Mosby: Calling Your Shots


More excellence from JM.

Read, learn, do.



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  2. The Usual Suspect

    Rifle works the same way, more important though.

  3. +1 if you don’t want to shoot the 7 year old down the road by knowing where your shots are going!

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  6. I have the ability to call my shots, and it generally is only the first one. But than becomes more minute of Dixie Plate. My eyesight approaching my age is not helping. Not debilitating, but not helping. I’d be interested in thoughts and comments on target acquisition and combat accuracy with the ravages of age on eyesight. Sure I can put my spectacles on, will I have time to do that at O Dark Thirty when I hear the glass break or door breached?

    Since I am on the path of all the points JM mentioned, Iack of light, moving targets, attacking threats to my hearth and home, perhaps multiple targets come to mind.

    It’s a good post. I hope follow ups might continue the discussion for the aspects I mentioned.

    Thank you.
    Wise words.

  7. SemperFi, 0321

    And the next part of the equation is to honestly call your shots. Can’t tell you how many folks I’ve been with tell me EVERY shot was dead center. Whether they habitually lie, or honestly believe when they touched off that round, it was dead center of target, then go look at paper and it’s in the bottom corner. And do it again and again, with exactly the same result.
    Getting people to pay attention to where they think the front sight was aligned as that round left the tube is an art in itself, just like trigger control or stance.

    • And that brings up the importance of followthrough. Lots of people are frankly ignorant of the concept, so every time they let off a shot they’re immediately shifting focus to the target to see where it hit. It took me a while to get the concept through my own hard head, but once I stayed focused on the front sight the entire time my groups got much tighter.

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  9. join your local gun range. sign up for ISSA plate shoots and use them for target transition training.

  10. Good read.

    Anbody use or actually know how this device works vs. the consumerism hype ?

    New Device Lets You Use Your Phone Off-Grid With 10-Mile Range

  11. lon a follower

    The country I was born in no longer exist?
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  12. JM is exactly right here…having the ability to call your shot is a very important skill. I developed that skill long ago so I know exactly what he’s talking about especially so with a rifle.

    One training goal for myself this year is to shoot the P229 much more than in recent years. I bought 3800 super hard cast coated alloy 115 gr round nose projectiles and Unique propellant last fall that I’ll convert to practice ammo. I have a 5 gallon bucket literally crammed full of once fired 9 mm brass.

    I also just added a 16″ carbine that I’ll train with at MVT 22-23 April. I’ll be taking a 20″ back up rifle and about 1100 rounds of 55 gr FMJ ammo to that course. BTW…this will be my first training course ever. Pending outcome, I’d like to take a defensive handgun course this year as well.

    So why bother mentioning any of that? I’m planning and DOING, not just polishing a chair with my ass reading blogs. That’s something we should all be doing as much as we can.

    • 1966, right on, I doubt many of us are getting the practice we need. I don’t do nearly as much pistol and carbine work as I once did. Still poking away on the long guns.

      I received a new custom built holster yesterday, for one of my 1911s. This holster is made of shark skin, elephant skin and ostrich skin, with a matching two mag holder.

      I have Exoudus Gun Leather, custom build my holsters. Not cheap, at 350.00 for the set. I prefer a zero can’t, which means straight up and down, not that silly ass FBI can’t. My holsters are belt hangers not inside the waist band, I’m to old for that shit. Carl will do both if you ask. Also appendage carry.

      Got in two hundred presentations,last night, trying to break the holster in enough to go to the range. A stiff holster is dangerous on the range. Hoping to get thru 200 rounds tomorrow, rain or shine.

      A hot pistol and fresh leather make a wonderful aroma, the heat from the hot barrel tends to loosen the grains on the holster,,and makes for a better slip fit.

      If your in a position in life that you can afford custom leather, have alook at “exodus gun leather”., a fantastic holster maker. With a box stock line of kit, and the upgraded stuff, for old fat fucks like me.

      Lastly while not attending a class I’m helping here in Oregon by offering up our range to trainers associated here. A class is scheduled, I don’t recall the dates.

      Be fun to meet all of you in person. Like everybody else I have a vision of each, associated by their contributions here on WRSA.


  13. That was a very enlightening article. My dad taught me shot calling when I was seven, as part of teaching me to shoot. I’ve always taken it for granted, and thought everybody did it.

  14. Thanks JM, very helpful. Plus it’s great to see another person so vocally on the side of rational epistemology—“Know the facts first, and fast.”

    I figure at this rate, we should be free around 2125.