The Saker: Flynn By The Numbers


BLUF: Bad consequences.

For POTUS and the Deplorables.

And anyone else who doesn’t want a US/NATO war versus Russia.

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  1. Abe Finklebergsteinsilvergold

    The linked article is 100% accurate. Dead on balls accurate. Exactly.

    You are on a role.

  2. Dunno how this is all gonna shake out, but I’m surprised as well. I think it’s just what Trump has been saying from the start: Flynn broke trust with Pence and hence Trump by extension. It’s as simple as that.

    That being said…

    I really wish Trump had called a White House announcement for the press (NOT a presser) and said in prime time to the whole nation the following:

    “Fuck the press. Flynn is my man and all the rest of you can kiss my ass. Oh, and BTW, I hereby publicly announce a $150,000 tax-free reward to any and all FBI, CIA and NSA patriots who can reliably inform on any moles, informants and other bastards who are, have, or plan on working to undermine my administration which has been duly elected by over 63 million Americans. These traitors will then be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law by the DOJ including prison time or the federal death penalty due to treason and/or sedition.

    Thank you, good night, and God bless the United States of America.”

  3. colddeadhandsdays

    Blah blah blah…

  4. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    “Think about the implications of what is taking place; any person running for public office can essentially be manipulated by the intelligence that the NSA has collected on them. The information can then be anonymously leaked to destroy anyone the intel apparatus chooses, thus giving them total control.

    The depth of this political crisis cannot be overstated, as the deep state war on Trump could spiral out of control with grave consequences, including the risk of an actual Civil War.”…….
    He said “civil war”

  5. The article and the commenters here still haven’t figured out you can’t take things at face value. I’m surprised by the naivete showed by you all, especially since this is just the latest iteration of Trump playing 1488D chess while his enemies are playing checkers.

    Many times now Trump or his team have signaled weakness to the media like a bird faking a broken wing to lead a predator away from its nest. But in Trump’s case, it is to lead the media towards something.

    The MSM refused to cover the Bowling Green events, until Conway called it a “massacre”. Then the MSM gleefully gave the events wall to wall coverage, even though it helps Trump’s agenda.

    3 weeks ago the MSM was calling the “deep state” a conspiracy theory, and sneering at anyone who thought the Intel Community (“IC”) was plotting against Trump. Since Flynn announced his resignation, the media has been crowing over how the IC has helped to give Trump a black eye. Now the existence of the deep state is referred to as a fact by the MSM, and Trump has a casus belli to clean house in the IC

    IC house will get cleaned out. Flynn will have another position w/ Trump.

    • Man,you got that right. People have always underestimated Trump. “He will never get the nomination.” “He will never beat Hillary.” What kind of a horses’ ass makes statements like that. Soothsayers,prognosticators,astrologers,meteorologists,economists and douche canoes..One month in the vipers den and the sky is falling. Doomed,doomed! Teddy ,I’m an excellent driver,Kennedy sat down with Russia to steal the election from Reagan. What in blue blazes fuck is wrong with people that spout off like Carnac the Magnificent.Anyone that tells you they know how this is going to pan out is full of shit. Uncharted territory. New rules.No rules.Fuck the rules. Lie,cheat,steal,murder,corruption,nepotism,bureaucracy.The media is fucked. The congress is fucked.The dollar is fucked.We are all fucked. I think i will put on my jammies and have some hot cocoa. Maybe we can get Obama back with Hillary as his VP. Then everything will be okay. What a crock of bullshit.

    • That’s what I’ve been thinking as well.

      Even if Flynn is not publicly acknowledged, I’d be surprised if he isn’t advising from the other room. He knows too much, and all the players to be just cut loose.

      For all that, he might be able to do more damage from the outside. He not only knows who’s treasonous, but who still has the nations best interests at heart and the character to do the right things.

    • Fred Seymour, Jr.


    • This is entirely possible.
      I considered the possibility that Flynn would be brought back into the fold at a later date. I thought that would be after some “reflection” time.
      Recalling Trump after the election having meetings with intel off the “books” and keeping that from all of his staff only to have the information hit the press, shows he has been troubleshooting the leak problem or is at least thinking it over very clearly. You could be on to something.

  6. I agree with some of Saker’s analysis (this isn’t about Flynn, etc, it’s an existential internal struggle) -however- I don’t agree with some of the other analysis.

