MVT: 2017 Schedule Update


Quality training, more geographically available than ever before.

Get it while you can.

Live hard.

Die free.

3 responses to “MVT: 2017 Schedule Update

  1. Abraham Finkelsteingoldsilverbergsteinberggoldsilver

    Trump press conference in 15 minutes. Supposedly to announce new pick for Labor Sec. Hopefully will call up the militia.

  2. All participants bring your tactical poncho. If not, you’re toast!

    • Just got the October week off of work. Will get deposit done ASAP. 5 paychecks in March.
      The XO is on board with the training.
      I told her she can visit friends in Brunswick and go to the beach.
      I have swarms of kin just to the South in Baker County FL and Moniac GA. We are Crackers going back to the early 1800’s with Seminole and Creek and Free African blood mixed with Scotch Irish. Bring your bug spray and netting. Will it be a camp out?
      Gotta get in shape.
      Thighs are burning from a walk today.