Very, Very Bad


Look out below:

Super-soaker: Atmospheric River taking aim on beleaguered #OrovilleDam


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  1. Dams vote only once.

  2. European American

    • VG version! Lyrics still good… “no, cryin won’t do you no good”… corrected version, no damn good.

  3. payetteriver

    In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.

    Genesis 7:11

  4. 3600+ square miles of “funnel” draining into the mouth of the dam. 11.62 inches of rain over that area next week is how many acre-feet? How long does it take for a drop of water falling on the saturated soil at the far edge of the collection area to reach the lake behind the dam? Awesome!

    An Acre is 43,560 square feet. An Acre-foot is an acre one-foot-deep, 43,560 cubic feet of water.

    Wikipedia: “On December 22, 1964, disaster nearly struck when the Feather River, after days of heavy rain, reached a peak flow of 250,000 cubic feet per second (7,100 m3/s) above the Oroville Dam site. The water rose behind the partially completed embankment dam and nearly overtopped it, while a maximum of 157,000 cubic feet per second (4,400 m3/s) poured from the diversion tunnels.”

    “Overtopping” a dam is bad.

    Jump to Feb 2017: “Although engineers had hoped that using the damaged spillway could drain the lake enough to avoid use of the auxiliary spillway,[36] they were forced to reduce its discharge from 65,000 cu ft/s (1,800 m3/s) to 55,000 cu ft/s (1,600 m3/s) due to potential damage to power lines.”

    Math: 640 acres per square mile, x 3600 = 2,304,000. 11.62″ is close enough to a foot, so call it 2.3M acre-feet of water is going over-through-past that dam site in the next 10 days. 100,188,000,000 (a HUNDRED BILLION+ CUBIC FEET) cubic feet of water and debris. Awesome!

    If we take the stated maximum output of diversion tunnels (157K ft^3/sec) into the total water (100B cu ft), it will take 177 Hours to pass the flow. That’s 7.3 days, which is pretty close to the expected length of the storm.
    So, the dam engineers have dumped water behind the dam so that it’s at least 2/3rds empty Right Now? They are going to need the capacity.
    This is if everything still works, and 50 year old structures hold. Oh, boy.

    Don’t live under a dam (or on low ground downstream of one). Financial insurance is insufficient. Water always wins.

  5. Happy talk:
    Everything will be fine. Don’t you all worry about a thing.
    Shop as usual.

  6. would be funnier with stilton’s “lefty lucy”.

  7. Consequences……………. I love it.

  8. I guess us deplorables will have to end up paying for this as well..

  9. Today is a leftist illegal immigrant holiday. Perhaps they can fix the dam on their day off.

  10. Looks as though it is about a 50/50 chance of spillway, not dam, failure IF the Feather River basin gets a foot of rain over the next few days. A lot depends on how quickly that rain arrives, and whether or not it melts any of the snowpack. If I lived downstream, ANYWHERE downstream, I’d be packing my essentials and heirlooms now and getting to high ground.

  11. Fuck em… let em swim. Let their bullet button, ten rnd detachable mags, liberal communist loving politicians and sanctuary cities float em to safety..

  12. Don’t forget the $200 billion (capital “B”) on the “bullet” train to nowhere.

    And the highest gas prices in the nation (well, ouside of NY, anyway).

    $3.06 for reg at 76 yesterday.

    Fuck democrats and how they’ve screwed my state over.

  13. Neglect critical infrastructure, and instead, spend the money on invaders who just show up, and more of them all the time, demanding free stuff and rights and everything they can think of, who turn your state into a roaring shithouse failure, and THEN ask for help. Yup, California alright. The best part is when the Leftist Legislature spends all of it’s time, abrogating the rights of the citizens, instead of DOING IT’S FUCKING JOB.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      ” The best part is when the Leftist Legislature spends all of it’s time, abrogating the rights of the citizens, instead of DOING IT’S FUCKING JOB.”

      For the Left, that IS doing their job.

  14. Thought I saw ” Keith Moons Daughter playing the drums their, fantastic rendition. The chick could slap that mouth harp. good shit.

    The Sacramento Valley has always been a flood plane. A combo of dams were the partial solution to midi gating flood damage.

    Shasta, Oriville, Folsom, Don Pedro, and another in the Sonora Ca area, were built for storage and flood,control.

