A Reminder To WRSA’s Illegal Immigrant Audience Segment


No work for you today!

Vibrancy is our diverse strength through tolerance and humanity.

Oh, and screw the filthy gringos.

30 responses to “A Reminder To WRSA’s Illegal Immigrant Audience Segment

  1. Keep note of said businesses that close,they do not need your business.

  2. So the illegals are staying home today?

    COOL! For once I’ll be able to find a parking place without circling the block for 15 minutes. And there won’t be any used diapers in the supermarket parking lot, right? And maybe my gut will actually get to settle down for a day, since the “hardworking” illegals won’t be there to prepare food without washing their hands after they use the toilet. No sixpacks of beer bottles by the side of the road? Damn, it pays to recycle. No pickup trucks stopping to throw construction waste and garbage over the guardrails of country roads?

    Please, Massa…don’t throw me in the briar patch!

  3. Jails and prisons need to comply as well. A day without Illegals:
    No food.
    No water.
    No clothes.
    No court hearing.
    No meds.
    You can wait out your boycott naked and cold and hungry.

  4. Wonderful!

    Take this opportunity to determine who and what businesses DON’T deserve your patronage and money. Then stick to your guns and never go in there again.

    As it’s said, stupid should hurt.

  5. Amazing – amazing!

    A dedicated self-identification day for illegals?! Wow who would have thought!

    Every employer certainly would be obligated to investigate anyone not showing up today, lest they be an accessory to immigration fraud.

    Wonder how many take the bait?


    • Blows my mind how they can do this and totally get away with it.

      The left seems to be constantly making moves forward yet team freedom is still on the defensive hoping surpressors get removed from the Nfa.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        A big part of the Right doesn’t care if the Left wins so long as the rabble are kept in their place, and a bigger part doesn’t believe that the Left means what it says.

  6. They all left anyway, the grass in the lawns is all dead.

  7. Time for a day without White Males in return.

    Of course, Pajama Boy and all his good buddies in the hives do not even remotely qualify as White “Male”…

  8. A day without spit on your fast food. Refreshing.

  9. hocuspocus13

    Round ’em up…

  10. I think I will mow my yard this afternoon in defiance.

  11. A day without wetbacks, what ever will I do? I know, I’ll be able to park at work without walking a block.

  12. Hillbillyhoodrat

    This will never teach us a lesson. It doesn’t go far enough. How about a month with no immigrants ? Or a year ? Or 4 years ? This also means no welfare for immigrants, no free housing, food, clothing, medical care, nothing !
    They are under the impression we need them, is this a joke ? Get the fuck out , and its time to force the non working citizens to work or you don’t eat

  13. Does that mean these invading motherfuckers take a day off from robbing, raping, and murdering Americans, too?

  14. A day without Illegals? How about they do it for a bit longer say eternity. They miss one off – do not commit crime, but they would have to go back to do that.

  15. They could use that day off to get an early start back and reunify their families down south (or wherever).

    BTW, my crystal ball told me 30 years ago that if we stayed stuck on stupid on illegal immigration we wouldn’t like it very much.

  16. Helps to makes it easy to know who to put first on the layoff list.

  17. The way it reads instructs one to boycott undocumented immigrants – I’m good with that.

    Mebbe some one might change wording from “day” to “month”, “immigrant” to “illegal” then post at any location closed today. Put ICE out of work!!

    Uh huh, hmm hmm
    Gonna get along without you now
    Uh huh, hmm hmm
    Got along without you before I met you
    Gonna get along without you now

  18. A Reminder To WRSA’s Illegal Immigrant Audience Segment

    Don’t you mean Free Shit Army Irregulars?

  19. L.B. Bork: The Red Amendment-Communism In America

  20. Had to go down by the state capital today at lunch time. The last time I saw that many Mexicans, I was in Mexico. But at least at work I got to park in front.

  21. So a family members wife’s school in the capital area had lots of no shows today….

  22. No impact. The day went off as usual.

    Now let’s see how well we do without feminazis.

  23. They tried this in Dallas 10-12 years ago. I still remember how much better rush hour traffic was that day. No broken down pickups, no driving slow in the fast lane and no overturned cement mixers. They should do this more often.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      There was a similar “Day Without A Mexican” a while back in California. Amounted to a fart in a hurricane, pretty much.