows? We know so little of what Christ thought about much of anything. In contrast, the teaching of Mohammad are vast, lovingly remembered and passed down. Why did Christians fail in the regard? St John said that all the books in the world couldn’t hold all that Christ said and did. So why didn’t he try a bit harder and write some of them?

  2. If you see or hear such nonsense in “church” stand up and walk out AT THAT VERY MOMENT. You are no longer in a church.

    No one can be a Christian while supporting a movement that separates people from God.

  3. Churchianity was on Team Commie going back to the 1960s.

    They’re also the denominations that are dying and disappearing faster than anything.

  4. The indomitable James Delingpole weighs into the fray vs. the Archbishop of Canterbury (read Episcopal in the states):

    This fucker has openly gone over to the other side. He gladly “consecrates” womyn “priests” and turns a not-so-blind eye to faggots in the clergy, much the same as the anti-pope.

    Mind you the Church of England = Episcopal here in the U.S. for those  who don’t already know.

  5. Come on out to northeast Texas and plant your butt in the pew of any small town baptist church, yawl will need to adjust your paradigms. It was a shocker for someone raised in a Mennonite home.

    • I wish that were true. For 100 years now, the Protestant faiths have been teaching that there are 2 ways to get into heaven

      1. Accept Jesus as your lord and savior
      2. Be Jewish

      It’s clearly blasphemy, but modern Christians worship the Pharisees as much, if not more, than they worship Christ.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        The main line Prods have been big believers in Jesus, The First Socialist for quite a while

  6. Mark 13:13 And ye shall be hated of all [men] for my name’s sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

    A congregation was a free assembly gathering to do the work of the kingdom of God which is to network the people together in love for one another through charity so that no one has to pray to the Fathers of the earth and become snared again in the yoke of bondage. Those who forsake the assembling of themselves in the spirit of love and truth lack faith. Jesus came to serve and we must do the same which is seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

  7. You haven’t seen war until you see a Christian that walks with God wage war. Try reading the Old testament. God is a firm believer in total annihilation. If the cause is just and Just War waged God will lead the fight when He is invited. Don’t worry about true Christians and it would be best for you to have a few men of prayer in your camp when SHTF. If your smart enough to do that.
    Nobody hates what is going on in our country more than a God fearing
    man. But we follow God not lead Him. You’ll know it when He pulls the trigger on this thing and believe me He is going to pull the trigger.
    Cool it; relax He’s got it under control. Keep training. Read your Bibles. All you tough guys should learn to pray. Because it’s coming.

    Gods man.

    • And God smiled.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      ” God is a firm believer in total annihilation.” Unfortunately, he’s pretty big on annihilating his own followers, too.

      • Another load of bullshit, Jimmy.

        God annihilates those who do NOT do as they were instructed… hence, not followers.

        Stick around and watch.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Yeah, because the knightly orders that got annihilated at Hattin – who could have converted to Islam and lived – weren’t followers. The monks at Lindisfarne weren’t followers. The tens of thousands of Christians slaughtered when Constantinople fell weren’t followers. All those Christians who got snuffed in the Armenian genocide weren’t followers. The 5,000 odd people who got the chop at Ntarama church in Rwanda weren’t followers. And that’s just starters.

          • God didn’t order muslims to kill Christians, “allah” did… in the minds of muslims.

            Allah is not God, or even “a god.”

            The evil done in the name of “religion” cannot be blamed on God. The heart of Man, absent God, is evil and against which we all struggle. Those who fall for the siren song of self gratification do all manner of terrible things, and that is on them, not God.

            Free. Will.

            Live for self and in sin, or accept God’s love and instruction and live free with victory over sin and the world.

            Oh sure, you can still be killed by evil men but this life is a blink of an eye compared to Eternity

    • Abe Shekelbergsteinsilvergold

      There are no Christians discussed in the (((Old Testament))). Have you read even one page of it?

  8. Bibleater Bibleater

    Main stream pastors are no different than Main stream media.
    Read the whole book yourself, don’t let a man ask your questions for you.
    Only read the parts that God intended you to read (all of it).
    If you are too scared to have a one on one with the Author then you are of no use in what is coming.
    Know who is Cain’s daddy.
    Know the difference between Israel and the Jews (promises to Abraham)
    Know which Jesus comes first. Oh, you’ll get to vote. See you at the polls.