    Sadly the LA basin controls the flow of money on most, this is their water, dosent matter that it’s from northern Ca, they stole it legally behind the disguise of the courts.

    Flooding cost them nothing, not their problem, their people are not impacted.

    I received photos late yesterday of the American River system, not the highest I’ve seen it, but dam impressive. Water was up to the base of the old turn of the century Chinese built bridge.

    I recall water over the top in the 64/65 era. This water goes to Folsom lake, and my uncle who’s a retired plant mechanic at Folsom told me last night that their flowing 70.000 cfs out the gates. Not a real tall flow, but respectable.

    It’s pouring here in southern Oregon again,,which means it’s likely their getting even more rain south. If it continues to just rain, Oroville will be alright, however the problem is it’s a warm rain, and melting snow quickly. Which will double or triple the FPS down the rivers and canyons.

    Their is some concern about land slides in the upper Sacramento River below Dunsmuir. A slide would block water,mount the breech would be catastrophic.

    The Sacramento flows into Shasta Lake, Shasta levels are at Tree levels now, which is pretty high.” Usually 50/100y, of shore line visible”.

    Shasta is dumping high amounts into the lower Sacramento River, the Sacramento River levee’s are physically at capacity ” Boyles and seeps” are reported the length of the Sacramento River into the Delta.

    Boyles and seeps are responsible for levee blow outs. Both my uncles, who were BOR ” dept of interior”, 40 year employees say it’s a wild ride.

    Tic Toc.


    • Dirk, you obviously know that area. I remember going to Yosemite
      a few times, and remember the last time flooding caused alot of
      damage in that area. How does it look now with this major snow
      pack and rains?

  15. Depends,on rain patterns. We’re in an La Niña season, not sure if that means the pacific is warmer or,colder. The tributaries can handle the rain,

    Historically the issue has been warn rain on snow PAC. Simply overloads the storage capacities,,so they dump down rivers and flood existing causeways.

    Keep in mind these levees are turn of the century old. Like,many here,note,,Ca keeps,pouring money into bullshit issue, and dosnt address the real issues.

    Ca knows uncle sugar will throw a ton of money at the problem, California will manage and squander the majority, and 10/15 years we’ll be singing the same tune.

    A self licking pop sickle.


  16. Should have shared this. The geology of Calif, isn’t unique, snow happens at altitude, melts goes down hill. I think every River except two, maybe three come out of the Sierra Nevada’s and run west, towards the Pacific Ocean.

    A couple don’t, the Truckee, River comes to mind, and another that runs into Carson City Nevada, area. What’s changed in Ca are numbers, people.

    California has allowed hundreds of thousands of homes to be built in the ancient traditional flood plains. The central valley, the lower valley from Redding south thru Yuba City, Marysville, etc etc, and into the greater Sacramento area.

    Their protection is/ has always been levees, their going to route the excess water away from communities. The problem is, tax dollars are needed to keep the machine going, so slowly over a long period of time, the state has allowed these housing projects in flood plains.

    These fuckers know the flood plains exist, they also realize they are likely retired before the next large water event. Govt puts emphisis on the general contractors digging 100 year flood ditches and all these other ridiculous tools, that mean zero when the water comes. Frankly it’s laughable. But everybodies making money, from the state, to the contractors to the journeyman to the counties, and the cities. Again the pop sickle effect.

    Their is no fixing this. I went to college to be a geologist, that was along time ago, I was fortunate to be involved in some studies in the sierras and the valley regarding this issue.

    As an example I recall that the great Central Valley is like 8000 feet deep, and back filled with sediment off the Sierra Nevada’s. My numbers are likely wrong, but as an example it’s exceptable.

    The only solution’s are to remove folks from flood plains, or to create more storage capacity. Their is no, in between fix.

    Be interesting to learn just how re-filled the ca aquifers are end of this rain cycle.

    Mother Nature WILL have her way, regardless of what man thinks he controls.

    Have a good one.


  17. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    They say, as the Titanic was sinking the band played on.


    Maybe Mother Nature will have the final vote for Calexit. If the band is going to play on, their final number should be “Aloha.” Or, they could all sing that rock-and-roll novelty which begins: “…day after day, more people come to LA.”