    Flynn was a deeply flawed choice, who carries a lot of baggage. Just like I was never a Petraeus fan, I recognize Flynn’s issues. I thought he was a bad pick from the beginning. The Trump advisory group is better off without him. To state that Trump no longer has a “foreign policy” as a consequence of accepting Flynn’s resignation is absurd in the extreme. There are many good people who have stepped forward to help steer America back to a path that is in America’s – and the world’s – best interests, not for the benefit of oligarchs or those who would love to see the American experiment vanquished. In spite of the press’s congratulatory hubris around the Flynn notch in their belt, Sec Mattis pressed forward with putting NATO on notice and other linchpins of the Trump agenda are moving forward and haven’t had their momentum curtailed.

    I will continue to watch how this plays out. Don’t forget that the Obama administration undertook a pretty significant purge of the IC community on his watch, and filled the ranks with hardened partisans. However, ideological purity to the Party does not necessarily translate into competence or ability. Many were already taking victory laps when Flynn’s resignation was announced – a little too prematurely IMAO. Many of the DM’s/PM’s that have been making the rounds are indicators of people who got a little too ahead of themselves. The exiles are on the sidelines, but they aren’t “out”.

    Unfortunately for his enemies, Trump gets it and is a fighter. I don’t think this is going to end the way the “Deep State” thinks it will. I highly doubt Trump will start pulling his punches now.

    As a sidebar, John Schindler has completely lost his mind.

    The danger to “Draining the Swamp” from my perch is the emails now circulating asking for CV’s from Deep State standard bearers who worked in the Bush Admins. This was always part of the long game plan. They are furious that they weren’t provided a seat at the table. THIS is one of the peas in this fast moving shell game people are not paying attention to.

    That and $4.99, 10 box tops and an addressed return envelope will get you a mail order set of “x-ray” spyglasses.

  7. Maybe consider another theory put forth by a man named Thomas Wicker, who has tweeted that he believes this to be a sting operation arranged by Trump and Flynn to flush out the traitors. Moggy

    • ^Yes. And, duh.

      Half of the article is in the ozone.
      But, it’s part of a gaming method that has some utility; sometimes.

  8. Whether anyone here doesn’t want to hear it or not, the author’s conclusion is that Trump and Putin must unite to kill ALL of the (((bankers)))).

    That’s the TLDR, period.

    Every man with an IQ over 80 knows exactly who the “bankers” are.

    That is the only hope for civilization, whether it hurts anyone’s panties or not.

  9. good analysis by Saker. Tom warned the Trumpaholics about their God-Emperor; as did tf-At; as did I and others here. Part of this is actually funny: Trump now calling on Russia to “return the Crimea”. He really has lost it. All of it. In way, way, way over his head.

  10. Well, that sounds about as serious as it appeared to be initally. However, he’s WRONG. And so was I. The deep state schmucks don’t have any idea what they are messing with. President Trump will recover and come back much stronger as a result of these shenanigans. Who’s to say that Trump and Flynn did not do all of this on purpose? Listen to his press conference from this afternoon. Sounds pretty confident to me.

  11. Not a bad read he generally is on point & gets it.

    ‘Flynn discussed lifting the Obama administration’s sanctions on Russia’ and there it is folks that was the Grenade for Flynn.

    The PTB want a Cold War conflagration ain’t no doubt about it. Trump knows it & the MSM ‘Gas Light’s’ it (for that matter puts a Flame-Thrower to it).
    Pure Machiavellian statecraft by the Deep State. (Machiavellianism is “the employment of cunning and duplicity in statecraft or in general conduct”).
    It’s all about control & Haward knew that & passed. Trump knows it too but also knows he can’t spill it. Trump’s MSM bitch slap yesterday was controlled & measured. His cryptic nuances were refreshing but also shows his frustration w/ the Cold War conflagration scenario. Notice Trump hasn’t mentioned Crimea anywhere or at anytime only the MSM marque’d it . Flynn was sacrificed & the context of the story & reason were manufactured. Flynn & Trump wanted To play a friendly tone w/ Russia Deep State 5th Column does not. Haward didn’t want to end up like ‘Be-tray-us’ his decline speaks volumes. After 40 years of service why jeopardize it when his ‘Nous’ tells him it can’t have a happy ending like a Korean Message does. It’s all
    A shit sandwich still.

    HAYWARD: Flynn Resignation Is a Surveillance State Coup Nightmare