  9. The initial post is why I converted to Greek Orthodox five years ago. Orthodoxy, of all flavors, is the fastest growing in the US via conversions. Of course, world wide it’s the second largest Christian faith.

  10. Lotta people sounding pretty crazy these days. It’s starting to worry me.

    • 1+!
      Spot on Paul!

      If someone doesn’t like the fact that I’ve been a life long Neo Pagan Witch that’s their problem, they’re entitled to believe what they want. Where it crosses the line for me is when they dare to step over the line and poke a finger onto my chest while angrily daring to attack MY choice to follow my Goddess and God (street preachers back in Tucson usually then became aware of the openly worn handgun on my hip and decided to back the fuck off muy pronto!).

      As Heinlein said, “One man’s religion is another man’s belly laugh”. I do agree with him; the problem is when some people decide to ‘convert with more than words’, especially after they’ve been told politely, “thanks but I’m not interested, be on your way”. When it goes beyond civil persuasion they transform themselves into nothing more than western versions of ‘team mo’ in my eyes.

      I live my life peaceably with others in voluntary association and expect them to do the same in return.

      If they’re interested in my being a Witch and want to have an intelligent discussion and ask questions that’s perfectly fine. We don’t proselytize to others. It’s not our way. For those who get a thrill up their thigh by having dreams of trying for another Inquisition or Burning TImes…well the ball’s in their court and my Fn-Fal WILL be the FINAL arbiter of that debate if push comes to shove….

      Btw, it was Mencken who said that….and I agree wholeheartedly!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty in service to my Goddess and God!
      NorthGunner III

  11. Nah, they simply haven’t read the entire Bible and their teachers have been taught lies themselves. Fake Christians are not Christian, they are fake. Real Christians relentlessly pursue the truth of God, we can’t help it, we are compelled.

    That said, the American church is rolling over like the cheap whore she is.

  12. All of you have spoken as one, and for me. Thank you.

    Except Mr Bonneau, whose utterance is not specific enough to interpret one way or another.

  13. “…and when love becomes meaningless and superficial it becomes mere hospitality

    nothing more than fastening vicious parasites to unwilling hosts, at no apparent cost to the deliverer

  14. Orthodox Churches will never compromise with Moslems. Moslems invaded Serbia and raped the Serbian women. They sacked Constantinople. They murdered a million Armenian Christians at the turn of the last century. Lately they’ve been killing the Coptic Orthodox in Egypt and burning their homes and businesses. I could go on. There is a world-wide Orthodox Christian army that is growing, that is training, and that will be ready for the SHTF event that Moslems are quite deliberately fomenting. Like Mr. Pat Hines said above, Orthodoxy is growing fast in the US precisely because of the pussification of “Churches” like the “Church” of England, which was started by a guy who dissolved monasteries and pilloried the monks, claimed divine rights as king, beheaded his own wives Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard, and who is now burning in Hell.

  15. I grew up working a dairy farm,mainly Jerseys and Guernsey. A few Holsteins. The farm was run and owned by the Cistercian nuns.
    , A cloistered convent.enforcing a vow of silence. Sign language. Picture fifty women in a room and you could hear a pin drop. The Chaplin,who was an ordained priest lived in the Chaplins house along with two monks,who did the heavy lifting and plant maintenance.I worked a good portion of my childhood along side my brothers with Trappist monks and Cistercian nuns. Vespers,mass and benediction all sung in Latin..I worked and ate alongside true faith.Wonderful people who live their faith.Anyone calling themselves a Christian who lives in proximity to a monastery or convent.should have an emergency security protocol in place to help out the brothers and sisters.It has always been about family and tribe.Include the devout. Some people lost their way.Salvage those deemed worthy.Tough decisions,/life or death decisions…are right around the corner..People better stop talking nonsense and get down to business.The Trappist and Cistercian take a vow of silence and poverty.They already made the step that many people will soon have forced upon them by forces greater than themselves. Poverty is on the way. Largest leap in cost of living index in the past four years.Silence is coming also. There are people who demand that you shut the fuck up. Those are the ones you punch in the face.

  16. I would argue that many congregation both Catholic and Protestant are being to live the “Church Militant” life again.

  17. I cannot compel anyone here strongly enough to spend an hour with this video teaching. You will walk away a far more Biblically enlightened and far less confused person.

    gracecountrybiblechurch at yahoo dot com