Bracken Sends A Link


You may not be interested in war.

But it certainly is interested in you.


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  1. Everyone has a plan… until they get shot in the head.

  2. Note their use of intel, looks like 4GW is “game on”

  3. Hmmmm..given how the assailant is dressed in the poster (pajama boy jihadi), does that mean that when I gift them with free dental work via my Fal’s buttstock, that I’m also striking at ‘team mo’?
    ….it does?
    Cool!!..I’m down with that!!

    Smile sjw magina boy…it’s the last thing you’re doing with those teeth!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  4. That entire website was commie drivel recycled from the 1980s including the cold war style ‘our Muslims versus their Muslims’.

    And don’t forget this gem:

    So plenty of imagery on their website about beating people up, but when someone is arrested they call it trumped up.

    Other quotes:

    “the masses in North Austin are rebelling heroically against ICE raids”

    “Fuck gentrification, fight ICE with fire, and death to fascism.”

  5. I highly encourage you all to follow that link. I spent a few minutes reading that nonsense, those people are fucking insane. They are going to get ever more violent until they are dealt with, harshly.

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    • Abe Finklebergsteinsilvergold

      The Flynn thing is a major fail.

      Bashed media for 1.5 hours.

      Good times.

  7. It’s only a matter of time before one of the Anti-Fa protestors or rent a mobs encounters someone capable and willing to defend themselves, more than likely in a State which is RKBA friendly.

    Once the smoke clears, we’ll see a valid self defense case which will be smothered by the howling and screaming from the left. The usual suspects will demand gun control and in all likelihood, there will be an outcry for a Civil Rights prosecution, as there most certainly would have been under Soetero I.

    To be clear, I’m not talking about any organized group, planned attacks or anything related. Simply some poor guy (most likely) or gal that’s coming of going to work, running errands or going about their everyday business who will get singled out for not being “one of them”. And, for those folks at that place and time, TSWHTF.

    The usual suspects on the “right” (NRA, OathKeepers, GOA) will need to be ready to mobilize their people (as they should be preparing to do now) for actual public apperances, demonstrations and marches, not just phone and email campaigns to counteract the slander of the left.

    What happens in the aftermath of a valid self defense shooting of an Anti-Fa crew is open to discussion. I think we all figure de-escalation will not be part of that discussion.

    • If something like this happens, the only thing we’re likely to hear from the NRA is the sound of crickets rather than boots on the ground.

      • The sounds of chewing. At their next banquet. Paid for by…

      • so true. I remember the Conn. school massacre aftermath. Silence from the NRA for over a week while the Reds controlled the narrative. GOA hit back, a little.

        • The disappointing thing about the NRA was that they never challenged the media and the administration about event known as the the Sandy Hook school shooting, but instead responded as if it were an actual school shooting. This gave it legitimacy. As usual, anyone who questions the official story is labeled a conspiracy theorist.A conspiracy is when a group of people collude together. In this case, the administration, the media and gun control groups, all of which have been proven liars.
          Sandy Hook was a DHS false flag event designed by B.Hussein Obama and Eric Holder to demonize the Second Amendment and usher in more gun control laws. The level of collusion by the media and leftist politicians was unprecedented. For anyone interested, here is one of the most comprehensive documentaries made on the event. Armed with this information, the NRA, the GOA and other supposed pro-second amendment organizations should have never gone along with this outrageous attempt to demonize the Second Amendment an instead called it what it was. A DHS false flag. No one died, but plenty of people collected millions of dollars and more gun control laws were passed.
          I hope everyone who hasn’t seen this will take the time to learn more about Sandy Hook.

          • That’s almost 3 hours. Could you point to the time when someone who was actually there, testifies that it didn’t happen? Two would be even better, out of the thousands who directly know. TIA.

    • An Archive of the call for violence on that site is useful for a defense.

      “Ideologically, we condemn nonviolence as counterrevolutionary trash which is in direct service to the ruling class. Antifascism means preparing to use and master revolutionary violence. It means organizing in a far-seeing way, beyond demos and antifa response work, beyond even armed community self-defense into people’s war.”

