Something I Do Not Pay The Intel Community For Is Sedition


A good Deep State Coup overview, especially with this and this.

See also “Kill Mike Flynn”: How Spooks Played The Game

And this.

Use the time remaining well.

There is no happy ending forthcoming.

6 responses to “Something I Do Not Pay The Intel Community For Is Sedition

  1. Fayette County, TX

    It is becoming more clear every day who the real threats are that need to be dealt with appropriately.

  2. If Team Trump were on the ball, the #1,2, and 3 people at all 17 Intel agencies would be immediately terminated with all of their clearances yanked. Clapper, just for starters, would be arrested and charged with perjury and about 200 million counts of 4th amendment violations. Make it clear to everyone that he’ll be spending the rest of his life in a cage while all of his and his family’s assets are being seized. Then watch as the rest of the now unemployed Intel vermin go Snowden and start looking for asylum in Ecuador.

    If Trump wants to make it past his first state of the Union address, he better be ready to pull his own little Night of The Long Knives with those weasels .

  3. The Usual Suspect

    My sentiments exactly tdurden

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  5. I fully agree with Tyler…