Preparing For Conflict


H/t to the reader who sent this document.

Can you hear that barely-audible drumbeat?

It will get louder.

And its meaning will become clear.

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  1. Seems like this could also work both ways – good for the goose and all that …

  2. It’s slam dunk, community organizer stuff, and it pretty much characterizes the lefts usual pandering to the permanently aggrieved crowd. I’ve had these jackasses stroll up to my door a few times here, but they received no encouragement. A verbal warning, but no encouragement. Anyway, since the time is not YET ripe for the Right Wing Death Squads, mebbe we needs something along the line of some Right Wing Interrupters. Could even give them a nickname, like, Raptors, or whatever. Basic Brown Shirt stuff, people get their ass beat, clubbed, their material confiscated, burned, trashed. Where ever they meet, it gets invaded, and the place upended. They don’t get no rest, and no success, and when they go whining to press, well, they get a little extra. Hey, I’m just throwing ideas out there, don’t look at me like that!

    • Abraham Finkelsteingoldsilverbergsteinberggoldsilver

      when ripe?

    • The best COA when these creeps come to your door is to occupy as much of their time as possible to reduce their effectiveness. Don’t lay it on too thickly, let them think they are reeling you in over 15-20 minutes. Get as many copies of what they are handing out as possible. get names. Hopefully, you will have security video of them as well to add to the files.

      By soaking up their time, you diminish their impact. If they are relatively inexperienced, they won’t know how to break away. Take control of the conversation and figure out just how committed they are, and if either one admits to anything.

      Now, the reds won’t know if they have run into a fellow traveller, or something entirely else. Make them suspect one another, even.

  3. The last time America was doing something truly Meritorious, i.e. travelling to the moon, where America’s best and brightest were doing something equivalent to Godly angelic magic to people just a few hundred years ago, the “other aspect” of Americans took it upon themselves to roll around in the mud, and fry their brains, while claiming that “we’re all equal man!”. The degenerates called it Woodstock. That’s what they remember of 1969. It is like this was their reaction to merit…to literally roll around in the dirt and mud and claim equality to the Angels travelling out of the mud and into the heavens. The degenerates *can not stand* that someone with merit is President. They loved Obama because they love the pretense, the faking of merit, because within that huge fake they can fake and lie to themselves to hide their own lack of merit. This time around, we’ll see them degenerating even further than merely rolling around in the mud and frying their brain. Sure, they will do that again, but I suspect that they will go much further this time. Someone is in charge who can identify fakes, and who values merit. So the degenerates are going to have to do some extremely sick shit while demanding that their shit is equal in value to the rest of our merit.

    Not this time, I say. Would the world have missed any of the freaks rolling around in the mud at Woodstock? You know what happened to those losers? They went into education because, of course, those who can not do, teach. And they began teaching our children their own degeneracy.

    We’re going to have to develop an exterminatory attitude towards degeneracy, or else this species is f*cked.

    • Abraham Finkelsteingoldsilverbergsteinberggoldsilver

      we did not go to moon.

      ((((hollywood))) production

      • I have a special detail for you and all of the other contrail, harp, moonlanding demolitions and assorted physics majors. We need All of You to step forward for the cause, please. Bring a large quilt or blanket, it’s the only gear necessary. It will make cleaning up easier after you roll along the ground in front of our motorT, finding the mines. Because THATS THE ONLY FUCKING USE FOR YOU that I can seem to come up with and I’m even afraid you’ll manage to dick that up too.

        History books will note “beset by oxygen thieves, the movement lurched along”.

        • Then this will really get your panties in a wad.

          Wernher von Braun on false flag alien invasion to justify NWO

          • Let me guess, Werner snap chatted that his very self, nood, and told us only dragon fire could melt steel?

            • Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”

              – Henry Kissinger in an address to the Bilderberger meeting at Evian, France, May 21, 1992.

        • Abe Finklebergsteinsilvergold

          Why can’t we go back with modern technology then, boomer?

          • Jimmy the Saint

            Figure out the Pearl Harbor hoax first. There was no “air raid”. Hint, the key is the USS Oglala, which “sank” despite being hit by no bombs or torpedoes.

        • Its just Haxo again.
          Scooby Jews faked the moon landing!
          Muh Conspercy!!

          Everbody knows that Ancient Africans were the first to the moon anyway.
          We wuz Kangz!

    • Really liked you comparison of moon, merit, mud, etc.

      But, let’s not go overboard and assume merit has been restored to the presidency just yet. The current potus might just be the last thief in line to pull the rings off America’s corpse before the rigormortis sets in.

    • “something truly Meritorious, i.e. travelling to the moon”

      Why is traveling on stolen money Meritorious?

  4. Actually, someone should begin setting that up, just for the sake of it. Begin a new celebration of degeneracy for the degenerates, a new Woodstock. This time, include bestiality, Islamic beheadings, coprophilia, live abortions, eating of fresh fetuses, etc., and call it a protest against Trump and for the protection of feminism and Muslisms. I bet you’d have millions of liberals come out.

    • One Giant Pizza Party! It probably would attract Liberals like flies to donkey shit. I think your spot on.

    • (cop)rophilia

      Greek κόπρος, kópros—excrement and φιλία, philía—liking, fondness)

      meaning: those who like crappy cops.

      heh heh

      heh heh

  5. The Usual Suspect

    I understand ISIS is having a blowout sale on those orange
    coveralls, the aggrieved party’s would be pretty hip in those.
    Not to mention a pretty distinctive target also.

  6. That document, to me, is ridiculously repetitive.

  7. The French call Defense Zones NO GO ZONES

  8. Yank the rug.
    Soros is hiding there.

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  10. “Defense”?
    It’s one liberal orgy yakfest of whinging.
    A Manual Of Pantswetting.

    Community Organizing Pre-kindergarten:
    Step One: Find another useful idiots.
    Step Two: Piss yourselves, bitch, whine, and moan on cue.
    Step Three: Repeat.
    Step Four: And Then, A Miracle Happens.
    Step Five: Victory! Because reasons.


    OK – deep breaths, deep breaths.

    CA – I would strongly suggest that you mark this doc as RTWT.

    Some of you might have been exposed to the level of organization and planning in the ‘community organizer’ type material presented here.

    I hadn’t seen it up close before.

    I have to say some things, and then some (most) of you can scoff and call me names.

    The OPFOR is way ahead of us in a number of significant areas. Read that doc and guess which ones. This is due to a number of cultural differences. Middle aged middle class guys don’t generally knock on doors and try to talk to strangers about liberty and the patriot movement. A lot of us are busy with our families and jobs.

    Also, some of us see ourselves as part of the status quo and don’t believe that things could change significantly in our lifetimes. Boiled frog, anyone?

    The OPFOR is _different_ from us. This is not their weakness – it is one of their strengths. Fewer of them have jobs and families, but almost all of them are True Believers. Imagine The Joker on PCP. They want to literally destroy everything around them and replace it with Tinkertoys and rainbows. They are more than willing to risk whatever they have at the moment for what they want in the future.

    How many of you are willing to do the same? Honestly, I can’t say that I am.
    I don’t want to lose my job. I don’t want to get arrested to mixing it up with the commies. I care about my ability to provide for myself and my loved ones. So – what do? I have no idea. I believe I see the problem, but I don’t have any ideas towards a solution.