      Communists easily killed over ten times as many people as Hitler.
      Mao was worth at least 40 million dead himself.

      Looks like I have until October to get ready for MVT.
      I think I need something other than an HBAR for the class. Those of you that humped a 249 or 240 can laugh now.
      Trying to be an unfat truck driver.
      Heading outside.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “It’s only a matter of time before one of the Anti-Fa protestors or rent a mobs encounters someone capable and willing to defend themselves, more than likely in a State which is RKBA friendly.”

      Read some of the stuff that former communists who have chieu-hoi’d over to the liberty side have to say. The hardcore protesters WANT that. The favorable press they’d get would be incredible.

  8. Having follow the link and read through their site, its is incredibly striking how similar this is to the evolution of the Spanish civil war that was posted about the other day on this site (

    Its like these groups or someone involved with them is copy & pasting the run-up events of the Spanish civil war into modern times. Short of these groups being absolutely crushed by the government in a fairly short window the end game of this evolving conflict is very unpleasant for everyone. no one walks out unscathed.

    What will be ironic is when Russia starts providing clandestine support for FREEFOR as all of the degenerates like the Spanish civil war did. Who supports the communist (republicans as they were called in the Spanish civil war)?

    • I noticed the same thing in the excellent Spanish Civil War podcast. All the US needs is a depression to spark it….

    • Yes, I have been saying for a long time that Spain was the model, with fast forward to Ukraine.
      I really hate having to side with the “fascist”, that shit really pisses me off.
      Given the choice between them or the reds I got to.
      Dont like it one bit but we all have to make sacrifices.

      • I know people don’t want to hear it, but it’s going to all come down to choosing which type of collectivism is most agreeable to you. I’ll throw in with ethnonationalism over what these neo-Bolsheviks are dreaming of.

        The “rugged individualists” were eliminated from the playoffs.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Sadly, that may well end up being the case.

          • “Given the choice between them or the reds…”

            Choices aren’t given. They’re created. Or maybe you mean the choices you were forced into. Thing is, you weren’t.

            Reasons for fascism…it’s an interesting approach. Most fascists usually don’t bother; it’s hardly necessary to the strategy after all.

        • “The “rugged individualists” were eliminated from the playoffs.”

          And so was joining the Celibate Knights Christian Militia because who really wants the vow of celibacy.

        • Of course. We’re a long way from Kansas and dictionary definitions now. All Whites who don’t hate themselves and work towards collective suicide are racists according to Academia now. So? So all the doubters and free marketeers already are wearing their uniforms and are thus targets. They’ll get with the program pretty quick.

      • Fascism is just the European word for Nationalism. America First is a Fascist saying according to the Left – and they are correct.

    • I’ve studied the Spanish Civil War for about 2 years, and you are correct. The events leading up to the revolution as played out by the left are almost a carbon copy of the actions of the left in the US today

      I’m of the opinion that most of these ‘Socialist’ take-overs follow a predictable scripted set of action. In many cases they are successful but periodically they get slapped down.

  9. This is a somewhat older post made just after the election, that I’ve mentioned before. Didn’t know how to share links before. Has some good info that bears repeating from a Soldier of God perspective as things seem to be getting sporty again.

  10. Centurion_Cornelius


    Sure–you’re looking for the Home Team’s response, intell, and info here sans doubt. But–let me ask y’all this:

    “How do YOU know that the “true believer” fire-breathing comrade sitting right next to you, ain’t really one of us?” Hummm?

    We’ve been known to infiltrate even the best o’ your groups. Leon Trotsky could not be reached for comment. Croaked by one of his very own in “The Party.” Sad Panda he–received the “Loyal Order of the Red Ice Axe” Medal–with palm a la cranium. Worse yet–taken to a dirty Mexican hospital under pre-ObamaCare guidelines where he met his end.

    Might one of “your own” cause you some discomfort when things kick off? Anything is possible, nyet? Now you got worries from the “front end” from the likes of us, as well as the “back side,” from our moles within, eh?

    …just sayin….how do you in the “Visiting Team” vet your own?

    Me and my Home Team? My Neighborhood Defense Group–been together for about 25 years; already raised up the 2nd Gen. I know which tooth recently got filled in every Team Member on my side. We got each others back.

