Your FBI In Peace And War


48 Questions The FBI Uses To Determine If Someone Is A Likely Terrorist

Question list.

Government agents protect the government.

It’s a definitional thing.

8 responses to “Your FBI In Peace And War

  1. I’m a piker: only 18/48.
    Seems slanted to jihadis – what a shock.

    If this was supposed to be CAIR’s smoking gun showing the Feebies violating civil liberties, it’s pretty much a water pistol.

    If they’re asking those questions while waterboarding Muslims, I’d like to see it on pay-per-view.

  2. agent.

    just another flavor of cop.

  3. “The document notes that the FBI doesn’t consider the score “discoverable” at trial, because “it is derived from evidence that already exists within a court.” Defense lawyers interviewed by The Intercept said that it is up to judges to decide whether something must be provided to the defense in criminal proceedings.”

    Star Chambers and secret courts by any other name.

  4. What a load of horseshit- camping and/ or having a passport?
    Why are these even on this idiotic list?
    Most people are probably going to answer yes to quite a few questions.
    Just more .gov inc. bullshit to justify charging anyone they don’t like with “terrorism” or whatever else they invent.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. If you post here you’re on the list.

  7. What idiot would answer these questions, let alone even talk to the FBI? As I’ve often stated, the FBI is nothing more than the biggest, best funded, terror organization in America. When joining this cadre, you must leave your morality, heart and soul at the gates of Quantico. Failure to do so, eliminates your chances of being the lowest form of scum in society.