    …and you? Methinks not so; Soros money nor “show boat” ads and braggadocio does not a fighting force make.

    Y’all better be DAMN READY when the whistle blows for the kickoff; we are.

  11. Seems to me like a sling (yup – just like David used) would be the perfect item for launching a rain of rocks, rusty ball bearings etc. into the Commie masses. It’s just a patch and strings easily disposed of and no ballistics on a rock.

    • Shield wall.

      Cant call for a ban on guns if we hack them to pieces.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Go with maces – swords and spears require a good bit of practice to use well, especially in groups.


    This part puts down those on the left who wish to follow law and order. The amount of times revolution and communism are mentioned makes thinks crystal clear.

  13. terribletroy

    Trump Rally planned for Orlando. It’ll be interesting to see the response by all parties. The environment is more hostile than it was during the election. Will we see a group of attendee’s fight back in a organized manner? And Florida has the “stand your ground”. Could be interesting, maybe, maybe not.

    • the White Trumpaholics will stand there and get punched in the face, chased around, car window-smashed, all as per usual. Trumpaholics=NRA.

      • Are you white?

        Why aren’t you defending The White… y’know, up front and personal?

        Your incessant screed would gain cred with coup counted, actual.

  14. The Neo-Soviets, and their predecessors slavishly follow their master’s edicts. To a commie, Marx, Lenin, their ilk and all they spewed forth is sacred, dogma never to be questioned but only emulated. Besides these Cucks are too lazy to actually create anything original which is why this ‘movement’ is so reminiscent of The Spanish Civil War, they are using the same play-book that was written one hundred years ago for the revolution of 1917, ask Che how that turned-out…..

    • All those clowns who where the che shirts have no idea of his history. I wonder how many would be sporting his image if they actually had a knowledge of the individuals history…..

      • If they can celebrate Uncle Joe, knowing about Guevara would not matter one iota. Wrong argument to that crowd. Now where’d I put that damn photo of Che before he was cleaned up & close to assuming room temperature?

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Most would still love him. He killed the “right” people, even if he was a little racist towards black Cubans and Africans.

  15. Methinks there will be more of this in the future;

    A man was shot among the protesters outside Kane Hall…..But the victim was not a pro-Trump demonstrator there in support of Yiannopoulos. He was a Wobbly, or member of the Industrial Workers of the World, according to a statement issued Sunday by the pro-labor and socialist group.

    He was later identified as Josh Dukes, 34, a Seattle computer-security engineer, by several sources and his lawyer.

    Medics took Dukes to Harborview Medical Center with a gunshot wound to the abdomen, Seattle Fire said.

    Alex Franke, a University of Washington student and volunteer medic, was among the first to treat him.

    “He was just lying there,” Franke said. “There was so much blood, it was hard to tell.”

  16. colddeadhandsdays

    So they are telling us to assault them because CLEARLY the left are the fascists. Right?

  17. Well, so much for being reasonable.
    Be alert, may have been the better part of valor to keep on rolling. Pretty sure that’s not legal, very rude.

  18. Understand, if you are not a full red communist, then you are a fascist.

    You are all fascists, whether you agree or not. Your choice is either be a fascist or communist. That is what they wish to put on you.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Hell, if you’re a Menschevik, a Trotskyite, or a Leninist, you’re a fascist. Depending on which faction is stronger, either the Stalinsts or the Maoists will find themselves fascists, too.

    • And they are correct. Late stage Capitalism and Communism are both trans-National, Centralized systems. They unite very well: Capitalism for the very few and wretched Communism for everyone else. Fascism or Nationalism is their opponent. If only people on our side could get some ideological clarity.

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  20. This post on the Red Guards website has been taken down. I read it earlier today. Did anyone copy it?

  21. I believe the antifa thug that snuck up on Spencer was doxxed by 4chan. He had numerous people contact his employer, etc. He looked like a middle aged middle class dude – not the stereotypical lefty.

  22. Alfred E. Neuman

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  23. Watch this video:

    Tiny female troll starts the attack on a lone guy. She has one or two dudes close by. The dudes work on disarming and holding the victim. Then white shirt guy comes in with the knee kick, victim goes down and it’s on.

    Does anyone here believe this stuff isn’t planned and practiced beforehand?

    In other vids, the female (a different female) who is sometimes masked gets a well deserved punch in the face. Then the outrage comes – “You hit a girl!”. Oh, sorry – she had a mask on. 🙂 My bad.

    If you choose to go up against these guys, I would recommend having at least 3-4 people. Stick close and watch your backs.

    Oh, the actual Nazis that mixed it up with antifa in Sacramento last year seemed to do really well with knives. Remember to pay cash when you buy the most common model of hunting knife in stock at the store. 🙂

    • Well, I tried to find the other video I mentioned. It’s in DC during the inauguration. Maybe 4-5 commies were blocking the sidewalk and a big dude was trying to get to work. Hilarity ensued. I believe I saw it mentioned here by someone else – I’m not sure Working Man knew (or cared) that the masked obstacle was a female, because he damn near laid her out.

      Now, this video is worth watching if anyone can find it (hint – it’s around 11 minutes). As I mentioned, there are only 4-5 commies vs. 1-2 normies. The commies had a weak fighting game and Working Man was not amused that someone was trying to keep him from getting to work. So, things went a little differently. The bad guys lost.

      Here’s what I recall – after Femtroll got popped, a commie tried to jump Working Man and was immediately taken down and cuffed by LE. Yes, there were at least 2 cops standing right there for all of this. The loudest commie was outraged (the injustice!) and the cops just sorta kinda gave the
      commies blank looks and told Working Man to move on. This enraged the commies even further – “He hit a GIRL! The Magic Vagina In The Sky is ANGERED!”. Blank looks. Commie in cuffs was arrested and taken to be processed. Other commies were heard talking about how they were going to get him legal help, but the commie ranks were seriously shaken by this. The steam really went out of the 3 or so remaining commies and they were reduced to screaming curses at passerby who were jeering and laughing at them.

      The point of all this is that antifa is not the Russian Mob. They are organized, trained, experienced and motivated – but they can be beaten.

      If you watch the vids of them attacking people, they often seem to scope out a victim for a while before engaging. Like other predators who operate in groups, they seem to like to cut one out of the herd. Don’t be that guy.
      At the risk of being flattering, I would have to say that their tactics and strategy seem fairly sound and should be used against them. 🙂

  24. Insert chest thumping here whilst enemy continues to practice here —> __________.

    Those still screaming ‘impossibru!’ care to enlighten us chicken littles on where the antifa movement was 12 months ago and where it is today. What concurrent gains has the patriot movement made in the same time period? Who has the present is debatable…the future, not so much. Adapt or die.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Tosh and twaddle, sir! Look – that rabble is no more a threat than those unorganized and cowardly Germanic tribes. Fear naught, we are invincible!
      – Zombie Quintilius Varus

    • OK.

      12 months ago, Hillary was a shoe-in.

      Surprise! The remnant rose and voted, barely sufficient to stave off disaster, but definitively.

      The Enemy has trotted out their lame, bottom line tantrum street theater, exposing their impotence, not their strength.

      The more they kick and scream, pout and bite their lip, hold their breath and turn blue, the more revulsion, reaction and awakening they arouse in those they hope to control or kill.

      If you doubt this, you’re on the wrong side. Rather, do your uttermost to make it so.

      Sound the clarion… but make it a call to arms, not to retreat.

    • That’s also my concern: too many complacent conservatives who think our future is already in the bag for us. It’s not. Too many old men here listening to their own echos skewing their perceptions.

      I think we at WRSA really need to see a demographic breakdown of the last election which would show it was people age 50+ (and mainly 65+) who voted RINO in the last election. There was only an 8% preference for Mr T among those crusty old voters, but it made a significant difference.

      When those old voters die off –which is happening right now– the Republic will give off it’s final death rattle and go stiff in a few hours.

  25. Call Inigo Montoya immediately: the guy in the middle of the last poster in the OP is the Six-Fingered Man!!!

    Count von Ruggen lives! And that m*****f***er is in Austin, hanging out with commies!